29 December 2013

Last show of 2013!

you'll never go - Wake Owl (Wild Country EP)
everyone's going to get high - grouplove (Girls vol1)
mind eraser - boxer the horse (would you please)
you + me + The radio -Abandon Kansas (a midwest summer)

Whistlin' past the graveyard - tom waits (blue valentine)
bones - young benjamins (bones)
jack - tom petty (highway companion)
goodbye paralyzer- by divine right (bless this mess)

night by night - chromeo (business casual)
hero - family of the year (family of the year)
someone should know - the danks (samples)
far away - pacific air (stop talking)

galahad - josh ritter (to the yet unknowing world)
devil's got a gun - whitehorse (the fate of the world depends on this kiss)
can't get enough - yeah boy (Sweat it out!)
sky bicycle - born gold (little sleepwalker)

22 December 2013

Happy Holidays Listeners!

It's just forever - Cage the elephant (Cage the elephant)
Cecilia ( Simon And Garfunkel cover) - COIN (soundcloud)
Better luck next time - King Khan and the Shrines (Idle No More
Ratchet - Bloc Party (The nextwave sessions)

Elderado - The Raccoon Wedding ( Raccoon dead on the side of the road)
Greenback Boogie - Ima Robot (OST Suits)
Maybe This Time - The Good Lovelies (Under the Mistletoe)
Pink Rabbits - The National (Trouble will Find Me)
Stop Thinking so Much - The Bicycles (Stop Thinking So Much)

Drop Kick Queen Of the Weekend - The Dudes (Brain Heart Guitar)
Potential New Boyfriend - Dolly Parton ( The Very Best of)
Cold Pop - Born Ruffians ( Birthmarks)
Something Good - Alt-J (An Awesone Wave)

Good To See You - The Grapes Of Wrath (High Road)
Bizarre Love Triangle -New Order (The best of)
A to Z - Diamond Rings ( Free Dimensional)
any other way - bahamas

15 December 2013

i want a hippopotamus for christmas

two reasons - young rival (stay young)
hypocritical kiss - jack white (blunderbuss)
bambi - tokyo police club (champ)
king shiv - man man (on oni pond)

show me your eyes - royal canoe (today we're believers)
hurricane - vydamo (becoming human)
having you around - july talk (july talk)
dangerous times - wildlife (on the heart)

having my baby - think about life (family)
bullet train - gardens and villa (dunes)
wake up everyday - thomas d'arcy (what we want)
drink drank drunk - jack moy & golden (good as gold)

chasing the sunset - imaginary cities (fall of romance)
baby we're refugees - jon fratelli (psycho jukebox)
heading there - brendan canning (you gots 2 chill)
thunder clatter - wild cub (youth)

08 December 2013

It's begining to look alot like christmas

Santa Baby- The Good Lovelies (Under The mistletoe)
AF607105- Charlotte Gainsbourg (5:55)
One More Night - Jenn Grant (The Beautiful Mind)
Waves That Rolled You Under - Young Summer (Fever Dream)

Rip Tide - Vance Joy (God loves you when you're dancing)
The Starbeat Academy Graduation march - carbon dating service (Polyentendril)
If only it could be - leftover cuties (Spark & the fire)
your sweet touch - Bahamas (barchords)

I'm easy - The Meligrove Band (Planets conspire)
giants - bear hands (giants single)
7ths and 3rds - Gregory Pepper and his problems (With trumpets flaring)
Cupid - Sam Cooke (greatest hits)

Hurry hurry - air traffic controller (nordo)
who's going to love you -run with the kittens (letters from camp)
she'll come back for indian summer -alpaca sports (single)

01 December 2013


holiday makers - the burning hell (people)
beach - san cisco (san cisco)
baby i'm yours feat. shad - cadence weapon (tron legacy: the mixtape)
rewinding - elderbrook (elderbrook)

lucas with the lid off - lucas (lucacentric)
lifetime - noah and the whale (heart of nowhere)
infinitesimal - mother mother (the sticks)
primadonna - marina and the diamonds (electra heart)

odessa - caribou (swim)
beneath the piano - devil makes three (the devil makes three)
bones - young benjamins (bones)

lose it - austra (feel it break)
glass printer - the besnard lakes (the besnard lakes are the roaring night)
no you don't - islands (vapours)
new lands - justice (access all arenas)

blue skies - laura hill (blue skies)
sister - adam cohen (adam cohen)
happy feat derek martin - c2c (tetra)

beta love - ra ra riot (beta love)
loveless - said the whale (little mountain)
merrygoround - fitz & the tantrums (fitz & the tantrums)
forget about the past - david myles (things have changed)

gypsy woman - ubt (ego orientation)
faithful man - lee fields & the expressions (faithful man)
that dress - the dudes (barbers, thieves and bartenders)
itchin on a photograph - grouplove (never trust a happy song)

24 November 2013


Remember to Remember - Shad (Flying Colours)
Vulnerable - Tinashe (Black Water)
Make the Same Mistakes - Graydon James & The Young Novelists (In The Year You Were Born)
Favor You - Like A Parrot Productions (FIAT Band Pix)

Between The Bars - Elliot Smith (Either/or)
Greatest Hits Collection - The Weakerthans (Fallow)
For Something in Your Eyes - The Dancers (For Something In Your Eyes)
do your own time - AC Newman (Shut Down The Streets)

Orange Blossom - Gardens & Villa (Gardens and Villa)
Good Morning ( The Future) - Rogue Wave  ( Permalight)
Selfish - cai.ro (Young Love EP)

Cat Burglar - Boxer The Horse (Would You Please)
Dark Again - Gold Fields (Black Sun)
The Night of Wine and Roses - Japandroids (Celebration Rock)
Dissolve Me - Alt - J (An Awesome Wave)

17 November 2013

that shit cray

believe in me (reprise) -  sloan (b sides win)
propinquity - the elwins (and i thank you)
rewinding - elderbrook (going)
tennis court - the kite string tangle (single)
river in the pines - the deep dark woods (hang me oh hang me)

two step - bear mountain (xo)
hungry - american royalty (prismatic)
homesick future - young liars (homesick future)
synth kid - the all about (synth kid)

fam jam - shad (flying colours)
dreaming - smallpools (smallpools ep)
bra straps - mikey maybe (honey + bread)

oh my god - the wooden sky (if i don't come home you'll know i'm gone)
she never even told me her name - air traffic (fractured life)
resuscitate - wintersleep (hello hum)
running for cover - the shallows (running for cover)

10 November 2013

Ravewind "Feels So Good" (Official Video)


Long weekend!!!

