03 November 2013


hello people, this is the very special darby's birthday edition! 

doug hoyer - tattoo (walks with the tender and growing night)
is tropical - dancing anymore (i'm leaving)
ray materick - feeling kinda lucky tonight (life and times disc 2)

franz ferdinand - evil eye (right thoughts, right words, right action)
said the whale - loveless (little mountain)
polar sets - just don't open your eyes yet (polar sets)
wolf parade - soldier's grin (at mount zoomer)

the zolas - observatory (ancient mars)
coasts - comes a little closer (come a little closer)
jenn grant - all year (honeymoon punch)
the zutons - it's the little things we do (tired of hanging around)

you say party, we say die - giant hands (lose all time)
city and colour - Fragile bird (little hell)
hey rosetta - seeds (seeds)
wet - dreams (dreams singles)

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