14 February 2016

Love is On the Air

Love  you - Syd Barrett (The Madcap Laughs)
Rocking Chair - Cuff The Duke (The Way Down Here)
I Loved You yesterday -Lyle Lovett (Pontiac)

Kate Mcannon - Colter Wall (Brewery Session)
No One's Gunna Love You - Band of Horses (Cease To begin)
Tina -Cander (Stories of)
Baby I'm Yours (feat. Shad) - Candence Weapon (Tron Legacy:The Mixtape)

I'm Going To Crawl - Led Zepplin (In Through the Out Door)
I Got You babe - Bahamas (Barcords)
When I get My hands On You - the New Basement Tapes (Lost On The River)
I'm The man Who Loves You - Wilco (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)

obsedee - les hay babies (folio)
Our Love - Natural Animal (single)
Nature's Child - The Arcs (yours, dreamily)

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