Bandana Cat - The Bicycles (Stop Thinking So Much)
David Watts - The Kinks (Something Else by The Kinks)
Gossip Diet - Lotus Child (Gossip Diet)
 Good Bye Pork Pie Hate - Charles Mingus  (Charles Mingus)

No Guns Allowed - Snoop Lion (Reincarnated)
Leave This World Behind - The Sadies (Internal Sounds)
Higher than the sun - Keane (Higher then the sun)
High for This - The Weeknd (Trilogy: House of Balloons)


Feels So Good - Ravewind (feels so good 7')
One Last Time - Theophilus London (Timez are weird these days)
Undone - Luke Lalonde (Rythymnals)
No Friends - San Cisco (San Cisco)

Rather be With You - Yukon Blonde (Yukon blonde)
Grouplove - Flowers (Spreading rumors)
mindcrumb - Shotgun Jimmie (Still Jimmie)
All I Know - Max and the Moon (All I Know 7')

03 November 2013


hello people, this is the very special darby's birthday edition! 

doug hoyer - tattoo (walks with the tender and growing night)
is tropical - dancing anymore (i'm leaving)
ray materick - feeling kinda lucky tonight (life and times disc 2)

franz ferdinand - evil eye (right thoughts, right words, right action)
said the whale - loveless (little mountain)
polar sets - just don't open your eyes yet (polar sets)
wolf parade - soldier's grin (at mount zoomer)

the zolas - observatory (ancient mars)
coasts - comes a little closer (come a little closer)
jenn grant - all year (honeymoon punch)
the zutons - it's the little things we do (tired of hanging around)

you say party, we say die - giant hands (lose all time)
city and colour - Fragile bird (little hell)
hey rosetta - seeds (seeds)
wet - dreams (dreams singles)

27 October 2013

Oct 27th 2013

Little Suns - Them Girls (Normal Human Feelings)
Kings of Leon - Dancing on my own (Robyn Cover) (Live for BBC Radio 1)
Thomas D'Arcy - You Lovely You (You Lovely You single)
Ween - Gabrielle (Shinola Vol. !)

Woodhands - When the party was over (remorsecapade)
Netherfriends - UPTOWN BOYS (P3ACE)
Two Hours Traffic - Stolen Earrings (little Jabs)
The Kooks - If Only (inside in/inside out)

By Divine Right - 5 Bucks (Bless This Mess)
Your Mama Don't Dance - Loggins and Messina ( The Best Of Friends)
Whale Tooth - Hibernation Song (Whale Tooth EP)
Step Rockets - Kisser (Kisser Single)

Nude Beach - walking Down My Street (II)
King Khan - I Wanna Be A Girl (What Is ( With the shrines?))
Dalbello - I've Got To Get Close To You (whomanfoursays)
Lee Fields & the Expressions - It's All Over (But The Crying) (Faithful Man)

20 October 2013

oct 20th 2013

Wallflowers - Burning Hell (People)
Ten Feet tall - Devil Makes Three (The Devil Makes Three)
Where is my mind - GOBBLE GOBBLE (Secret 7")
Shiny Toy Guns - Puttin' On The Ritz (We Are Pilots)

I got you babe - bahamas (barchords)
pyramids - man man (on oni pond)
French girl in LA - Hawksley Workma (meat)
mother tongue -white lies (white lies)

Take on the day - The Grapes of Wrath (High Road)
genesis 3:23 - the Mountain Goats (The life of the world to come)
sandcastles - paper lions (my friends)
where do my bluebirds fly - The tallest man of earth (shallow grave)

make a new dance up - hey ocean (is)
stars - buried beds (in spirit)
prairie girl - rah rah (the poet's dead)
lazer gun show - hey geronimo (single)

06 October 2013

October 6th 2013!

austra- painful like (feel it break)
snoop lion - here comes the king (reincarnation)
the danks -i got no nothing (samples)
wolf parade- soldier's grin (at mount zoomer)

said the whale -mother (little mountain)
Arctic monkeys - hold on we're going home (drake cover) (single)
Mikey Maybe -We Both Kiss You (Honey + Bread)
kent odessa - honeymoon (silverdome)

bear mountain - survive (XO)
satellite stories - campfire (pine trails)
mounties -if this dance catches on (mounties ep)

Shad - fam jam (flying colours)
Franz Ferdinand - fresh strawberries (right thoughts, right words, right actions )
pale eyes - little rain (sweatshop)
St Lucia - all eyes on you (st. lucia WEB)

Last show of September 2013

elephant stone - setting sun (elephant stone)
the kicks - 1984 (tonight changes everything)
dead ghost -roky said (can't get no)
neon neon - mid century modern nightmare (praxis makes perfect)

paper lions - my friend (my friends)
LCD soundsystems - Drunk Girls (this is happening)
imaginary cities - who's watching you? (Fall of Romance)
shortstraw - Bikini weather (Good Morning, sunshine)

deep dark woods- Sugar mama (the place i left behind)
camera abscura - making money (desire lines)
young rival - black popcorn (stay young)
john wean- New york doesn't love you (new york doesnt' love you)

Cai.ro - addict (young love ep)
heavenly beat - complete (Prominence)
thomas d'arcy - talking on the phone (what we want)
easy going - go away little girl (Go away Little Girl 12')

22 September 2013

September 22nd! ALREADY!?

OMG is it already September 22nd 2013? Well we need your donations! Donate to Thrice Removed @  http://cfcr.ca/donate  ! or contact Sam or I and win prizes!!!!!!!!!!

