23 February 2014

OH CANADA EDITION!!! #wearewinter

hockey teeth - bahamas (pink strat)
the stand - mother mother (the sticks)
sugar mama - the deep dark woods (the place i left behind)
see you through -bear mountain (xo)

retard canard - born ruffians (say it)
day & night -diamond rings (free dimensional)
grave situtation pt 1 - the burning hell (happy birthday)
lakes of mars - doug hoyer (walks with the tender and growing light)
stop thinking so much - the bicycles (stop thinking so much)

fal for you - young galaxy (ultramarine)
partners in crime - we were lovers (we were lovers ep)
if this dance catches on -mounties (mounties ep)
should someone know - the danks (samples)

you lovely you - thomas d'arcy(you lovely you single)
5 bucks - by divine right (bless this mess)
on your doorstep - the elwins (and i thank you)
make the same mistakes - graydon james and the young novelists (in the year you were born)

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