23 November 2014

November 23 2014

5 bucks - by divine right (bless this mess)
yer so bad - tom petty (full moon fever)
everybody needs a body (to be somebody) - the burning hell (baby)
i'll be with you - flora cash (ill be there ep)

we both kiss you -mikey maybe (honey+bread)
sleep forever -black honey (single)
still love you - matty powell (kiss the city)
can you dig it?- brenton wood (brenton wood's 18 best)

feels so good -ravewind (feels so good -single)
hey mami - sylvan esso (sylvan esso)
heart of cranes- oldfolks home (black & blue)
between cans - deers (single)

wilfred - mario lepage (single)
hangover - Charlotte OC (get the strange ep)
if this dance catches on - the mounties (thrash rock legacy)
heart it races - architecture in helsinki (places like this)

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