Hollerado- I Want My Medicine (White Paint)
Matisyahu - Sunshine (Spark Seeker)
The Dudes - Dropkick Queen of the Weekend (brain heart Guitar)

Diamond Rings - A to Z (Free Dimensional)
Mother Mother - Infinitesimal (The Sticks)
The Dancers - For Something in Your Eyes (Single)
Seattle Yacht Club - Same Old Questions (Untitled Album)

Austra- Lose It (feel it Break)
Alba Lua - When I'm roaming Free (Alba Lua)
Bahamas - Hockey teeth (Pink Strat)

Johnny Stimson - Daddy's Money (single)
The Bicycles - Stop Thinking so Much (Stop Thinking so Much)
Sleigh Bells - Bitter Rivals (Bitter Rivals)
Boxer Horse - Mary meets The Pilot (Would You Please)

15 September 2013


hey listeners, here's our playlist for the week

by divine right - five bucks (bless this mess)
shortstraw - give me my fix (it's only recreational) {good morning sunshine}
paper lions - stay here for a while (trophies)
man man - loot my booty (on loonie pond)

walk the moon - anna sun (walk the moon)
castle river - middle man (middle men)
passion pit - constant conversations (gossamer)

young galaxy - fall for you (ultramarine)
the shoeless joes - the runners (the motions ep)
general ghost - it's worth it, i promise  (give me to the waves)

the elwins - paper in your pocket (and i thank you)
wild child - crazy bird (pillow talk)
the zolas - strange girl (anicent mars)
shotgun jimmie - growing like a garden (everything everything)

08 September 2013

September 8th

september 8th and it's still beautiful! It used to be bright and sunny when we left here at 9:30 but now it is dark when we get here! Weather! Crazy!

Think About L:ife - Johanna (Family)
Caravan Place - Clash (Clash)
Joel Plaskett - Natural Disaster (La De da)
Au Revoir Simone -Crazy (move in Spectrums)

Bear Mountain - See you through (XO)
Fitz and The Tantrums - Merry go round (more than just a dream)
Dante Elephante - lets start talking (german Aquatics EP)
Young Benjamins - the Colonial pt. 2 ((less argue)

Born Gold - Abdomen (Abdomen single)
Two Door Cinema Club - Changing Of Season ( Changing of the season EP)
We were lovers - People Talk (We Were Lovers EP)
vacationer - trip (trip)

Woods - Be all Be easy (Woods 7")
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Tornado (departing)
Andy Bull - Baby I'm Nobody Now (Baby Im Nobdy Now)
Arkells- John Lennon (Jakcson Square)

01 September 2013

mason jar

it's officially september so i'm having a 
back to school dance party.

shad - we,myself and i (tsol)
smallpools - mason jar (smallpools)
moka only - everybody dance (the desired effect)
swiss lips - in the water (swiss lips)

said the whale - camilo the magician (islands disappear)
saint motel - my type (my type)
the danks - someone should know (samples)
the crookes - maybe in the dark (maybe in the dark)

whale tooth - wolves (wolves ep)
tijuana panthers -boardwalk (semi-sweet)
the weeknd - twenty eight (trilogy:house of balloons)
someone still loves you boris yelstin - young presidents (fly by wire)

cookie duster - daddy's got the medicine (when flying was easy)
alt-j - dissolve me (an awesome wave)
the deep dark woods - nancy (winter hours)
dresses - blew my mind (dresses)

25 August 2013

August 25th

Hey there listeners! we're sunburnt and loving it today! Here is what we played!

Austra - lose it (feel it break)
wooly and the mammoth -falling down (at bay)
black mountain - the space of your mind (wilderness heart)
elementary penguins - everybody knows my name especially on the dance floor ( everyone knows my name especially on the dance floor EP)

Shortstraw - Synthesizer (good morning, Sunshine)
The Burning Hell - Wallflowers (People)
The Naked and Famous - Hearts like ours (in rolling waves)
Chromeo -Momma's boy (Fancy Footwork)

Boxer the horse - bad apples (would you please)
Gold fields - dark again (black sun)
Mounties - headphones (mounties ep)
Summer hearts - hit me up again (hit me up again)

Close talker - Bonfire (Timbers)
Kakkmaddafakka - hello (Down to earth)
Souls - smoke (A dark Horse)
Maximo Park - Kiss you Better (A certain Trigger)

18 August 2013

Darby's 2.5 hour Special Edition!

Hello there music lovers! Tonight i am here from 8:30 to 11! 

Enjoy the show!

young rival - i don't care (stay young)
step rockets - kisser (kisser single)
shotgun Jimmie - used parts (still jimmie)
som waits - sweet little bullet from a pretty blue gun (blue valentine)

doug hoyer - tattoo (walks with the tender and growing night)
club 8 - i'm not going to grow old (above the city)

whitehorse - devils got a gun (the fate of the world depends on this kiss)
man man - head on (on oni pond)
graydon james and the young novelists -scarecrow (live at dublin street church)
moss - almost a year (ornaments)

hollerado -desire 126 (white paint)
a home. a heart. whatever - 1991 (same same)
the bicycles - baby boy (stop thinking so much)
cai.ro- halfway there (young love EP)
brigitte bardot - moi je joue (best of bb)

the zolas - strange girl (ancient mars)
cassolette - annie (blame the weatherman)
adam cohen - what other guy (like a man)
nude beach - walkin' down my street (II)

two hours traffic - magic (foolish blood)
summer twins - i will love you (summer twins)
the dudes - drop kick queen of the weekend (brain guitar heart)

think about life - johanna (family)
baby alpaca - wild child (single)
hospitality - all day today (hospitality)

paper lions - little liar (at long creek)
foals - my number (holy fire)
diamond rings - day & night (free dimensional)
ted zed - i don't mind (single)

grapes of wrath - good to see you (high road)
london grammar - darling, are you going to leave me? (metal and dust ep)
born ruffians - cold pop (birthmarks)
bumblebeez - next to you (et musique pour tour)

thomas d'arcy - you lovely you (single)
passenger- the things that stop you dreaming (all the little lights)
fleetwood mac - never going back again (rumors)
lightning dust - diamond (fantasy)

11 August 2013

August 11th! ALREADY :(

happy august! I cant believe we are so close to summer ending! I am far from ready for fall.

