27 July 2014


the devils lemonaid - Alissa Arnason (stone and feather)

Alissa Arnason will be releasing her debut album, Stone and Feather, online on Wednesday July 30th 2014 and will be having a cd release party at The Hollows  on August 6th!

down to the river - ben caplan (in the time of great remembering)
i need a hat - downchild blues band (i need a hat)

up we go - lights (little machines)
it was good -les enfants (it was good)
think about me - the new pornographers (fleetwood mac cover)
darlin' - national flower (state line to state line)

shadow of love - royal tusk (mountian ep)
this room - fat freddy's drop (based on a true story)
in the bedroom in the daytime - hawsley workman (los manlicious)
man on fire - edwarde sharpe and the magnetic zeroes (here)

the grey estates - wolfe parade (at mount zoomer)
evil eye - franz ferdinand (right thoughts, right words, right actions)
the colonial pt II - young benjamins (less argue)
in the rearview - gentlemen hall (gentleman hall)

13 July 2014

July 13th 2014

charlie's (is going down)-  The Deep Dark Woods
oh lonely fortress - buried beds (in spirits)
peace of mind - the grapes pf wrath (treehouse)
don't do me like that - tom petty (damn the torpedoes)

evangeline - handsome furs (face control)
take it to the hoop - the derevolutions (single)
when the night feels my song - bedouin soundclash (sounding a mosiac)
love and do what you will - ceo (white magic)

don't haunt this place - the rural alberta advantage (hometowns)
all along the watch tower - bob dylan (the very best of....)
duet for emmylou and the grievous angel - rah rah (going steady)
gracious - ben howard (every kingdom)

beach baby -miracle fortress (five roses)
riptide - gossling
baby im yours - candance weapon (tron legacy: the mixtape)
shooting stars - bag raider (bag raiders)

06 July 2014

Extra Long CFCR

take it or leave it (Nebbra remix)- Cage the Elephant (single)
the big unknown -elder island (elder island)
can't do without you-caribou (our love)

 ocean - acb's (little leaves)
movin' on - all mighty voice (ep)
danny boy - youngblood hawke (wake up)
love/pain- zeus (busting visions)

stronger than that - bahamas (bahamas is afie)
paradise waiting - vacationer (relief)
what to say -born ruffians (say it)
truth - alexander ebert (alexander ebert)

nature boy - young buffalo  (young buffalo)
waste our love away - the derevolutions (the derevolutions)
frivolous life -yesyou (yesyou)
straightjacket love - ron hawkins (straightjacket love)

wilfred -mario lepage (single)
 we never win - whales in cubicles ( the nowhere flag e.p.)
bones attack!! - meligrove band (shimmering lights)
zombie zoo - tom petty (full moon fever)

fever boy - femme (single)
the dada polka - magnetic (realism)
luna - bombay bicycle club (so long, see you tomorrow)
sitting on the porch- moka only ft. mad child (the desired effect)
all i want - kodaline (in a perfect world)

you remind me - bend sinister (animals)
bud - honey blood (bud)
we'll make time  ( even when theres ain't no time) - hawksley workman (meat)

the thick of it - royal wood (we were born to glory)
call me - kimbra (vows)
button fumbla - royal canoe (today we're believers)
benny goodman - saint motel (voyeur)

why do i - whale tooth (whale tooth)
can you dig it -brenton wood (brenton woods 18 best)
stuck (recorded live from 850)- this is the shoes
hey now - london grammer (metal and dust)

fred astaire - san cisco (san cisco)
sugar mama - deep dark woods (the place i left behind)
she never even told me her name - air traffic (fractured life)