14 December 2014

Dec 14th 2014

shoe shine - buddy mcneal and the magic mirrors (introducing once again buddy mcneal and the magic mirrors)
the writings on the wall - ok go (hungry ghosts)
cultured man - the zolas (ancient mars)
sleep forever - black honey (demo)

propiquity -the elwins (and i thank you)
flashed junk mind - milky chance (sadnecessary)
infinitesimal - mother mother (the sticks)
the moss - cosmo sheldrake (single)

you remind me - bend sinister (animals)
cigarette song - raury (single)
no you don't - island (vapours)

natural disaster - joel plaskett ( la de da)
i don't really like it - the miracals (give me a chance)
song for a winter night - the good lovelies (under the mistletoe)
build it up - kero kero bonito ( single)

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