AC Newman - Encyclopedia of classic take downs (Shut Down The Streets)
Telekinesis - Powerlines (Dormarion)
Young Galaxy - New Summer (Young Galaxy)
terraplane son - get me golden (get me golden ep)

mikey maybe - we both kiss you (honey+ bread)
Shortstraw - good morning, sunshine (good moring, sunshine)
the elwins - are you flying with a different bird (and i thank you)
Bloc Party - Ratchet (the nextwave sessions)

young liars - homesick future (homesick future)
Andy bull - keep on running (keep on running single)
Rah Rah - run (The Poets Dead)
ariel pink's haunted graffiti - only in my dreams ( Mature Themes)

UBT - gypsy woman (ego orientation)
kakkmaddafakka - restless (hest)
the burning hell - amateur rapper's (people)
eagles of death metal - (i used to couldn't dance) tight pants (heart on)

04 August 2013

solo dolo

hey folks, here's what i played tonight:

gord downie & the country of miracles - the east wind (the grand bounce)
avicii - wake me up (wake me up single)\
hey rosetta! - seeds (seeds)
elvis costello - my mood swings (the big lebowski soundtrack)

hawksley workman - french girl in LA (meat)
shiny toy guns - somewhere to hide (III)
shotgun jimmie - waist deep in the water (still jimmie)
seattle yacht club - same old questions (same old questions)

mother mother - the stand (eureka)
john wean - new york doesn't love you (new york doesn't love you)
the sadies - whispering circles (darker circles)
air traffic - she never even told me her name (fractured life)

bahamas - hockey teeth (pink strat)
the babies - midnight mile (our house on the hill)
joel plaskett - you let me down (three)
alt-j - dissolve me (an awesome wave)

28 July 2013


good evening folks, here's what we played tonight

sweet thing - change of seasons (change of seasons)
duck sauce - it's you (it's you - single)
run with the kittens - who's gonna love ya? (letters from camp)
rocket and the ghost - goodbye (goodbye)

the danks - i got no nothing (samples)
split seconds - all you gotta do (split seconds)
bastille - pompeii - (bad blood)
small sins - morning face (mood swings)

rogue wave - college (nightingale floors)
paper lions - little liar (at long creek)
bumblebeez - next to you (et musique pour tous)
pigeon detectives - nothing to do with you (emergency)

whale tooth - wolves (wolves)
the spinto band - shake it off (cool cocoon)
wintersleep - in came the flood (hello hum)
vampire weekend - diane young (modern vampires of the city)

21 July 2013

Darbys a loner this week!

Hey listeners! I am alone this week! enjoy the set!

Mikey Maybe - Scrambled eggs (Honey and Bread)
Japanese Motors - Single Fins and Safety Pins (Single fins and safety pins single)
UBT - Gypsy women (Ego orientation)
Bloc Party - Ratchet ( Ratchet Single)

Lotus Child - Coelacanth (Gossip Diet)
Ellie Goulding - Tessellate (Alt-J cover ) -(Tessellate single)
Lightning Dust - Diamond (Fantasy)
Club 8 - I'm not going to grow old (Above the city stop taking my time)

The Burning Hell - Everybody needs a body (to be somebody) (Baby)
Lee Fields and The Expressions - Faithful man (Faithful man)
Bike Month -  June Baby (Bike Month)
Architecture in Helsinki - Ibn the Future (In The Future Single)

Born Ruffians - Cold Pop (Birthmarks)
PAPA - If you're my girl (Then I'm you're man)
Natural - Cherry Blossom (cherry Blossoms single)

07 July 2013


Hey Listeners! Sam and I are covering for There Goes That Song Again! so enjoy 2 and a half hours of music hand picked by us!

Seahags - Hard Time In the Country (Good 'n' Greasy)
Devil Makes Three - Beneath The Piano (the Devil Make Three)
Doug Hoyer - Already Gone (To Be A River)
Banks - Warm water (Warm Water Single)

The Strokes - Welcome to Japan (Come Down Machine)
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Torando (Departing)
Vampire Weekend- Unbelievers (Modern Vampires of the City)
Stars - the Passenger (the Five Ghosts)

Woodkid - I Love You (The Golden Age)
Austra - Painful Like (Feel It Break)

The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl (Punk Rock Girl Single)
The Elwins - Stuck In the Middle (And I Thank You)
Is Tropical - Dancing Anymore (I'm Leaving)
Two Hours Traffic - Magic (Foolish Blood)
The Monks - Johnny B. Rotten (Bad Habits)

Young Empires - White Doves (Young Empires)
Noah and The Whale - Lifetime (Herat of Nowhere)
Mounties - Headphones (Mounties EP)
Pacific Air - Far Away (Stop Talking)

The Clash - Straight To Hell (Combat Rock)
King Khan & BBQ Show - Spin The Bottle (Invisible Girl)
Kisses - the Hardest Part (The Hardest Part - Single)

The Pidgeon Detectives - No State to Drive (We Met At Sea)
Sea Perry - Run Run Run (Sea Perry)
Camera Obscura - Making Money (Desire Lines)
Jeremy  Fisher - Cigarette (Goodbye Ble Monday)

The Flashing Lights - Half The Time (The Flashing Lights)
Weezer - El Scorcho (Pinkerton)
Downchild Blues Band -I Need A Hat (I Need a Hat)
Say Lou Lou - Julian (Julian Single)

Beat Club - Something Better (Beat Club)
We Were Lovers - Partners in Crime (We Were Lovers EP)
Credit! - Thomas D'Arcy (What We Want)
Future Bible Heroes - Keep Your Children In a Coma (Partygoing)

The Burning Hell (PT. 1)- Grave Situation (Happy Birthday)
The Kinks - Jack the Idiot Dunce (Schoolboys In Disgrace)
Boxer The Horse - Karen Silkwood (Frech Residency)
New Villager - Rich Doors (Rich Doors/ Genghis on 7")

30 June 2013

Just me? Again?

hey listeners, i'm alone again this week, but i'm still here truckin' away on my own!! here's what i played for you guys!

Deep Dark Woods - Nancy (Winter Hours)
The Shins - Simple Song (port of Morrow)
Cookie Duster - Daddy's Got The Medicine (When Flying Was Easy)
George Harrison - Wah-Wah (All Things Must Pass)

Bahamas - Caught Me Thinking (Barchords)
Paul Simon - Graceland (Graceland)
Elephant Stone - love The Sinner, Hate The Sin (Elephant Stone)
Alabama Shakes - I Ain't The Same (Boys & Girls)

Shotgun Jimmie - Waist Deep In The Water (Still Jimmie)
Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This (Always Like This)
Rah Rah - Prairie Girl (The Poet's Dead)
Bronze Radio Return - Further On (Bronze Radio Return)

The Band - We Can Talk (Music From Big Pink)
Fitz & The Tantrums - Spark (Pickin' Up The Pieces)
Hey Ocean! - Big Blue Wave (IS)

23 June 2013

sam is in the house

well i'm all by my lonesome tonight but that's ok! we're having a party in the studio, me, myself and i!

