24 August 2014

August 24 2014

all the time - bahamas ( is afie)
penitentiary - citizen cope (the clarence greenwood recordings)
down to the river - ben chaplan & the casual smokers (in the time of great remebering)

oblivion - grimes (visions)
wreckin' bar (ra ra ra) - the vaccines (girls vol1)
you'll never know - wake owl (wild country ep)
idle thoughts - greyjoy  (idle thoughts)

all year - jenn grant (honeymoon punch)
mango tree - angus and julia stone ( memories of an old friend)
the devil's lemonade - alissa arnason (stone and feather)
someday (feat. mark knophler) - eric clapton (eric clapton & friends the breeze)

the runners - the shoeless joes (the motions:ep)
forever - ben harper (forever)
the eastwind - gord downie (the grand bounce)

17 August 2014

August 17th 2014

see you through - bear mountain (xo)
luna - bombay bicycle club (so long, see you tomorrow)
true hearts - foam lake (force and matter)
avant-garded - curxes (single)

wilfred - mario lepage (single)
magnolia ( feat john mayer) -eric clapton  (eric clapton and friends the breeze)
the ballad of lady godiva - king khan (what is (with the shrines))
graves - lost boy (single)

silver lining - imaginary cities (fall romance)
birthday - royal canoe (today we're believers)
all i want - kodaline (in a perfect world)

telephones -mardeen (read less minds)
nothing like you - frightened rabbit (the winter of mixed drinks)
terrified - the dudes (blood guts bruises cuts)
dancing shoes - arctic monkeys (whatever people say i am. that's what im not)

10 August 2014

August 8th 2014

habitat - austra (habitat)
brother - mighty oaks (brother)
invisible - the zolas (invisible e.p.)

i want to be naked - born gold (ep)
late nineties - big friendlies (single)
runaway love - diamond rings (free dimensional)
hot dreams - timber timbre (hot dreams)

all things break through - freelove fenner (do not affect a breezey manner)
like it never happened - elizabeth + the catapult (like it never happened)
do it in the dark - the balconies (fast motions)
don't deny your heart - hot chip (in our heads)
synth kid -the all about (synth kid)

river - ibeyi (the Oya EP)
miss my friends - zeus (classic zeus)
ongoing thing - 20syl feat. oddisee (motifs - EP)
zombie zoo - tom petty (full moon fever)

03 August 2014

greatest hits

day & night - diamond rings (free dimensional)
general of hot desire - baby monster (baby monster)
upon a mountain high - dead horse (dead horse)
moonlight mile (the babies) - our house on the hill

ready to start - arcade fire (the suburbs)
big blue wave - hey ocean (IS)
waist deep in the water - shotgun jimmie (still jimmie)

i ain't the same - alabama shakes (boys & girls)
full circle - half moon run (dark eyes)
floats my boat - aer (the bright side)
you'll never go - wake owl (wild country ep)

call me - kimbra (vows)
love the sinner, hate the sin - elephant stone (elephant stone)
anna sun - walk the moon (walk the moon)
show me your eyes - royal canoe (royal canoe)