29 December 2013

Last show of 2013!

you'll never go - Wake Owl (Wild Country EP)
everyone's going to get high - grouplove (Girls vol1)
mind eraser - boxer the horse (would you please)
you + me + The radio -Abandon Kansas (a midwest summer)

Whistlin' past the graveyard - tom waits (blue valentine)
bones - young benjamins (bones)
jack - tom petty (highway companion)
goodbye paralyzer- by divine right (bless this mess)

night by night - chromeo (business casual)
hero - family of the year (family of the year)
someone should know - the danks (samples)
far away - pacific air (stop talking)

galahad - josh ritter (to the yet unknowing world)
devil's got a gun - whitehorse (the fate of the world depends on this kiss)
can't get enough - yeah boy (Sweat it out!)
sky bicycle - born gold (little sleepwalker)

22 December 2013

Happy Holidays Listeners!

It's just forever - Cage the elephant (Cage the elephant)
Cecilia ( Simon And Garfunkel cover) - COIN (soundcloud)
Better luck next time - King Khan and the Shrines (Idle No More
Ratchet - Bloc Party (The nextwave sessions)

Elderado - The Raccoon Wedding ( Raccoon dead on the side of the road)
Greenback Boogie - Ima Robot (OST Suits)
Maybe This Time - The Good Lovelies (Under the Mistletoe)
Pink Rabbits - The National (Trouble will Find Me)
Stop Thinking so Much - The Bicycles (Stop Thinking So Much)

Drop Kick Queen Of the Weekend - The Dudes (Brain Heart Guitar)
Potential New Boyfriend - Dolly Parton ( The Very Best of)
Cold Pop - Born Ruffians ( Birthmarks)
Something Good - Alt-J (An Awesone Wave)

Good To See You - The Grapes Of Wrath (High Road)
Bizarre Love Triangle -New Order (The best of)
A to Z - Diamond Rings ( Free Dimensional)
any other way - bahamas

15 December 2013

i want a hippopotamus for christmas

two reasons - young rival (stay young)
hypocritical kiss - jack white (blunderbuss)
bambi - tokyo police club (champ)
king shiv - man man (on oni pond)

show me your eyes - royal canoe (today we're believers)
hurricane - vydamo (becoming human)
having you around - july talk (july talk)
dangerous times - wildlife (on the heart)

having my baby - think about life (family)
bullet train - gardens and villa (dunes)
wake up everyday - thomas d'arcy (what we want)
drink drank drunk - jack moy & golden (good as gold)

chasing the sunset - imaginary cities (fall of romance)
baby we're refugees - jon fratelli (psycho jukebox)
heading there - brendan canning (you gots 2 chill)
thunder clatter - wild cub (youth)

08 December 2013

It's begining to look alot like christmas

Santa Baby- The Good Lovelies (Under The mistletoe)
AF607105- Charlotte Gainsbourg (5:55)
One More Night - Jenn Grant (The Beautiful Mind)
Waves That Rolled You Under - Young Summer (Fever Dream)

Rip Tide - Vance Joy (God loves you when you're dancing)
The Starbeat Academy Graduation march - carbon dating service (Polyentendril)
If only it could be - leftover cuties (Spark & the fire)
your sweet touch - Bahamas (barchords)

I'm easy - The Meligrove Band (Planets conspire)
giants - bear hands (giants single)
7ths and 3rds - Gregory Pepper and his problems (With trumpets flaring)
Cupid - Sam Cooke (greatest hits)

Hurry hurry - air traffic controller (nordo)
who's going to love you -run with the kittens (letters from camp)
she'll come back for indian summer -alpaca sports (single)

01 December 2013


holiday makers - the burning hell (people)
beach - san cisco (san cisco)
baby i'm yours feat. shad - cadence weapon (tron legacy: the mixtape)
rewinding - elderbrook (elderbrook)

lucas with the lid off - lucas (lucacentric)
lifetime - noah and the whale (heart of nowhere)
infinitesimal - mother mother (the sticks)
primadonna - marina and the diamonds (electra heart)

odessa - caribou (swim)
beneath the piano - devil makes three (the devil makes three)
bones - young benjamins (bones)

lose it - austra (feel it break)
glass printer - the besnard lakes (the besnard lakes are the roaring night)
no you don't - islands (vapours)
new lands - justice (access all arenas)

blue skies - laura hill (blue skies)
sister - adam cohen (adam cohen)
happy feat derek martin - c2c (tetra)

beta love - ra ra riot (beta love)
loveless - said the whale (little mountain)
merrygoround - fitz & the tantrums (fitz & the tantrums)
forget about the past - david myles (things have changed)

gypsy woman - ubt (ego orientation)
faithful man - lee fields & the expressions (faithful man)
that dress - the dudes (barbers, thieves and bartenders)
itchin on a photograph - grouplove (never trust a happy song)