08 September 2013

September 8th

september 8th and it's still beautiful! It used to be bright and sunny when we left here at 9:30 but now it is dark when we get here! Weather! Crazy!

Think About L:ife - Johanna (Family)
Caravan Place - Clash (Clash)
Joel Plaskett - Natural Disaster (La De da)
Au Revoir Simone -Crazy (move in Spectrums)

Bear Mountain - See you through (XO)
Fitz and The Tantrums - Merry go round (more than just a dream)
Dante Elephante - lets start talking (german Aquatics EP)
Young Benjamins - the Colonial pt. 2 ((less argue)

Born Gold - Abdomen (Abdomen single)
Two Door Cinema Club - Changing Of Season ( Changing of the season EP)
We were lovers - People Talk (We Were Lovers EP)
vacationer - trip (trip)

Woods - Be all Be easy (Woods 7")
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Tornado (departing)
Andy Bull - Baby I'm Nobody Now (Baby Im Nobdy Now)
Arkells- John Lennon (Jakcson Square)

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