06 October 2013

Last show of September 2013

elephant stone - setting sun (elephant stone)
the kicks - 1984 (tonight changes everything)
dead ghost -roky said (can't get no)
neon neon - mid century modern nightmare (praxis makes perfect)

paper lions - my friend (my friends)
LCD soundsystems - Drunk Girls (this is happening)
imaginary cities - who's watching you? (Fall of Romance)
shortstraw - Bikini weather (Good Morning, sunshine)

deep dark woods- Sugar mama (the place i left behind)
camera abscura - making money (desire lines)
young rival - black popcorn (stay young)
john wean- New york doesn't love you (new york doesnt' love you)

Cai.ro - addict (young love ep)
heavenly beat - complete (Prominence)
thomas d'arcy - talking on the phone (what we want)
easy going - go away little girl (Go away Little Girl 12')

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