12 January 2014

jan 12 2014

let's get ready to crumble - the russian futurists (let's get ready to crumble)
coffee black - zed's dead (zed's dead)
cruel - dan-e-o (inevitable)
peephole - gringo star (floating out to be)

memories - sambassadeur (memories - single)
friends - the fast romantics (afterlife blues)
full circle - half moon run (dark eyes)
hungry - american royalty (prismatic)

sure can start - two hours traffic (little jabs)
takes me back (until the end of time edit) - active child (rapor ep)
little garcon - born ruffians (red, yellow & blue)
feathertips - waterstrider (wind-fed fire)

if this dance catches on - mounties (mounties -ep)
can't get no - dead ghosts (can't get no)
where is the light - the amplifetes (where is the light)
we are golden - black light dinner party (leave it all)

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