17 November 2013

that shit cray

believe in me (reprise) -  sloan (b sides win)
propinquity - the elwins (and i thank you)
rewinding - elderbrook (going)
tennis court - the kite string tangle (single)
river in the pines - the deep dark woods (hang me oh hang me)

two step - bear mountain (xo)
hungry - american royalty (prismatic)
homesick future - young liars (homesick future)
synth kid - the all about (synth kid)

fam jam - shad (flying colours)
dreaming - smallpools (smallpools ep)
bra straps - mikey maybe (honey + bread)

oh my god - the wooden sky (if i don't come home you'll know i'm gone)
she never even told me her name - air traffic (fractured life)
resuscitate - wintersleep (hello hum)
running for cover - the shallows (running for cover)

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