13 April 2014

April 13 2014

something better -beat club (beat club)
the thick of it -royal wood ( royal wood)
do your own time - ac newman (shut down the streets)
ticking hearts - the aerial (the aerial)

greater love - wet denim (wet denim)
the dress looks nice on you - sufjan stevens (seven swans)
hate the night - Luke lalonde (rythymals)
love rhino - sunny levine (love rhino)

true hearts - foam lake (force and matter)
beta love- ra ra riot (beta love)
glass printer - the besnard lakes (the besnard lakes are the roaring night)
wake up, wake up - tullycraft (tullycraft)

tip tip - seahags (good 'n' greasy)
potential new boyfriend - dolly parton (the very best of dolly partons)
devil's got a gun - whitehorse (the fate of the world depends on this kiss)
i'm an alcoholic - dent may & his magnificent ukulele (the good feeling music of...)

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