29 June 2014

Darby's solo June 29th show!

to fall in love - doug hoyer (to be a river)
beneath the piano- devil makes three (the devil makes three)
journal of a narcoleptic - dan mangan (postcards and daydreaming)
pursuit of happiness - barbara (kid cudi cover)

sea moose - carbon dating service (polentendrii)
i wanna be your boyfriend - discovery (lp)
odessa - caribou (swim)

mind eraser - boxer the horse (would you please)
like eating glass - bloc party (silent alarm)
not the only one - by divine right (bless this mess)
i'm making eyes at you - the black kids (partie traumatic)

mint car - the cure (galore: the singles)
got to lose - hollerado (record in a bag)
twisting by the pool - dire straits (money for nothing)

22 June 2014


Here on Thrice Removed we were honored to host This Is The Shoes LIVE!!!
 check them out here!!!! ---> http://www.thisistheshoes.com/ or live at the Free jazz fest stage tomorrow - June 23 2014- from 12 -2 pm!!!

hunger of the pines -alt-j (single)
behind my eyes - the elwins (and i thank you)
down the road - c2c (tetra)
the haunt - young rival (young rival)

white lights - fast romantics (afterlife blues)
hate it here - wilco (sky blue sky)
full circle - half moon run (dark eyes)
birthday - royal canoe (today we're believers)

15 June 2014

Darby does Father's Day!

feelin' kinda lucky tonight - ray materick (life and times disc 2)
first taste of trouble - the sweet serenades (balcony cigarettes)
terrified - the dudes ( blood guts bruises and cuts)
i wanna be adored - the stone roses (the very best of the stone roses)

make the same mistakes - graydon james and the young novalists (in the year you were born)
im good, i'm gone - lykki li ( youth novels)
i'll be loving you - king khan and the bbq show (invisible girl)
wildflowers - tom petty (wildflowers)

diamond - lightning dust (fantasy)
o.n.e. - yeasayer (odd blood)
change of the seasons - sweet thing (change of the seasons)
sunlight - harlem shakes (technicolour health)

 drugs in my pocket - thomas d'arcy (tribute to the monks)
sleepless -cazzette feat the high (single)
scrambled eggs - mikey maybe (honey + bread)
i will love you - summer twins (summer twins)

08 June 2014

Extra Long!!

all the time - bahamas (single)
bad habit - the kooks (single)
oh cecelia - born ruffians (single)
air mattress - conor oberst & the mystic valley band (outer south)

where is the light - the amplifetes (where is the light)
wild country - wake owl (wild country ep)
crystals vases - the last royals (twistification)
wishful - stars (single)

eldorado - the racoon wedding (raccoon dead on the ride of the road)
in the dark - the whigs (in the dark (out early 2010))
oh my god - the wooden sky (if i dont come home you'll know i'm gone)
 junebug waltz - hurray for the riff raff ( it don't mean i don't love you)

the 6th wave - stornoway (you don't know anything)
remember to remember - shad feat. lights (flying colours)
rolling waves - the naked and famous (in rolling waves)
show me your eyes - royal canoe (today we're believers)

bambi - tokyo police club (champ)
busy earnin - jungle (single)
backyard - the good lovelies (let the rain fall)

modern age - we were evergreen (kiss the breeze)
glass printer - the besnard lakes (the besnard lakes are the roaring night)
ordinary over you - the hidden cameras (age)
keep in the dark - temples (sun structures)

save your friends - les jupes (negative space)
figure 8 - lovers (dark light)
drop the plot -gregory pepper and his problems (with trumpets flaring)
potential new boyfriend - dolly parton (the very best of dolly parton)

afterlife blues - the fast romantics (afterlife blues)
colourful kids -ha ha tonka (lessons)
who's watching you? - imaginary cities  (fall of romance)
i can't stand the rain - ann peebles (i cant stand the rain)

01 June 2014


dissolve me - alt j (an awesome wave)
waist deep in the water - shotgun jimmie (still jimmie)
tightrope - walk the moon (walk the moon)
someone should know - the danks (samples)
lose it - austra (feel it break)
these streets - bastille (bad blood)
diamonds - the boxer rebellion (diamonds)
no state to drive - the pigeon detectives (we met at sea)
look at the light - sin fang (flowers)
wolves - whale tooth (wolves - single)
knot in my heart - the zolas (ancient mars)
see you through - bear mountain (xo)
the runners - the shoeless joes (the motions ep)
fall for you - young galaxy (ultramarine)