11 August 2013

August 11th! ALREADY :(

happy august! I cant believe we are so close to summer ending! I am far from ready for fall.

AC Newman - Encyclopedia of classic take downs (Shut Down The Streets)
Telekinesis - Powerlines (Dormarion)
Young Galaxy - New Summer (Young Galaxy)
terraplane son - get me golden (get me golden ep)

mikey maybe - we both kiss you (honey+ bread)
Shortstraw - good morning, sunshine (good moring, sunshine)
the elwins - are you flying with a different bird (and i thank you)
Bloc Party - Ratchet (the nextwave sessions)

young liars - homesick future (homesick future)
Andy bull - keep on running (keep on running single)
Rah Rah - run (The Poets Dead)
ariel pink's haunted graffiti - only in my dreams ( Mature Themes)

UBT - gypsy woman (ego orientation)
kakkmaddafakka - restless (hest)
the burning hell - amateur rapper's (people)
eagles of death metal - (i used to couldn't dance) tight pants (heart on)

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