29 May 2016

May 29 Playlist

Pontex - Chasing the Sun
Built to Spill - Traces
Archie Powell & the Exports - I Need Supervision

Ra Ra Riot - Absolutely
Devil in the Woodshed - Trickster
Black Keys - Howlin' For You
The Flashing Lights - Too Delightful

Peter & The Wolves - Up at Night
Rah Rah - Wolf Eyes
Sylvan Esso - Wolf

Colter Wall - Codeine Dream
Dolly Parton - Love is Like a Butterfly
Alvvays - Archie, Marry Me
The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Whitehorse - Devil's Got a Gun
Peter Elkas - In My Den

10 April 2016

April 10th 2016

Scotty learned how to blog! I am so proud!

You Don't Love Me - Downchild Blues Band ( I Need a Hat)
Heavy Weight - Cat Clyde (Ivory castanets)
Hungry Woman's Blues -Saffire the uppity woman (Cleaning House)

Douglar - Pirate Fridays (Semi-Golden Smile)
I've Been Trying - DJ Shadow (The less you know the better)
The Other Side of Concrete -Casey Mecija (Psychic materials)

Jolene - Dolly Parton (Slowed down single)
Call Yourself a Lover - Pr0files (Jurassic Technologie)
constellations - Black Mountain ( IV)
Smokes and Chicken - The Perpetrators (Stick 'Em Up)

in a world possessed by the human mind - the tragically hip (man machine poem)
Them changes - Thundercat ( The Beyond/ Where the Giants Roam)
The Lesson part three (It's Over) - The Roots ( Come Alive)

28 February 2016

Feb 21 2016

Anenone - Brian Jones Town Massacre (the satanic majesties 2nd request)
Blondie - Braids (Deep In The Iris)
Young - The Arcs (Mixtape)

Dinosaurs - The Burning Hell (Happy Birthday)
Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady - Steph Cameron (Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady)
Love - Dr Dog (B-Room)
Confessions from a Parkdale Basement - Cuff The Duke (Sidelines of the city)

Mona - Hidden Charms (Live at the Blind Blind Tiger)

Sex & Drugs - A Giant Dog (Single)
Who are you, Defender of the universe? - Dears (No Cities Left)
Rome ( feat The Moon Baby)- Wise Blood (Babyland)
Three Golden Trees - Frazey Ford (Indian Ocean)

14 February 2016

Love is On the Air

Love  you - Syd Barrett (The Madcap Laughs)
Rocking Chair - Cuff The Duke (The Way Down Here)
I Loved You yesterday -Lyle Lovett (Pontiac)

Kate Mcannon - Colter Wall (Brewery Session)
No One's Gunna Love You - Band of Horses (Cease To begin)
Tina -Cander (Stories of)
Baby I'm Yours (feat. Shad) - Candence Weapon (Tron Legacy:The Mixtape)

I'm Going To Crawl - Led Zepplin (In Through the Out Door)
I Got You babe - Bahamas (Barcords)
When I get My hands On You - the New Basement Tapes (Lost On The River)
I'm The man Who Loves You - Wilco (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)

obsedee - les hay babies (folio)
Our Love - Natural Animal (single)
Nature's Child - The Arcs (yours, dreamily)

31 January 2016

Jan 31 2015

Maybe Baby- Buddy McNeil and the Magic Mirrors ( Help Me Mama)
Weight of the World -The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ( Howl)
Tell Me - Humans (Noontide)
One More Night -Hidden Charms (single)

Smokestack Lightning - Howling Wolf (Howlin Wolf)
Voodoo Mama - Lindi Ortega (Tin Start)
Give Back My Heart - Lyle Lovett (Pontiac)
Carnage - White Buffalo (Hog Tied Revisited)

Up Sister - Sam Roberts (Love at the end of the world)
I Want To Be Your Man - Yukon Blonde ( On Blonde)
Wings -Gary Clark Jr (The Story of Sunny Boy Slim)

Mixer- Nap Eyes (Thought Rock Fish Scale)
Right On Time - Dawes (All Your Favourite Bands)
Yawn Tears - Born Ruffians ( RUFF)

Jan 24 2016

magnolia - JJ Cale (Naturally)
long way down - Hidden Charms (Live at Sofar London)
Mama Said - Cat Clyde ( Single)

Sidewalk in the south - Devin Cuddy (Kitchen Knife)
Black is Good - Young Rival (Stay Young)
Florida Key - The New Basement Tape (Live at ricardo montablan)

Untitled 49 - Brian Gibbons (Live )
Pub with no beer - midnight oil (Capricornia)
Fun Stuff - Frightened Rabbit (the winter of mixed drinks)
charikickers - brown bird (C for Salt)
Nice Legs Shame about her face - Thomas D'arcy (Tribute to the monks)

Untitled - Brian Gibbons (Live on Air)
words - Cuff the Duke ( Cover)

17 January 2016

Jan 17th 2016

Here is today's tracks!

