31 January 2016

Jan 24 2016

magnolia - JJ Cale (Naturally)
long way down - Hidden Charms (Live at Sofar London)
Mama Said - Cat Clyde ( Single)

Sidewalk in the south - Devin Cuddy (Kitchen Knife)
Black is Good - Young Rival (Stay Young)
Florida Key - The New Basement Tape (Live at ricardo montablan)

Untitled 49 - Brian Gibbons (Live )
Pub with no beer - midnight oil (Capricornia)
Fun Stuff - Frightened Rabbit (the winter of mixed drinks)
charikickers - brown bird (C for Salt)
Nice Legs Shame about her face - Thomas D'arcy (Tribute to the monks)

Untitled - Brian Gibbons (Live on Air)
words - Cuff the Duke ( Cover)

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