24 November 2013


Remember to Remember - Shad (Flying Colours)
Vulnerable - Tinashe (Black Water)
Make the Same Mistakes - Graydon James & The Young Novelists (In The Year You Were Born)
Favor You - Like A Parrot Productions (FIAT Band Pix)

Between The Bars - Elliot Smith (Either/or)
Greatest Hits Collection - The Weakerthans (Fallow)
For Something in Your Eyes - The Dancers (For Something In Your Eyes)
do your own time - AC Newman (Shut Down The Streets)

Orange Blossom - Gardens & Villa (Gardens and Villa)
Good Morning ( The Future) - Rogue Wave  ( Permalight)
Selfish - cai.ro (Young Love EP)

Cat Burglar - Boxer The Horse (Would You Please)
Dark Again - Gold Fields (Black Sun)
The Night of Wine and Roses - Japandroids (Celebration Rock)
Dissolve Me - Alt - J (An Awesome Wave)

17 November 2013

that shit cray

believe in me (reprise) -  sloan (b sides win)
propinquity - the elwins (and i thank you)
rewinding - elderbrook (going)
tennis court - the kite string tangle (single)
river in the pines - the deep dark woods (hang me oh hang me)

two step - bear mountain (xo)
hungry - american royalty (prismatic)
homesick future - young liars (homesick future)
synth kid - the all about (synth kid)

fam jam - shad (flying colours)
dreaming - smallpools (smallpools ep)
bra straps - mikey maybe (honey + bread)

oh my god - the wooden sky (if i don't come home you'll know i'm gone)
she never even told me her name - air traffic (fractured life)
resuscitate - wintersleep (hello hum)
running for cover - the shallows (running for cover)

10 November 2013

Ravewind "Feels So Good" (Official Video)


Long weekend!!!

Bandana Cat - The Bicycles (Stop Thinking So Much)
David Watts - The Kinks (Something Else by The Kinks)
Gossip Diet - Lotus Child (Gossip Diet)
 Good Bye Pork Pie Hate - Charles Mingus  (Charles Mingus)

No Guns Allowed - Snoop Lion (Reincarnated)
Leave This World Behind - The Sadies (Internal Sounds)
Higher than the sun - Keane (Higher then the sun)
High for This - The Weeknd (Trilogy: House of Balloons)


Feels So Good - Ravewind (feels so good 7')
One Last Time - Theophilus London (Timez are weird these days)
Undone - Luke Lalonde (Rythymnals)
No Friends - San Cisco (San Cisco)

Rather be With You - Yukon Blonde (Yukon blonde)
Grouplove - Flowers (Spreading rumors)
mindcrumb - Shotgun Jimmie (Still Jimmie)
All I Know - Max and the Moon (All I Know 7')

03 November 2013


hello people, this is the very special darby's birthday edition! 

doug hoyer - tattoo (walks with the tender and growing night)
is tropical - dancing anymore (i'm leaving)
ray materick - feeling kinda lucky tonight (life and times disc 2)

franz ferdinand - evil eye (right thoughts, right words, right action)
said the whale - loveless (little mountain)
polar sets - just don't open your eyes yet (polar sets)
wolf parade - soldier's grin (at mount zoomer)

the zolas - observatory (ancient mars)
coasts - comes a little closer (come a little closer)
jenn grant - all year (honeymoon punch)
the zutons - it's the little things we do (tired of hanging around)

you say party, we say die - giant hands (lose all time)
city and colour - Fragile bird (little hell)
hey rosetta - seeds (seeds)
wet - dreams (dreams singles)