25 August 2013

August 25th

Hey there listeners! we're sunburnt and loving it today! Here is what we played!

Austra - lose it (feel it break)
wooly and the mammoth -falling down (at bay)
black mountain - the space of your mind (wilderness heart)
elementary penguins - everybody knows my name especially on the dance floor ( everyone knows my name especially on the dance floor EP)

Shortstraw - Synthesizer (good morning, Sunshine)
The Burning Hell - Wallflowers (People)
The Naked and Famous - Hearts like ours (in rolling waves)
Chromeo -Momma's boy (Fancy Footwork)

Boxer the horse - bad apples (would you please)
Gold fields - dark again (black sun)
Mounties - headphones (mounties ep)
Summer hearts - hit me up again (hit me up again)

Close talker - Bonfire (Timbers)
Kakkmaddafakka - hello (Down to earth)
Souls - smoke (A dark Horse)
Maximo Park - Kiss you Better (A certain Trigger)

18 August 2013

Darby's 2.5 hour Special Edition!

Hello there music lovers! Tonight i am here from 8:30 to 11! 

Enjoy the show!

young rival - i don't care (stay young)
step rockets - kisser (kisser single)
shotgun Jimmie - used parts (still jimmie)
som waits - sweet little bullet from a pretty blue gun (blue valentine)

doug hoyer - tattoo (walks with the tender and growing night)
club 8 - i'm not going to grow old (above the city)

whitehorse - devils got a gun (the fate of the world depends on this kiss)
man man - head on (on oni pond)
graydon james and the young novelists -scarecrow (live at dublin street church)
moss - almost a year (ornaments)

hollerado -desire 126 (white paint)
a home. a heart. whatever - 1991 (same same)
the bicycles - baby boy (stop thinking so much)
cai.ro- halfway there (young love EP)
brigitte bardot - moi je joue (best of bb)

the zolas - strange girl (ancient mars)
cassolette - annie (blame the weatherman)
adam cohen - what other guy (like a man)
nude beach - walkin' down my street (II)

two hours traffic - magic (foolish blood)
summer twins - i will love you (summer twins)
the dudes - drop kick queen of the weekend (brain guitar heart)

think about life - johanna (family)
baby alpaca - wild child (single)
hospitality - all day today (hospitality)

paper lions - little liar (at long creek)
foals - my number (holy fire)
diamond rings - day & night (free dimensional)
ted zed - i don't mind (single)

grapes of wrath - good to see you (high road)
london grammar - darling, are you going to leave me? (metal and dust ep)
born ruffians - cold pop (birthmarks)
bumblebeez - next to you (et musique pour tour)

thomas d'arcy - you lovely you (single)
passenger- the things that stop you dreaming (all the little lights)
fleetwood mac - never going back again (rumors)
lightning dust - diamond (fantasy)

11 August 2013

August 11th! ALREADY :(

happy august! I cant believe we are so close to summer ending! I am far from ready for fall.

AC Newman - Encyclopedia of classic take downs (Shut Down The Streets)
Telekinesis - Powerlines (Dormarion)
Young Galaxy - New Summer (Young Galaxy)
terraplane son - get me golden (get me golden ep)

mikey maybe - we both kiss you (honey+ bread)
Shortstraw - good morning, sunshine (good moring, sunshine)
the elwins - are you flying with a different bird (and i thank you)
Bloc Party - Ratchet (the nextwave sessions)

young liars - homesick future (homesick future)
Andy bull - keep on running (keep on running single)
Rah Rah - run (The Poets Dead)
ariel pink's haunted graffiti - only in my dreams ( Mature Themes)

UBT - gypsy woman (ego orientation)
kakkmaddafakka - restless (hest)
the burning hell - amateur rapper's (people)
eagles of death metal - (i used to couldn't dance) tight pants (heart on)

04 August 2013

solo dolo

hey folks, here's what i played tonight:

gord downie & the country of miracles - the east wind (the grand bounce)
avicii - wake me up (wake me up single)\
hey rosetta! - seeds (seeds)
elvis costello - my mood swings (the big lebowski soundtrack)

hawksley workman - french girl in LA (meat)
shiny toy guns - somewhere to hide (III)
shotgun jimmie - waist deep in the water (still jimmie)
seattle yacht club - same old questions (same old questions)

mother mother - the stand (eureka)
john wean - new york doesn't love you (new york doesn't love you)
the sadies - whispering circles (darker circles)
air traffic - she never even told me her name (fractured life)

bahamas - hockey teeth (pink strat)
the babies - midnight mile (our house on the hill)
joel plaskett - you let me down (three)
alt-j - dissolve me (an awesome wave)