18 August 2013

Darby's 2.5 hour Special Edition!

Hello there music lovers! Tonight i am here from 8:30 to 11! 

Enjoy the show!

young rival - i don't care (stay young)
step rockets - kisser (kisser single)
shotgun Jimmie - used parts (still jimmie)
som waits - sweet little bullet from a pretty blue gun (blue valentine)

doug hoyer - tattoo (walks with the tender and growing night)
club 8 - i'm not going to grow old (above the city)

whitehorse - devils got a gun (the fate of the world depends on this kiss)
man man - head on (on oni pond)
graydon james and the young novelists -scarecrow (live at dublin street church)
moss - almost a year (ornaments)

hollerado -desire 126 (white paint)
a home. a heart. whatever - 1991 (same same)
the bicycles - baby boy (stop thinking so much)
cai.ro- halfway there (young love EP)
brigitte bardot - moi je joue (best of bb)

the zolas - strange girl (ancient mars)
cassolette - annie (blame the weatherman)
adam cohen - what other guy (like a man)
nude beach - walkin' down my street (II)

two hours traffic - magic (foolish blood)
summer twins - i will love you (summer twins)
the dudes - drop kick queen of the weekend (brain guitar heart)

think about life - johanna (family)
baby alpaca - wild child (single)
hospitality - all day today (hospitality)

paper lions - little liar (at long creek)
foals - my number (holy fire)
diamond rings - day & night (free dimensional)
ted zed - i don't mind (single)

grapes of wrath - good to see you (high road)
london grammar - darling, are you going to leave me? (metal and dust ep)
born ruffians - cold pop (birthmarks)
bumblebeez - next to you (et musique pour tour)

thomas d'arcy - you lovely you (single)
passenger- the things that stop you dreaming (all the little lights)
fleetwood mac - never going back again (rumors)
lightning dust - diamond (fantasy)

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