30 November 2014

November 30th 2014

stuck - this is the shoes (live)
fun stuff (bonus track)- frightened rabbit (the winter of mixed drinks)
gonna get close to you - dalbello (whomanfoursays)
sunlight- harlem shakes (technicolor health)

you'll never go -wake owl (wild country ep)
moonlight mile - the babies (our house on the hill)
see you through - bear mountain (xo)
making money - camera obscura (desire lines)

the one for me - doug hoyer (to be a river)
start wearing purple - gogol bordello (gogol bordello)
terrified - the dudes (blood guts bruises and cuts)

wolves - whale tooth (wolves - single)
someday we will leave this town - megan lane (single)
nothing to me now - bahamas (bahamas is afie)

don't deny your heart - hot chip (in our heads

23 November 2014

November 23 2014

5 bucks - by divine right (bless this mess)
yer so bad - tom petty (full moon fever)
everybody needs a body (to be somebody) - the burning hell (baby)
i'll be with you - flora cash (ill be there ep)

we both kiss you -mikey maybe (honey+bread)
sleep forever -black honey (single)
still love you - matty powell (kiss the city)
can you dig it?- brenton wood (brenton wood's 18 best)

feels so good -ravewind (feels so good -single)
hey mami - sylvan esso (sylvan esso)
heart of cranes- oldfolks home (black & blue)
between cans - deers (single)

wilfred - mario lepage (single)
hangover - Charlotte OC (get the strange ep)
if this dance catches on - the mounties (thrash rock legacy)
heart it races - architecture in helsinki (places like this)

16 November 2014


do it in the dark - the balconies (fast motions)
she never even told me her name - air traffic (fractured life)
yell it out - the derevolutions (yell it out)
when i'm roaming free - alba lua (alba lua)

waves - bahamas (bahamas is afie)
synth kid - the all-about (synth kid)
i got no nothin' - the danks (samples)
maybe in the dark - the crookes (single)

funeral song - the fast romantics (afterlife blues)
in the rearview - gentleman hall (gentleman hall)
encyclopedia of classic takedowns - ac newman (shut down the streets)
dark again - gold fields (black sun)

full circle - half moon run (wild country ep)
you'll never go - wake owl (dark eyes)
wolves - whale tooth (wolves - single)

09 November 2014

November 9 2014

skipping stone - good for grapes (man on the page)
you're so damn hot - ok go (ok go)
if this dance catches on - mounties (thrash rock legacy)
sleep forever - black honey (demo)

someday we will leave this town - Megan Lane (sounding the animal)
the colonial pt II. - young benjamins (less argue)
forever - fmlybnd (forever single)
looking thru baby blue - elephant stone (elephant stone)

you lovely you- thomas d'arcy (single)
i'll be with you - flora cash (I will be there)
baby i'm yours (ft. shad) - cadence weapon (tron legacy: the mixtape)
your woman -paris carney (white town cover)
 we'll make time (even when there ain't no time) - hawksley workman (meat)

oblivion - grimes (oblivion-single)
hero - family of the year (family of the year)
wompychew - jayme-g (wompychew)
having you around - july talk (july talk)


02 November 2014

November 2nd!

little record girl - bahamas (bahamas is afie)
luna - bombay bicycle club (luna -single)
do it in the dark - the balconies (fast motions)
ticking hearts - the aerial (the aerial)

bamboo - deers (single)
baby's been away - Jenn grant (honeymoon punch)
nova-leigh - born ruffians (say it)
hey mami - sylvan esso (sylvan esso)

joan of arc - arcade fire (reflektor)
call me - kimbra (vows)
starting all over - the sadies (internal sounds)
my mood swings - elvis costello (the big lebowski soundtrack)

In the bedroom in the daytime - Hawksley workman (los manlicious)
Cigarette Song - Raury (single)
Down to the river - ben caplan (in a time of great remembering)