Do Do Do Do Do ( Heartbreak)- Rolling Stones (Goats Head Soup)
This City - Rural Alberta Advantage (Mended with Gold)
Love at the end of the word - Sam Roberts  (Love at the end of the world)
Firefly - Hollerado (111 song project)

The Suburbs - Father John Misty (Cover - CBC)
Walk On By - Noosa (Wonderland)
Home - Luca Fogale (Cover)

Gangsters want to Cuddle me - Har Mar Superstar (Dark Touches)
Old Time Religion - Parker Millsap (Parker Millsap)
Changes - Charles Bradley (Cover)

Rollercoaster - Black Mountain (Wilderness Heart)
After the Rain - Blue Rodeo (Greatest Hits)
I Put A Spell On You - The Kills (Cover)

11 January 2016

We're back!

It has been a long time since we posted on the blog! Since the last time we posted (2014!) we have lost Sam as a host and gained Scott!!  We are very excited for 2016 and have a lot planned. We are hoping to expand what we do this year by having more musical guests, and maybe make a facebook page. we're not sure! Next week we're having special guest Brian Gibbons!

Desert Raven - Jonathan Wilson (gentle spirit)
Dreaming of Another Girl - Hidden Charms (dreaming of another girl / long way down)
La Pourtoi - Paul Cournoyer (EP)

October Second - James Garlimah (Single)
boozehounds 2  - tachichi & moves (Suicidal Soul)
 Bra Straps - Mikey Maybe (Honey + Bread)

 pastures of plenty/ honey babe - slocan ramblers ( coffee creek)
Please! - Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeroes (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes)
Hey ya! - Obadiah Parker (Single)

Don't Live Up - Born Ruffians (Ruff)
Hotline Bling - Donna Missal ( Cover)
that bass - Post Modern Jukebox
Any Other Way - Bahamas (Barchords)
we're coming to dinner - the guess who (Wheatfield Soul)

28 December 2014

Last Thrice removed of 2014

Merry christmas and happy new year!

shake it baby like i know you would - buddy mcneal and the magic mirrors (introducing once again...)
i'll be with you - flora cash (i'll be there ep)
by morning - ghostkeeper (ghostkeeper)
my silver lining - first aid kit ( stay gold)

can't do without you - caribou (our love)
finding you ( birthday boy remix) - pablo nouvelle (single)
summa -ain't no love (single) listen to it here!
i'm into you - chet faker ( thinking in textures)

congo - bear mountain (xo)
murakami - made in heights (single)
take it or leave it (nebbra remix) - cage the elephant (single)
too much fun - commander cody ( live from in the heart of texas)

day and night - diamond rings (free dimensional)
 I think it's gunna rain today - dale earnhardt jr ( randy newman cover)
stop thinking so much - the bicycles (stop thinking so much)
beauty - the shivers (charades)

21 December 2014

merry (almost) christmas!!

islands - we were lovers (pyramids)
montezuma - fleet foxes (girls vol. 1)
seeds - hey rosetta! (seeds)
sunder - hibou (when the season ends)

vapours - islands (vapours)
brother in the morning light - golden youth (quiet frame; wild light)
out there (in the wild) - young benjamins (less argue)
second hand news - yeasayer (rumours revisited)

hulluu - austra (habitat)
sun blows up today - the flaming lips (single)
normal person - arcade fire (reflektor)

roses - pacific air (stop talking)
unbelievers - vampire weekend (modern vampires of the city)
soldier's grin - wolf parade (at mount zoomer)
elastic heart feat diplo & the weeknd - sia (1000 forms of fear)

14 December 2014

Dec 14th 2014

shoe shine - buddy mcneal and the magic mirrors (introducing once again buddy mcneal and the magic mirrors)
the writings on the wall - ok go (hungry ghosts)
cultured man - the zolas (ancient mars)
sleep forever - black honey (demo)

propiquity -the elwins (and i thank you)
flashed junk mind - milky chance (sadnecessary)
infinitesimal - mother mother (the sticks)
the moss - cosmo sheldrake (single)

you remind me - bend sinister (animals)
cigarette song - raury (single)
no you don't - island (vapours)

natural disaster - joel plaskett ( la de da)
i don't really like it - the miracals (give me a chance)
song for a winter night - the good lovelies (under the mistletoe)
build it up - kero kero bonito ( single)

07 December 2014

December 7th 2014

the song condemns itself - born gold (no sorrow: one new song + video a month series)
sideways - citizen cope (citizen cope)
undone - luke lalonde (rythymnals)
under african skies- paul simon (graceland)

all year - jenn grant (honeymoon punch)
tell me baby have you had enough - phosphorescent (here's to taking i easy)
little liar- paper lions (at long creek)

run - san cisco (single)
land of the freak - king khan (what is (with the shrines))
zion - donnie trumpet feat chance the rapper (single)
jerk it - thunderheist (thunderheist)

wilfred - mario lepage (single)
the big unknown - elder island (elder island)
girl police - the dudes (blood guts bruises and cuts)
little surfer girl - the yetis (single)

