10 November 2013

Long weekend!!!

Bandana Cat - The Bicycles (Stop Thinking So Much)
David Watts - The Kinks (Something Else by The Kinks)
Gossip Diet - Lotus Child (Gossip Diet)
 Good Bye Pork Pie Hate - Charles Mingus  (Charles Mingus)

No Guns Allowed - Snoop Lion (Reincarnated)
Leave This World Behind - The Sadies (Internal Sounds)
Higher than the sun - Keane (Higher then the sun)
High for This - The Weeknd (Trilogy: House of Balloons)


Feels So Good - Ravewind (feels so good 7')
One Last Time - Theophilus London (Timez are weird these days)
Undone - Luke Lalonde (Rythymnals)
No Friends - San Cisco (San Cisco)

Rather be With You - Yukon Blonde (Yukon blonde)
Grouplove - Flowers (Spreading rumors)
mindcrumb - Shotgun Jimmie (Still Jimmie)
All I Know - Max and the Moon (All I Know 7')

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