Austra - Spellwork (Feel it Break)
Dan Croll - Only Ghost (From Nowhere)
Born Ruffians - Dancing on The Edge of Our Graves (Birthmarks)
Swiss Lips - In The water (Swiss Lips)
We Were Lovers - Wild Fire (We Were Lovers EP)
Tessa Rose Jackson - (all The) King's Horses (Sandbox)
The Danks - Someone should Know (Samples)

Alt J - Dissolve Me (An Awesome Wave)
Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere (Elevator)
Bastille- pompeii (Bad Blood)

Diamond Rings - All The Time (Free Dimensional)
Rodriguez - Establishment Blues (Cold Fact)
Said The Whale - We Are 1980 (Little Mountain)

16 June 2013

june 16th!

hello loyal listeners! we're back again this week playing you some wicked tunes to start your week! enjoy!

Cadence Weapon Feat. Shad - Baby I'm Yours (Tron Legacy: The Mixtape)
Capitol Cities Feat Andre 3000 - Farrah Fawcett Hair (In a Tidal Wave of Mystery)
The Zolas - Observatory (Ancient Mars)
The Lumineers - Flowers In Your Hair (The Lumineers)

Moka Only Feat. S Roc - Everybody Dance (The Desired Effect)
Vance Joy - Riptide (God Loves You When You're Dancing)
Bahamas - Caught Me Thinking (Barchords)\
First Aid Kit - Wolf (The Lion's Roar)

Eugene Ripper - In The Quiet Light (Fast Folk Underground III)
YesYou - Frivolous Life (YesYou)
The Weeknd - Twenty Eight (Trilogy: House of Balloons)

Born Gold - Where Is My Mind? (Secret 7")
Crookers and Rosin Murphy - Royal T (Days Away)
Hollerado - Too Much To Handle (White Paint)
Maximo Park - Kiss You Better (A Certain Trigger)

09 June 2013

June 9th 2013

Let us end to beautiful weekend with a beautiful hour of music! Here is our playlist:

Doug Hoyer - Tattoo (Walks With The Tender Growing Night)
Birdie - Skinny Love (Birdie)
Close Talker - Bonfire (Timbers)

Austra - the Future (Feel it Break)
Oberhofer - Earplugs ( Time Capsules II)
Shotgun Jimmie - the Cost of doing Business ( Still Jimmie)
Baby Monster - The General of Hot Desire (City Of Lovers)

Two Hours Traffic - I Don't Want 2 Want U (Foolish Blood)
Capital Cities - I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo (In a Tidal Wave Of Mystery)
Boxer The Horse - Sentimental/ Oriental (French Residency)
Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley band - Air Mattress (Outer South)

Small Sins - Morning Face (Mood Swings)
Andy Bull - Keep on Running ( keep On Running Single)
Said The Whale - Camilo The Magician (Islands Disappear)
Atlas Genius - if so (If so Single)

02 June 2013

JUNE 2nd!!

I can't believe it's already June!! Here's some happy tunes for the summer sunshine!!

The Elwins - Are You Flying With a Different Bird? (And I Thank You)
The Lumineers - Classy Girls (The Lumineers)
The Zolas - Cultured Man (Ancient Mars)
Josh Ritter - Bonfire (The Beast in it's Tracks)

Fitz and the Tantrums - Spark(More than Just a Dream)
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Giant Hands (Lose All Time)
Canopy Climbers - Stuck (Stuck)
Leftover Cuties - Fidelity (Departures)

Zeus - Are you Gonna Waste My Time (Busting Visions)
The Dancers - For Something In Your Eyes (For Something in Your Eyes)
Elephant Stone - Setting Sun (Elephant Stone)\
The Danks - I Mean, Come On (Samples)

Hollerado - Desire 126 (White Paint)
New Villager - Rich Doors (Rich Doors/Genghis on 7")
Doug Hoyer - Number 8 (Songs from Grand Marquis)
Tea Leigh & Luke Reed - Colour Theory (Do You Sleep?)

26 May 2013

Arrested Development Season 4! - The Darby alone edition of Thrice Removed

Today is the day that Arrested Development season 4 was released on Netflix!!! I'm Very Excited!

Tokyo Police Club - Favorite Color (Champ)
The Kinks - Little Miss Queen of Darkness (Face to Face)
Paper Lions - Little Liar (At Long Creek)
San Cisco - Reckless (Awkward Ep)

Thunderheist - LBG (Little Booty Girl) (Thunderheist)
Amanda Blank - A Love Song (I Love You)
Thomas D'Arcy - You Lovely You (You Lovely You)

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Honey Dove (My World)
Graydon James and The Young Novelists- Make The Same Mistakes (In The Year You Were Born)
 Devil makes Three - Old Number Seven ( The Devil Makes Three)

Bahamas - Lost In The Light (Barchords)
The Fratellis - Babydoll (Here We Stand)
The Bicycles - Baby Boy (Stop Thinking So Much)
The Givers - Ceiling of Plankton (In Light)

19 May 2013

Super Long Long Weekend Edition Of Thrice Removed

Super Long Long Weekend!

We Are Covering There Goes That Song Again for Greg this May-Long! Here is what we played:

Thomas D'Arcy - Love In Stereo (Thomas D'Arcy Presents Tribute To The Monks)
Man Man - Spooky Jookie (Life Fantastic)
King Khan - Land Of The Freak (What Is)

Shotgun Jimmie - Waist Deep In The Water (Still Jimmie)
The Crookes - Maybe in The Dark (Hold fast)
Lucas - With The Lid Off (Lucacentric)
Seattle Yacht Club - Same Old Questions (Same Old Questions Single)

Young Benjamins -Bones (Bones)
Young Fathers - I Heard (Tape Two)
The Burning Hell - Dancer/Romancer (Baby)
The Miracals - I Don't Really Like It (Give Me a Chance)

Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart (Wilderness Heart)
Vance Joy - Riptide (God Loves You When You're Dancing)
Austra - Lose It (Feel it Break)
Telekinesis - Power Lines (Dormarion)

Think About Life - Sweet Sixteen (Family)
Black Kids - I'm Making Eyes At You (Partie Traumatic)
Junior Boys - In The Morning (So This Is Goodbye)