30 November 2014

November 30th 2014

stuck - this is the shoes (live)
fun stuff (bonus track)- frightened rabbit (the winter of mixed drinks)
gonna get close to you - dalbello (whomanfoursays)
sunlight- harlem shakes (technicolor health)

you'll never go -wake owl (wild country ep)
moonlight mile - the babies (our house on the hill)
see you through - bear mountain (xo)
making money - camera obscura (desire lines)

the one for me - doug hoyer (to be a river)
start wearing purple - gogol bordello (gogol bordello)
terrified - the dudes (blood guts bruises and cuts)

wolves - whale tooth (wolves - single)
someday we will leave this town - megan lane (single)
nothing to me now - bahamas (bahamas is afie)

don't deny your heart - hot chip (in our heads

23 November 2014

November 23 2014

5 bucks - by divine right (bless this mess)
yer so bad - tom petty (full moon fever)
everybody needs a body (to be somebody) - the burning hell (baby)
i'll be with you - flora cash (ill be there ep)

we both kiss you -mikey maybe (honey+bread)
sleep forever -black honey (single)
still love you - matty powell (kiss the city)
can you dig it?- brenton wood (brenton wood's 18 best)

feels so good -ravewind (feels so good -single)
hey mami - sylvan esso (sylvan esso)
heart of cranes- oldfolks home (black & blue)
between cans - deers (single)

wilfred - mario lepage (single)
hangover - Charlotte OC (get the strange ep)
if this dance catches on - the mounties (thrash rock legacy)
heart it races - architecture in helsinki (places like this)

16 November 2014


do it in the dark - the balconies (fast motions)
she never even told me her name - air traffic (fractured life)
yell it out - the derevolutions (yell it out)
when i'm roaming free - alba lua (alba lua)

waves - bahamas (bahamas is afie)
synth kid - the all-about (synth kid)
i got no nothin' - the danks (samples)
maybe in the dark - the crookes (single)

funeral song - the fast romantics (afterlife blues)
in the rearview - gentleman hall (gentleman hall)
encyclopedia of classic takedowns - ac newman (shut down the streets)
dark again - gold fields (black sun)

full circle - half moon run (wild country ep)
you'll never go - wake owl (dark eyes)
wolves - whale tooth (wolves - single)

09 November 2014

November 9 2014

skipping stone - good for grapes (man on the page)
you're so damn hot - ok go (ok go)
if this dance catches on - mounties (thrash rock legacy)
sleep forever - black honey (demo)

someday we will leave this town - Megan Lane (sounding the animal)
the colonial pt II. - young benjamins (less argue)
forever - fmlybnd (forever single)
looking thru baby blue - elephant stone (elephant stone)

you lovely you- thomas d'arcy (single)
i'll be with you - flora cash (I will be there)
baby i'm yours (ft. shad) - cadence weapon (tron legacy: the mixtape)
your woman -paris carney (white town cover)
 we'll make time (even when there ain't no time) - hawksley workman (meat)

oblivion - grimes (oblivion-single)
hero - family of the year (family of the year)
wompychew - jayme-g (wompychew)
having you around - july talk (july talk)


02 November 2014

November 2nd!

little record girl - bahamas (bahamas is afie)
luna - bombay bicycle club (luna -single)
do it in the dark - the balconies (fast motions)
ticking hearts - the aerial (the aerial)

bamboo - deers (single)
baby's been away - Jenn grant (honeymoon punch)
nova-leigh - born ruffians (say it)
hey mami - sylvan esso (sylvan esso)

joan of arc - arcade fire (reflektor)
call me - kimbra (vows)
starting all over - the sadies (internal sounds)
my mood swings - elvis costello (the big lebowski soundtrack)

In the bedroom in the daytime - Hawksley workman (los manlicious)
Cigarette Song - Raury (single)
Down to the river - ben caplan (in a time of great remembering)

26 October 2014

october 26 2014

chasing it down - mother mother (eureka)
faded - bear mountain (xo)
nancy - deep dark woods  (winter hours)

airport - small sins (mood swings)
haven't thought of you in so long ( and i'd like to keep it that way)-doug hoyer (blood doner)
telephones -mardeen (read less minds)
i want to be naked - born gold (single)

runaway love - diamond rings (free dimension)
waves - bahamas (bahamas is afie)
the east wind - gord downie (the grand bounce)
love the sinner, hate the sin - elephant stone (elephant stone)

Take it or leave it (nebbra remix) - cage the elephant (single)
can't do without you - caribou (single)
why do i - whale tooth (single)

19 October 2014

october 19th 2014

one night, one kiss - the russian futurist (the weights on the wheels)
graves - lost boy (single)
poured all that i got - local rabbits (this is it here we go)

mother - said the whale (mother - single)
my type - saint motel (saint motel)
you'll never go - wake owl (wilf country ep)
elastic heart - said , the weeknd, diplo (1000 forms of fear)

girl police - the dudes (blood guts bruises cuts)
penitentiary - citizen cope (citizen cope)
out of season - doug hoyer (Blood Doner EP)
flipping out - the superhumanoids (single)

partners in crime - we were lovers (we were lovers ep)
lights go low - satellite stories (pine trails)
mother we share - walla (walla)
moonlight mile - the babies (our house on the hill)