26 January 2014

Jan 26th 2014

sooner or later - imaginary cities (fall of romance)
breezeblocks - alt-j (an awesome wave)
masters of war - elephant stone (elephant stone)
suburban space wars - asteroids galaxy tour (out of frequency)

i wasn't made for fighting -woodhands (heart attack)
express yourself - labrinth (electronic earth)
inter-city kitty - thomas d'arcy (tribute to the monks)

nancy -deep dark woods (winter hours)
it hurts- bad bad hats (it hurts ep)
living on a fine line -cookie duster (when flying was easy)
my mood swings - elvis costello (big lebowski soundtrack)

oh my god - the wooden sky (if i dont come home you'll know i'm gone)
i'm an alcoholic - dent may & his magnificent ukulele (the good feeling music)
change of seasons - sweet thing (change of seasons)
kathleen- josh ritter (hello starling)
next to you - bumblebeez (et musique pour tous)

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