Said The Whale - Camilo The Magicians (Islands Disappear)
Tom Petty - Saving Grace (Highway Companion)
Born Ruffians - Needle - Birthmarks
Alba Lua -When I'm Roaming Free (Alba Lua)

Tickle Torture - Lie To Me (Together Again Single)
Woodhands - I Wasn't Made For Fighting (Heart Attack)
Ted Zed - I Don't Mind (Ted Zed)

The Zolas - Knot In My Heart (Ancient Mars)
John Wean - New York Doesn't Love You (New York Doesn't Love You)
Diamond Rings - I'm Just Me (Free Dimensional)
Ms Mr - Fantasy (Fantasy)

Jenn Grant - All Year (Honeymoon Punch)
Ben Kweller -Sundress (Ben Kweller)
Hugo - 99 Problems (99 Problems single)
We Were Lovers - Partners In Crime (We Were Lovers LP)

Deep Dark Woods - Sugar Mama (The Place I left Behind)
Nada Surf - Always Love (Nada Surf)
Mother Mother - Let's Fall in Love (Let's Fall In Love)

Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back (Rumors)

12 May 2013

May 12th

Whitehorse - Devil's Got a Gun (The Fate of the World Depends on this Kiss)
The Devil Makes Three - Nobody's Dirty Business (The Devil Makes Three)
Joel Plaskett - Lonely Love (La Dee Da)
Josh Ritter - Certain Light ( A Beast In Its Tracks)

Sam Adams - Summertime (All night Longer)
A.C Newman - Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns (Shut Down The Streets)
Paul Simon - Loves Me Like a Rock - The Ultimate Best Of)
Arkells - Book Club (Michigan Left)

The Bicycles - Stop Thinking So Much (Stop Thinking So Much)
Alexander - Bad Bad Love (Spring(The Love In Between))
Matty Powell - Any Other Way (Kiss The City)
CEO - Love and Do What You Will (White Magic)

Family of the Year - Hero (Hero)
Ron Hawkins - Prairie Girl (Straight Jacket Love)
The Colourist - Little Games  (Little Games)
Young Galaxy - New Summer (Shape Shifting)

05 May 2013

[Feels Like] Summer Nights

Well, It's officially Beautiful out! The city is alive and we know this for sure because we had trouble finding parking before the show! This never happens in winter.... but we're not complaining!!!

The Veils -Dancing With The Tornado (Time Stays, We Go)
Born Ruffians - Permanent Hesitation (Birthmarks)
Hospitality - All day Today (Hospitality)

Paradise - Endless Wave (Blue Flower EP)
Jayme-G - Wompychew (Wompychew Single)
Rah Rah- Run (The Poets Dead)
Murals - Eyes Of Love (On A Passing Cloud)
The Danks - Treaty Collector (Samples)

Two Hours Traffic - Stolen Earrings (Two Hours Traffic)
Woodpidgeon - For Paolo (For Paolo)
Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner (Strangeland)
Shotgun Jimmie - Skype Date (Everything, Everything)

Sea of Bees - Get Up And Go (Sea of Bees 7 ")
Elephanstone - Love the Sinner, Hate The Sin (Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin)
All The Fires - Goodbye Rock and Roll (Territories)
Zeus - Love/Pain (Busting Visions)

28 April 2013

April 28th!

it's finally nice outside! so we are celebrating with some awesome music!

Vacationer - Trip (Trip-Single)
Luke Lalonde - Undone (Rhythymnals)
Cherub - Disco Inferno (Man of the Hour)

Hey Rosetta - Carry Me Home (Seeds)
The Little Ones - Argonauts (The Little Ones)
Young Empires - White Doves (White Doves-Single)
Set Sail - Charleston (Hey!)
Wintersleep - In Came The Flood (Hello Hum)

Thomas D'arcy - Credit! (What We Want)
The Harlem Shakes - Sunlight (Technicolor Health)
Thunderheist - Jerk It (Thunderheist)
Moss - Almost a Year (Ornaments)

Hey Geronimo -  Dreamboat Jack (Dreamboat Jack - Single)
The Sadies - Postcards (Darker Circles)
Dresses - Blew My Mind (Single)
Shad - The Old Prince Lives At Home (The Old Prince)

21 April 2013

April 21 2013

Hey Hey Listeners! It's April 21st and there is still snow! Sorry for reminding you! Here are some tunes to help you forget!

Shotgun Jimmie - Growing like a Garden (Everything, Everything)
Foals - My Number (Holy Fire)
Downchild Blues Band - I Need a Hat (I Need A Hat)

Ra Ra Riot - Beta Love (Beta Love)
Young Liars - Echoists (Homesick Future EP)
Jennifer Left - Black Dog (Black Dog EP)
Hey Ocean!- Big Blue Wave (Is)

Mac Demarco - Freakin out The Neighborhood (2)
Bronze Radio Return - Further On (Shake Shake Shake!)
Zack Heckendorf - All The Right Places (Now That's What I Call Music)
Young Rival - Black Popcorn (Stay Young)

Discovery - Can You Discover? (LP)
King Khan and the BBQ Show - Spin The Bottle (Invincible)
San Cisco - Awkward (Awkward EP)
The Elwins - Propinquity (And I Thank You)
Theophilus London - Flying Overseas (Lover's Holiday)

14 April 2013

April 14 2013

Hello Lovely listeners! Can you believe there is still some snow on the ground?! Here is some tunes to cheer you up!

London Grammer - Darling Are You Going To Leave Me (Metal and Dust EP)
Jenn Grant - One More Night (The Beautiful Wild)
Laura Hill - Blue Skies (Blue Skies)
The Zolas - Local Swan (Ancient Mars)

Hot Chip - Motion Sickness (In Our Heads)
Deadhorse - Big Blew Sky (Deadhorse)
The Shins - Simple Song (Simple Song)

 Run With The Kittens - Who's Gunna Love You (Letters From Camp)
The Kicks - 1984 (Hawk Eyes)
Hot Hot Heat - Pickin It Up (Elevator)

C2C - Happy Feat Derek Martin (Tetra)
Hollerado - Too Much To Handle (White Paint)
Adam Cohen - Girl These Days (Like A Man)
Fryars -On Your Own (On Your Own Single)

07 April 2013

April 7th 2013 - Solo Darby Show Special!

