05 January 2014

First Official Thrice Removed of 2014

soldier's grin -wolf parade (At Mt. Zoomer)
unbelievers - Vampire weekend (modern vampires of the city)
All The Right Places - zach heckendorf (all the right places)
the runner's - the shoeless joes (the motions EP)

terrified - the dudes (blood guts bruises cuts)
the endless nights - nude beach (II)
forgetful assistance - the elwins (amd i thank you)
the love cats - the cure (staring at the sea)

afterlife - arcade fire (reflector)
see you through - bear mountain (xo)
number 1 - tinchy stryder feat. n-dubs(catch 22)

feels so good -ravewind (feels so good - single)
my number - the foals (holy fire)
lbg (little booty girl) -thunderheist (thunderheist)

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