03 August 2014

greatest hits

day & night - diamond rings (free dimensional)
general of hot desire - baby monster (baby monster)
upon a mountain high - dead horse (dead horse)
moonlight mile (the babies) - our house on the hill

ready to start - arcade fire (the suburbs)
big blue wave - hey ocean (IS)
waist deep in the water - shotgun jimmie (still jimmie)

i ain't the same - alabama shakes (boys & girls)
full circle - half moon run (dark eyes)
floats my boat - aer (the bright side)
you'll never go - wake owl (wild country ep)

call me - kimbra (vows)
love the sinner, hate the sin - elephant stone (elephant stone)
anna sun - walk the moon (walk the moon)
show me your eyes - royal canoe (royal canoe)

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