15 June 2014

Darby does Father's Day!

feelin' kinda lucky tonight - ray materick (life and times disc 2)
first taste of trouble - the sweet serenades (balcony cigarettes)
terrified - the dudes ( blood guts bruises and cuts)
i wanna be adored - the stone roses (the very best of the stone roses)

make the same mistakes - graydon james and the young novalists (in the year you were born)
im good, i'm gone - lykki li ( youth novels)
i'll be loving you - king khan and the bbq show (invisible girl)
wildflowers - tom petty (wildflowers)

diamond - lightning dust (fantasy)
o.n.e. - yeasayer (odd blood)
change of the seasons - sweet thing (change of the seasons)
sunlight - harlem shakes (technicolour health)

 drugs in my pocket - thomas d'arcy (tribute to the monks)
sleepless -cazzette feat the high (single)
scrambled eggs - mikey maybe (honey + bread)
i will love you - summer twins (summer twins)

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