23 March 2014

March 27th 2014

Blew my mind- dresses (blew my mind)
infinitesimal - mother mother (the sticks)
lifetime - noah and the whale (heart of nowhere)
tornado - the rural alberta advantage (departing)

Natural  disaster - joel plaskett (la de da)
kathleen - josh ritter (hello starling)
stylin - shad (flying colours)
drops - jungle (platton/drops single)

sea drug - young galaxy (youmng galaxy)
hungry -american royalty (prismatic)
gold - wake owl (wild country ep)
when im roaming free - alba lua (alba lua)

desire 126 - hollerado (white paint)
zina-marina - gogol bordello (super taranta!)
drop the plot - gregory pepper and his problems (with trumpets flaring)

16 March 2014

The only time i watch tv is shark week

i'm so indie - transit (22)
the way i feel - best friends (refine ep)
feels so good - ravewind (feels so good)

see you through - bear mountain (xo)
in the rearview - gentleman hall (gentleman hall)
full circle - half moon run (dark eyes)
lights go low -satellite stories (pine trails)

no more - Shlohmo & jeremih (no more ep)
sweet 16 - thunderheist (thunderheist)
red eyes - the war on drugs (lost in the dream)

everybody dance -moka only (the desired effect)
look at the light - sin fang (flowers)
hold on when you get love/let go when you get it - stars (the north)

09 March 2014

sunday funday!

them girls -little suns (normal human feelings)
tear you down (feat. alex ebert)- rac (strangers pt1)
so this is goodbye - junior boys (so this is goodbye)

show me your eyes - royal canoe (today we're believers)
psychotic girl - the black keys (attack and release)
friends - the fast romantic (afterlife blues)
flaws - bastile (bad blood)

 the heat - jungle (the heat/ lucky i got what i want single)
cold pop - born ruffian (birthmarks)
the one who has to carry you home - hollow & akimbo (hollows and akimbo)

having you around - july talk (july talk)
where is the light - the amplifetes (where is the light)
chasing the sunset - imaginary cities (fall of romance)
always like this- bombay bicycle club (always like this)

02 March 2014

Darby's solo dolo show!

i just looked up what solo dolo means. it is things you do alone (solo) and on the down low(dolo)! i feel like i've learnt something today! I hope you have too!

eldorado - racoon wedding (racoon dead on the side of the road)
teleport 2 me , jamie - wzrd (wzrd)
diamond - lightning dust (fantasy)
happy birthday you - jay jay pisolet (happy birthday you)

ill be loving you - king khan & bbq show (invisible girl)
navajo - island cassettes (navajo single)
favourite colour - tokyo police club (champ)
very loud - shout out louds (very loud ep)

terrified - the dudes (blood guts bruises cuts)
drink, drank, drunk - jack moy &gloden (drink, drank, drunk)
scrambled eggs- mikey maybe (honey + bread)
99 problems - hugo (single)
skype date - shotgun jimmie (everything, everything)

out like a lion - whitehorse (the fate of the world depends on this kiss)
i don't really like it - the miracals (give me a chance)
all year - jenn grant (honeymoon punch)
uptown boys - netherfriends (p3ace)
acid 1- kakkmaddafakka (down to earth)