22 September 2013

September 22nd! ALREADY!?

OMG is it already September 22nd 2013? Well we need your donations! Donate to Thrice Removed @  http://cfcr.ca/donate  ! or contact Sam or I and win prizes!!!!!!!!!!

Hollerado- I Want My Medicine (White Paint)
Matisyahu - Sunshine (Spark Seeker)
The Dudes - Dropkick Queen of the Weekend (brain heart Guitar)

Diamond Rings - A to Z (Free Dimensional)
Mother Mother - Infinitesimal (The Sticks)
The Dancers - For Something in Your Eyes (Single)
Seattle Yacht Club - Same Old Questions (Untitled Album)

Austra- Lose It (feel it Break)
Alba Lua - When I'm roaming Free (Alba Lua)
Bahamas - Hockey teeth (Pink Strat)

Johnny Stimson - Daddy's Money (single)
The Bicycles - Stop Thinking so Much (Stop Thinking so Much)
Sleigh Bells - Bitter Rivals (Bitter Rivals)
Boxer Horse - Mary meets The Pilot (Would You Please)

15 September 2013


hey listeners, here's our playlist for the week

by divine right - five bucks (bless this mess)
shortstraw - give me my fix (it's only recreational) {good morning sunshine}
paper lions - stay here for a while (trophies)
man man - loot my booty (on loonie pond)

walk the moon - anna sun (walk the moon)
castle river - middle man (middle men)
passion pit - constant conversations (gossamer)

young galaxy - fall for you (ultramarine)
the shoeless joes - the runners (the motions ep)
general ghost - it's worth it, i promise  (give me to the waves)

the elwins - paper in your pocket (and i thank you)
wild child - crazy bird (pillow talk)
the zolas - strange girl (anicent mars)
shotgun jimmie - growing like a garden (everything everything)

08 September 2013

September 8th

september 8th and it's still beautiful! It used to be bright and sunny when we left here at 9:30 but now it is dark when we get here! Weather! Crazy!

Think About L:ife - Johanna (Family)
Caravan Place - Clash (Clash)
Joel Plaskett - Natural Disaster (La De da)
Au Revoir Simone -Crazy (move in Spectrums)

Bear Mountain - See you through (XO)
Fitz and The Tantrums - Merry go round (more than just a dream)
Dante Elephante - lets start talking (german Aquatics EP)
Young Benjamins - the Colonial pt. 2 ((less argue)

Born Gold - Abdomen (Abdomen single)
Two Door Cinema Club - Changing Of Season ( Changing of the season EP)
We were lovers - People Talk (We Were Lovers EP)
vacationer - trip (trip)

Woods - Be all Be easy (Woods 7")
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Tornado (departing)
Andy Bull - Baby I'm Nobody Now (Baby Im Nobdy Now)
Arkells- John Lennon (Jakcson Square)

01 September 2013

mason jar

it's officially september so i'm having a 
back to school dance party.

shad - we,myself and i (tsol)
smallpools - mason jar (smallpools)
moka only - everybody dance (the desired effect)
swiss lips - in the water (swiss lips)

said the whale - camilo the magician (islands disappear)
saint motel - my type (my type)
the danks - someone should know (samples)
the crookes - maybe in the dark (maybe in the dark)

whale tooth - wolves (wolves ep)
tijuana panthers -boardwalk (semi-sweet)
the weeknd - twenty eight (trilogy:house of balloons)
someone still loves you boris yelstin - young presidents (fly by wire)

cookie duster - daddy's got the medicine (when flying was easy)
alt-j - dissolve me (an awesome wave)
the deep dark woods - nancy (winter hours)
dresses - blew my mind (dresses)