15 September 2013


hey listeners, here's our playlist for the week

by divine right - five bucks (bless this mess)
shortstraw - give me my fix (it's only recreational) {good morning sunshine}
paper lions - stay here for a while (trophies)
man man - loot my booty (on loonie pond)

walk the moon - anna sun (walk the moon)
castle river - middle man (middle men)
passion pit - constant conversations (gossamer)

young galaxy - fall for you (ultramarine)
the shoeless joes - the runners (the motions ep)
general ghost - it's worth it, i promise  (give me to the waves)

the elwins - paper in your pocket (and i thank you)
wild child - crazy bird (pillow talk)
the zolas - strange girl (anicent mars)
shotgun jimmie - growing like a garden (everything everything)

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