Hi there Listeners! Its just me (Darby) tonight! Enjoy my solo show

Darwin Deez - My DNA (Darwin Deez)
The Elwins - Paper in your Pocket (And I Thank you)
Magic man - Texas (Texas single)
Thomas D'Arcy - I Wake Up Everyday (What We Want)

The Pigeon Detectives - Love You For A Day (Hate You For A Week) (Emergency)
The Zolas - You Better Watch Out (Tic Toc Tic)
Grouplove - Don't Say Oh Well (Grouplove)
The Dudes - That Dress (Barbers, Thieves, and Bartenders)

Ted Zed - I Don't Mind (I Don't Mind)
Chromeo - Needy Girl (She's In Control)
Cai.ro - All These Colours (young Love EP)

Mario LePage - Wilfred 
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Cy_-CieilNs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Cut Copy - Take Me Over (Zonoscope)
The Colurs - Easy To Love (The Colurs EP)

Have a good week friends!

31 March 2013

hoppin' down the bunny trail!

It's Easter and we're here with some tunes for you to enjoy while eating all the chocolate you got today!!

Young Rival - Black is Good (Stay Young)
Think About Life - Sweet Sixteen (Family)
Summer Twins - I Will Love You (Summer Twins)
Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Lonerism)

Beat Club - Something Better (Beat Club)
Stars - Wasted Daylight (The Five Ghosts)
Said The Whale - Loveless (Little Mountain)
Loretta Lynn - Fist City (The Definitive Collection)

Born Ruffians - To Soaked To Break (Birthmarks)
The Mowgli's - Time (Love's Not Dead)\
Souls - Smoke (A Dark Horse)
Bear Hands - What a Drag (What a Drag)

Phoenix - Summer Days (United)
Yukon Blonde - Loyal Man (Yukon Blonde)
The 1975 - Chocolate (Music For Cars)
Mother Mother - Forever and a Bit (Forever and a Bit - Single)
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons - Beggin' (25th Anniversary collection)

24 March 2013

March 24th 2013 - Born Ruffian Night!

If you are in Saskatoon I hope that you are going to amigos to see Born Ruffians tonight!!! I will be! But until then here is what we played....

Tom Petty - Rebels (Southern Accents)
The Grapes of Wrath - Good To See You (High Road)
Nude Beach -Love Can't Wait (II)
Born Ruffians - Hedonistic Me (Red, Yellow, and Blue)

The Elwins - I Miss You And I (And I Thank You)
Walk Off The Earth - Red Hands (R.E.V.O. Ep)
Set Sail - Kids (Movement)

 The Bicycles - Baby Boy (Stop Thinking So Much)
Boy - Boris (Mutual Friends)
The Wildmen - Ketamine (The Wildmen)
Dolly Parton - Potential New Boyfriend (The Very Best of Dolly Parton)

 Bahamas - I Got you Babe (Barchords)
Thao &The Get Down Stay Down - Kindness Be Conceived (We The Common)
Alt-J - Tessellate (An Awesome Wave)
Stevie Wonder - Uptight (Everything's Alright) (Definitive Collection)

17 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day!!

It's St. Patrick's Day! And We're playing some tunes!

Dead Man's Bones - In The Room Where You Sleep (Dead Man's Bones)
Paper Lions - Little Liar (At Long Creek)
By Divine Right - Goodbye Paralyzer (Bless This Mess)
Grayden James and the Young Novelists - Make The Same Mistakes (In The Year You Were Born)

Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees - Girls You Love (Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees)
The Crookes- Maybe In The Dark (The Crookes)
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Night Visions)
Black Pistol Fire - Dead Love (Big Beat '59)

Electric Six - Dance Commander (Fire)\
Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend To Dance (Partie Traumatic)
Born Gold - Sky Bicycle (Born Gold)
Catcall - The World is Ours (The Warmest Place)

Young Buffalo - Nature Boy (Nature Boy)
Born Ruffians - This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life (Born Ruffians)
Baby Monster - The General of Hot Desire (Baby Monster)
Boxer The Horse - Mary Meets The Pilot ( Would You Please)

10 March 2013

March 10th 2013

Heres todays playlist!

Nude Beach -  Some Kinda Love (Nude Beach II)
Peace - Bloodshake (Delicious EP)
The Russian Futurists - One Night One Kiss (The Weights On the Wheels)

Whale Tooth -Wolves (Search Party)
Benjamin Gibbard - A Hard One To Know - Former Lives
Diamond Rings - Day & Night (Free Dimensional)
Between Borders - Run Run Run (Asymmetrical Edged Wonderland)

Run With The Kittens - Who's Going to Love you? (Letters From Camp)
Ray Materick- Like A Midnight Rider (Life And Times Disc 2)
Young Benjamins - Bones (Bones)

Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles - The East Wind (The Grand Bounce)
Walk The Moon - Quesadilla (Walk The Moon)
The Mowgli's -San Francisco (Loves's not Dead EP)

03 March 2013

March 3rd 2013

Here's tonight's playlist!

by Divine Right - 5 Bucks (Bless This Mess)
Paper Lions - Don't Touch That Dial (Trophies)
Hollorado - Juliette (Record In A Bag)
The Cure - The Love Cats (Staring At The Sea)

Alpaca Sports - She'll Come Back For Indian Summer (She'll Come Back For Indian Summer)
Dante Eleplante - Let's Start Talking (German Aquatics)
Deep Dark Woods - Suga Mama (The Place I Left Behind)
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)(Funeral)

Jack Green - I Call, No Answer (Humanesque)
Young Liars - Navigator Island (Homesick Future - EP)
Born Ruffian - With Her Shadow(Birthmarks)

Deidre & the Dark - Classic Girl(Curious parcel)
Mother Mother - Infintesimal(The Sticks)
Dappled Cities - Icecubes (Run With The Wind)
Hey Ocean! - Jolene (IS)

24 February 2013

Feb 24th 2013

Darby's back! Darby and Sam dream team extraordinaire! here's tonights playlist!

