21 September 2014


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hummingbird -Born Ruffians (red, yellow, and blue)
alors on danse - stromae (cheese)
runaway love - diamond rings (free dimensional)
hold music - architecture in helsinki (places like this)

encyclopedia of classic takedowns - ac newman (shut down the streets )
agora - bear hands (bear hands)
book club - arkells (michigan left)
hungry -american royalty (prismatic)

feels so good - ravewind (feels so good- single)
take it to the hoop -the derevolutions (single)
terrified - the dudes (blood guts bruises cuts)

do it in the dark - the balconies (fast motions)
falling in love again - making marks (making marks)
cant get no - dead ghosts (cant get no)
fall for you - young galaxy (ultramarine)

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