08 December 2013

It's begining to look alot like christmas

Santa Baby- The Good Lovelies (Under The mistletoe)
AF607105- Charlotte Gainsbourg (5:55)
One More Night - Jenn Grant (The Beautiful Mind)
Waves That Rolled You Under - Young Summer (Fever Dream)

Rip Tide - Vance Joy (God loves you when you're dancing)
The Starbeat Academy Graduation march - carbon dating service (Polyentendril)
If only it could be - leftover cuties (Spark & the fire)
your sweet touch - Bahamas (barchords)

I'm easy - The Meligrove Band (Planets conspire)
giants - bear hands (giants single)
7ths and 3rds - Gregory Pepper and his problems (With trumpets flaring)
Cupid - Sam Cooke (greatest hits)

Hurry hurry - air traffic controller (nordo)
who's going to love you -run with the kittens (letters from camp)
she'll come back for indian summer -alpaca sports (single)

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