The 1975 - Chocolate (Music For Cars EP)
Born Ruffians - Needle (Needle -single)
Lovelife - Your New Beloved (The Fourth Floor)

Alba Lua -When I'm Roaming Free (Alba Lua)
The Deep Dark Woods - All The Money I Had Is Gone (Winter Hours)
Stars - Hold On When You Get Love, Let go When You Give it ( The North)

Graydon James & The Young Novelists - Scarecrow (live At Dublin Street Church)
Doug Hoyer - Two Possibilities (Songs From Grand Marquee)
Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile (BIRP! February 2013)
Sweet Thing - Change Of Seasons (Change Of Seasons)

The Mowgli's - Hi Hey There Hello (San Fransico)
The Zolas - Knot In My Heart (Ancient Mars)
The Babies - Moonlight Mile (Our House On The Hill)
White Sea - Overdrawn (Girls VOL. 1)

17 February 2013

All Sam, All The Time

It's just me here tonight! Hope you Enjoy!

Young Empires - White Doves (Young Empires)
Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Born To Die)
Said The Whale - We Are 1980 (Little Mountain)
Hey Ocean! - Big Blue Wave (IS)

Alt-J - Fitzpleasure (An Awesome Wave)
Blitzen Trapper - Furr (Furr)
Cookie Duster - Daddy's Got The Medicine (When Flying Was Easy)
Young Rival - Black Popcorn (Stay Young)

Fitz and The Tantrums - Spark (Fitz and The Tantrums)
Luke Lalonde - Undone (Luke Lalonde)
Rah Rah - Prairie Girl (Prairie Girl)
Wintersleep - In Came The Flood (Wintersleep)

American Authors - Best Day of My Life (American Authors)
Bahamas - I Got You Babe (Barchords)
Dresses - Blew My Mind (Dresses)
Beat Club - Something Better (Beat Club)

10 February 2013


Hello! It is the season of love and we here at Thrice Removed are celebrating! Enjoy!

Shotgun Jimmie - Valentines Day (Still Jimmie)
Bahamas - Lost in the Light (Barchords)
Bright Eyes - The First Day of my Life (I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning)

Walk The Moon - Tightrope (Walk The Moon)
Mother Mother - Let's Fall in Love (Let's Fall in Love)
Van Morrison - Crazy Love (Moon Dance)
Tom Petty - Wildflowers (Wildflowers)
The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice ( Pet Sounds)

Thomas D'arcy - You, Lovely You (You, Lovely You Single)
The Meligrove Band - I'm Easy (Planets Conspire)
Said The Whale - The Light Is You (Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia)
Tom Waits - I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You (Closing Time)

Paul McCartney - Call Me Back Again (Wingspan:History)
Diamond Rings - You & Me (Special Affections)
Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand The Rain (I Can't stand The Rain)
Ron Hawkin - Straightjacket Love - Straightjacket Love

03 February 2013

Catch You on the Rebound

Shotgun Jimmie - Late Last Year (Transistor Sister)
Thrush Hermit - At My Expense (Sweet Homewrecker)
The Inbreds - North Window (It's Sydney or the Bush)
The Super Friendz - Karate Man (Mock Up, Scale Down)

Hannah Georgas - Lovesick (This is Good)
Jenn Grant - All Year (Honeymoon Punch)
The Dudes - Dropkick Queen of the Weekend (Brain. Heart. Guitar.)
The New Pornographers - A Bite Out of My Bed (Together)

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - New Lace Sleeves (Trust)
Nick Lowe - Dose of You (Labour of Lust)
Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (Speaking in Tongues)

The Clash - Safe European Home (Give 'Em Enough Rope)
Otis Redding - I Can't Turn You Loose (The Definitive Soul Collection)
Dr. Dog - Do the Trick (Be the Void)
La Sera - Please Be My Third Eye (La Sera Sees the Light)

Brenton Wood - Catch You on the Rebound (Brenton Wood's 18 Best)

28 January 2013

January 27th 2013

Bend Sinister - Julianna (Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers)
Peter Elkas - In My Den (Party of One)
The Flashing Lights - Too Delightful (Sweet Release)
The Golden Dogs - Permanent Record (Coat of Arms)

Young Benjamins – To Stay Here (Bones)
Young Rival – Better Things ( Stay Long)
Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know (A Different Ship)

Chromeo -  Don’t Walk Away (Business Casual)
Thomas D’Arcy – Credit! (What We Want)
Make The Girl Dance – Hair Addiction (Everything is Going to Be OK)
Passenger – Staring At The Stars (All The Little Lights)

Marshall Crenshaw - Someday, Someway (The Definitive Pop Collection)
Rilo Kiley - Breakin' Up (Under the Blacklight)
Bruce Springsteen - Growin' up (Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.)
Will Currie and The Country French - John Denver Haircut (Awake, You Sleepers!)

20 January 2013

All Cd's All Night

Hello Friends and Listeners!
Today we had some fun getting used to the new upgrades in the studio, but we powered through like the champions we are. I hope you enjoy our purely classics set.

Sloan - Had Enough - B Sides Win (disc 2)
Black Pistol Fire- Beezlebub - Black Pistol Fire
Whale Tooth - Six Billion - Whale Tooth
Young Liars - Colours - Homesick Future

The Zolas - You're Too Cool - Tic Toc Tic
The Islands - No You Dont - Vapours

Hawksley Workman - We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time)- Meat
Thomas D'Arcy - Talking On The Phone - What We Want
Hot Chip - Don't Deny Your Heart - In Our Heads

Rah Rah - Prarie Girl - The Poets Dead
Mother Mother - Baby Don't dance- Eureka
Catcall - That Girl - The Warmest Place
The Cure - The Lovecats - The Greatest Hits
Doctor Ew - I'm Getting Fat -Gadzooks

13 January 2013

January 13th

Wise Blood - Penthouse Suite (These Wings)
Born Gold - Boring Horror (Born Gold)
Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Lonerism)

Library Voices - The Prime Minister's Daughter (Summer of Lust)
Local Rabbits - High School Hierarchy (Basic Concept)
Sloan - Keep On Thinkin' (Navy Blues)
By Divine Right - Chinchilla Deluxe (Sweet Confusion)

Passenger - Wrong Direction (All the Little Lights)
Bahamas - Caught Me Thinking (Barchords)
Thomas D'Arcy - Spotty Face (Tribute to the Monks)
Whitehorse - Devil's Got a Gun (The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss)

Squeeze - Hourglass (Babylon and On)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - The World and His Wife (Punch the Clock)
The Bicycles - Walk Away (From a Good Thing) (Oh No, It's Love)
Ben Folds Five - Steven's Last Night in Town (Whatever and Ever Amen)

Yukon Blonde - Iron Fist (Tiger Talk)