26 January 2014

Jan 26th 2014

sooner or later - imaginary cities (fall of romance)
breezeblocks - alt-j (an awesome wave)
masters of war - elephant stone (elephant stone)
suburban space wars - asteroids galaxy tour (out of frequency)

i wasn't made for fighting -woodhands (heart attack)
express yourself - labrinth (electronic earth)
inter-city kitty - thomas d'arcy (tribute to the monks)

nancy -deep dark woods (winter hours)
it hurts- bad bad hats (it hurts ep)
living on a fine line -cookie duster (when flying was easy)
my mood swings - elvis costello (big lebowski soundtrack)

oh my god - the wooden sky (if i dont come home you'll know i'm gone)
i'm an alcoholic - dent may & his magnificent ukulele (the good feeling music)
change of seasons - sweet thing (change of seasons)
kathleen- josh ritter (hello starling)
next to you - bumblebeez (et musique pour tous)

19 January 2014

Flu Season! - Darby's alone tonight

hate the night - luke lalonde (rythymals)
murakami - made in heights (murakami single)
all year - jenn grant (honeymoon punch)
i want you back - discovery (LP)

good to see you - grapes of wrath (high road)
 bad habit - the monks (bad habits)
partners in crime - we were lovers (we were lovers EP)

synthesizer - shortstraw (good morning sunshine)
fake drugs - hollerado (record in a bag)
i like you so much better when you're naked - ida maria (fortress round my heart)
tina's glorious comeback - dan mangan (nice, nice, very nice)

love rhino - sunny levine (love rhino)
I miss you and i - the elwins (and i thank you)
dear believer - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes (here)
gentleman remix (ft. shad, holy fuck, mgmt & the who) - said the whale

12 January 2014

jan 12 2014

let's get ready to crumble - the russian futurists (let's get ready to crumble)
coffee black - zed's dead (zed's dead)
cruel - dan-e-o (inevitable)
peephole - gringo star (floating out to be)

memories - sambassadeur (memories - single)
friends - the fast romantics (afterlife blues)
full circle - half moon run (dark eyes)
hungry - american royalty (prismatic)

sure can start - two hours traffic (little jabs)
takes me back (until the end of time edit) - active child (rapor ep)
little garcon - born ruffians (red, yellow & blue)
feathertips - waterstrider (wind-fed fire)

if this dance catches on - mounties (mounties -ep)
can't get no - dead ghosts (can't get no)
where is the light - the amplifetes (where is the light)
we are golden - black light dinner party (leave it all)

05 January 2014

First Official Thrice Removed of 2014

soldier's grin -wolf parade (At Mt. Zoomer)
unbelievers - Vampire weekend (modern vampires of the city)
All The Right Places - zach heckendorf (all the right places)
the runner's - the shoeless joes (the motions EP)

terrified - the dudes (blood guts bruises cuts)
the endless nights - nude beach (II)
forgetful assistance - the elwins (amd i thank you)
the love cats - the cure (staring at the sea)

afterlife - arcade fire (reflector)
see you through - bear mountain (xo)
number 1 - tinchy stryder feat. n-dubs(catch 22)

feels so good -ravewind (feels so good - single)
my number - the foals (holy fire)
lbg (little booty girl) -thunderheist (thunderheist)