03 March 2013

March 3rd 2013

Here's tonight's playlist!

by Divine Right - 5 Bucks (Bless This Mess)
Paper Lions - Don't Touch That Dial (Trophies)
Hollorado - Juliette (Record In A Bag)
The Cure - The Love Cats (Staring At The Sea)

Alpaca Sports - She'll Come Back For Indian Summer (She'll Come Back For Indian Summer)
Dante Eleplante - Let's Start Talking (German Aquatics)
Deep Dark Woods - Suga Mama (The Place I Left Behind)
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)(Funeral)

Jack Green - I Call, No Answer (Humanesque)
Young Liars - Navigator Island (Homesick Future - EP)
Born Ruffian - With Her Shadow(Birthmarks)

Deidre & the Dark - Classic Girl(Curious parcel)
Mother Mother - Infintesimal(The Sticks)
Dappled Cities - Icecubes (Run With The Wind)
Hey Ocean! - Jolene (IS)

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