28 February 2016

Feb 21 2016

Anenone - Brian Jones Town Massacre (the satanic majesties 2nd request)
Blondie - Braids (Deep In The Iris)
Young - The Arcs (Mixtape)

Dinosaurs - The Burning Hell (Happy Birthday)
Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady - Steph Cameron (Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady)
Love - Dr Dog (B-Room)
Confessions from a Parkdale Basement - Cuff The Duke (Sidelines of the city)

Mona - Hidden Charms (Live at the Blind Blind Tiger)

Sex & Drugs - A Giant Dog (Single)
Who are you, Defender of the universe? - Dears (No Cities Left)
Rome ( feat The Moon Baby)- Wise Blood (Babyland)
Three Golden Trees - Frazey Ford (Indian Ocean)

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