16 November 2014


do it in the dark - the balconies (fast motions)
she never even told me her name - air traffic (fractured life)
yell it out - the derevolutions (yell it out)
when i'm roaming free - alba lua (alba lua)

waves - bahamas (bahamas is afie)
synth kid - the all-about (synth kid)
i got no nothin' - the danks (samples)
maybe in the dark - the crookes (single)

funeral song - the fast romantics (afterlife blues)
in the rearview - gentleman hall (gentleman hall)
encyclopedia of classic takedowns - ac newman (shut down the streets)
dark again - gold fields (black sun)

full circle - half moon run (wild country ep)
you'll never go - wake owl (dark eyes)
wolves - whale tooth (wolves - single)

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