26 October 2014

october 26 2014

chasing it down - mother mother (eureka)
faded - bear mountain (xo)
nancy - deep dark woods  (winter hours)

airport - small sins (mood swings)
haven't thought of you in so long ( and i'd like to keep it that way)-doug hoyer (blood doner)
telephones -mardeen (read less minds)
i want to be naked - born gold (single)

runaway love - diamond rings (free dimension)
waves - bahamas (bahamas is afie)
the east wind - gord downie (the grand bounce)
love the sinner, hate the sin - elephant stone (elephant stone)

Take it or leave it (nebbra remix) - cage the elephant (single)
can't do without you - caribou (single)
why do i - whale tooth (single)

19 October 2014

october 19th 2014

one night, one kiss - the russian futurist (the weights on the wheels)
graves - lost boy (single)
poured all that i got - local rabbits (this is it here we go)

mother - said the whale (mother - single)
my type - saint motel (saint motel)
you'll never go - wake owl (wilf country ep)
elastic heart - said , the weeknd, diplo (1000 forms of fear)

girl police - the dudes (blood guts bruises cuts)
penitentiary - citizen cope (citizen cope)
out of season - doug hoyer (Blood Doner EP)
flipping out - the superhumanoids (single)

partners in crime - we were lovers (we were lovers ep)
lights go low - satellite stories (pine trails)
mother we share - walla (walla)
moonlight mile - the babies (our house on the hill)

12 October 2014


shadow of love - royal tusk (mountain)
rebels - tom petty and the heart breakers (southern accents)
by morning - ghostkeeper (ghostkeeper)

charlie's (is coming down) - the deep dark woods (single)
little surfer girl - the yetis (little surfer girl)
stuck - the shoes (lives)
riptide (vance joy cover) - gossling (single)

Congo - bear mountain (xo)
where does this disco - YACHT (single)
telephones - mardeen (read less minds)
toxins - mating rituals (single)

beauty - the shivers (beauty)
you will lie - small sins (pot calls kettle black)
pale blue pot (20syl remix feat. shad) - mr j. medeiros (pale blue pot)
foxes mate for life - born ruffians ( red, yellow, and blue)

05 October 2014

Thanks for your support!

i want to guard you from boredom - Born Gold (single)
Pistols at dawn - seinabo sey (single)
down to the river - ben caplan and the casual smokers (in the time of great remembering)

tilt - babe (babe)
i know you're right - the balconies (fast motions)
i've got this friends - the civil wars (barton hollow)
all yr songs - diamond rings (diamond rings)

our love - caribou (single)
chain smoker - chance the rapper (acid rap)
jackie wants a black eye - dr. dog (shame, shame)

she never even told me her name - air traffic (fractured life)
bread for brat - the hidden cameras  (age)
luna - bombay bicycle club (single)
further on - bronze radio return (bronze radio return)