16 December 2012

Hiatus Over!

Hello Community Radio Listeners! We're back an we've added a new co-host! Please Welcome Sam as part of the musical crew! Here is what we played this week!

Lotus Child - Archeologists (Gossip Diet)
Marina And The Diamonds -Are You Satisfied? (Family Jewels)
Mystery Jets - Half in Love With Elizabeth (Twenty One)

Rah Rah - Art and A Wife (The Poets Dead)
Jeremy Fisher - Cigarette (Goodbye Blue Monday)
Black Keys -I Got Mine (Attack And Release)
Ben Harper - Forever (Welcome to The Cruel World)

Run With The Kittens - Who's Gonna Love Ya? (Letters From Camp)
Metric - Monster Hospital (Live It Out)
Air TRaffic - She Never Even Told Me Her Name (One Tree Hill Soundtrack)

Small Sins - You Will Lie (Pot Calls Kettle Black)
The Burning Hell - Last Winter (This Charmed Life)
CEO - Come With Me (White Magic)
Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You (Cease To Begin)

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