05 May 2013

[Feels Like] Summer Nights

Well, It's officially Beautiful out! The city is alive and we know this for sure because we had trouble finding parking before the show! This never happens in winter.... but we're not complaining!!!

The Veils -Dancing With The Tornado (Time Stays, We Go)
Born Ruffians - Permanent Hesitation (Birthmarks)
Hospitality - All day Today (Hospitality)

Paradise - Endless Wave (Blue Flower EP)
Jayme-G - Wompychew (Wompychew Single)
Rah Rah- Run (The Poets Dead)
Murals - Eyes Of Love (On A Passing Cloud)
The Danks - Treaty Collector (Samples)

Two Hours Traffic - Stolen Earrings (Two Hours Traffic)
Woodpidgeon - For Paolo (For Paolo)
Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner (Strangeland)
Shotgun Jimmie - Skype Date (Everything, Everything)

Sea of Bees - Get Up And Go (Sea of Bees 7 ")
Elephanstone - Love the Sinner, Hate The Sin (Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin)
All The Fires - Goodbye Rock and Roll (Territories)
Zeus - Love/Pain (Busting Visions)

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