27 April 2014

april 27th 2013

the thick of it - royal wood (royal wood)
only in my dreams - ariel pink's haunted graffitti(only in my dreams)
book club - arkells (michigan left)
making money - camera obscura (desire lines)

meaning of love - two hours traffic (foolish blood)
warrented queen - Arum Rae (If i didnt know better)
gypsy woman - ubt (ego orientation)
look out mama - hurray for the riff raff (look out mama)

goodnight goodnight - hot hot heat (elevator)
moon lite mile -the babies (our house on the hill)
don't turn the lights on - chromeo (business casual)
here goes something - nada surf (nada surf)

drunk emails - small sins (mood swings)
no rest for the wicked (feat asap rocky) - Lykke li (single)
i want to be together - woodhands (remorsecapade)
busy earnin' - jungle (single)
my party (feat smiler) - icona pop (single)

20 April 2014

Msrch 30th 2014

abdomen - born gold (i am an exit)
sweater weather (cover) - Kina grannis (single)
set you on fire - think about life (family)
cecilia (simon & garfunkel) - COIN (single)

faded - bear mountain (xo)
ratchet - Bloc party (the nextwave sessions)
mind eraser - boxer the horse (would you please?)
number with no name - ben harper and the relentless 7 (white lies for dark times)

party shoe - Harlan pepper (take out a twenty and live life to the fullest)
is this how you feel - the preatures (is this how you feel)
bones - young benjamins (bones)

pullin' punches - the arkells (jackson square)
running away from me - release the sunbird (release the sunbird)
painful like - austra (feel it break)
runaways - big tree (big tree)

Easter Sunday Hits list

you want it - the amplifetes (the amplifetes)
partners in prime - we were lovers (we were lovers ep)
here comes the king - snoop lion (reincarnated)

talking on the phone -thomas d'arcy (what we want)
tear you down (ft. alex ebert) - rac (single)
strange girl - the zolas (ancient mars)
how do i know - here we go magic (a different ship)

 saving grace -tom petty (highway companion)
if this dance catches on - mounties (mounties ep)
rose garden - shad (tsol)

forgetful assistance -the elwins(and i thank you)
i will love you - summer twins (summer twins)
oh cecilia -born ruffians (singles)
contact high - architecture in helsinki (moment bends)
 caught me thinking - bahamas (barchords)

13 April 2014

April 13 2014

something better -beat club (beat club)
the thick of it -royal wood ( royal wood)
do your own time - ac newman (shut down the streets)
ticking hearts - the aerial (the aerial)

greater love - wet denim (wet denim)
the dress looks nice on you - sufjan stevens (seven swans)
hate the night - Luke lalonde (rythymals)
love rhino - sunny levine (love rhino)

true hearts - foam lake (force and matter)
beta love- ra ra riot (beta love)
glass printer - the besnard lakes (the besnard lakes are the roaring night)
wake up, wake up - tullycraft (tullycraft)

tip tip - seahags (good 'n' greasy)
potential new boyfriend - dolly parton (the very best of dolly partons)
devil's got a gun - whitehorse (the fate of the world depends on this kiss)
i'm an alcoholic - dent may & his magnificent ukulele (the good feeling music of...)

06 April 2014

April 6 2014

 why don't you know- Mitchmatic (why don't you know single)
wait for love -st. lucia (when the night)
wallflowers - the burning hell (people)

full circle - half moon run (dark eyes)
diamond - the boxer rebellion (promises)
the runners - the shoeless joes (the motion ep)
rude customer - alberr hammond jr (anj)

seeds - hey rosetta (seeds)
waste our love away -the derevolutions (living in the pop)
mother - said the whale (hawaii)
heebie jeebies-the rifles (none the wiser)

oh cecilia - born ruffians (single)
while we go dancing -white rabbits (fort nightly)
hot tonight - tokyo police club (forcefield)
coffee -sylvan esso (single)