26 October 2014

october 26 2014

chasing it down - mother mother (eureka)
faded - bear mountain (xo)
nancy - deep dark woods  (winter hours)

airport - small sins (mood swings)
haven't thought of you in so long ( and i'd like to keep it that way)-doug hoyer (blood doner)
telephones -mardeen (read less minds)
i want to be naked - born gold (single)

runaway love - diamond rings (free dimension)
waves - bahamas (bahamas is afie)
the east wind - gord downie (the grand bounce)
love the sinner, hate the sin - elephant stone (elephant stone)

Take it or leave it (nebbra remix) - cage the elephant (single)
can't do without you - caribou (single)
why do i - whale tooth (single)

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