11 May 2014

Mothers Day Tunes!

now you know my name - the derevolutions ( the derevolutions)
credit! - thomas d'arcy (what we want)
darling are you gunna leave me - london grammer (metal & dust)
if this dance catches on - the mounties (trashy rock legacy)

she lit a fire - lord huron (lonesome dreams)
dropkick queen of the weekend - the dudes (brain heart guitar)
the heat - jungle (the heat / lucky i got what i want -single)
we both kiss you - Mikey maybe (honey + bread)

undone - luke lalonde (rythymnals)
bullet train - gardens and villa (dunes)
lost in the light - the bahamas (barchords)

slow motion - phox (phox)
forgetful assistance - the elwins (and i thank you)
rewinding - elderbrook (rewinding single)
baby boy - the bicycles (stop thinking so much)

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