10 April 2016

April 10th 2016

Scotty learned how to blog! I am so proud!

You Don't Love Me - Downchild Blues Band ( I Need a Hat)
Heavy Weight - Cat Clyde (Ivory castanets)
Hungry Woman's Blues -Saffire the uppity woman (Cleaning House)

Douglar - Pirate Fridays (Semi-Golden Smile)
I've Been Trying - DJ Shadow (The less you know the better)
The Other Side of Concrete -Casey Mecija (Psychic materials)

Jolene - Dolly Parton (Slowed down single)
Call Yourself a Lover - Pr0files (Jurassic Technologie)
constellations - Black Mountain ( IV)
Smokes and Chicken - The Perpetrators (Stick 'Em Up)

in a world possessed by the human mind - the tragically hip (man machine poem)
Them changes - Thundercat ( The Beyond/ Where the Giants Roam)
The Lesson part three (It's Over) - The Roots ( Come Alive)

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