29 July 2012

Half and Half

RJD2 - Work
Sam Roberts - No Sleep
Kings of Leon - Ragoo
Alabama Shakes - You Ain't Alone
Loggins & Messina -Your Mama Don't Dance
Bahamas - Caught Me Thinking
The Zolas - Body Ash
King Khan - I Wanna Be a Girl
Sloan - I Hate My Generation
The Clash -Safe European Home
The Thermals - How We Know
Yukon Blonde - Iron Fist
Downchild Blues Band - I Need a Hat
The Commitments - I Can't Stand the Rain
Little Miss Higgins - Beautiful Sun
Ryan Adams - These Girls

15 July 2012

Wish I Knew

Josh Ritter - Good Man (The Animal Years)
Will Currie & the Country French - Barrows for the Goldrush (Awake, You Sleepers!)
Grant-Lee Phillips - Wish I Knew (Virginia Creeper)

Zeus - Hello Tender Love (Busting Visions)
Quivers - I've Got Nothing (Quivers Bandcamp)
The White Stripes - The Air Near My Fingers (Elephant)
The Troggs - Girl's In Black (Hit Single Anthology)

Yukon Blonde - Breathing Tigers (Tiger Talk)
A.C. Newman - On the Table (The Slow Wonder)
Fruit Bats- The Ruminant Band (The Ruminant Band)
Bobby Fuller Four - Let Her Dance (The Fantastic Mr. Fox Soundtrack)

Jenn Grant - Heart of Sticks (Honeymoon Punch)
Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello - I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack)
Peter Elkas - The Blue of You (Repeat Offender)
The Flashing Lights - Keep it to Yourself (Sweet Release)

08 July 2012

No Music Library Blues

Sloan - Underwhelmed (Smeared)

The Kooks - Rosie (Junk of the Heart)
Janelle Monae - Wondaland (The ArchAndroid)
Rah Rah - Communist Man (Breaking Hearts)
The Clash - Straight to Hell (Combat Rock)

Hollerado - Juliette (Record in a Bag)
The Fratellis - For the Girl (Costello Music)
Archie Powell & the Exports - Milkman Blues (Archie Powell & the Exports Skip Work)

Hawksley Workman - Kissing Girls (You Shouldn't Kiss) (Los Manlicious)
Liz Phair - Whip-Smart (Whip-Smart)
The New Pornographers - Myriad Harbour (Challengers)
Mardeen - Ice Truck Killer (Mardeen EP)

Gogol Bordello - Alcohol (Super Taranta!)
Mike O'Neill - Calgary (Wild Lines)
Two Hours Traffic - Stolen Earrings (Little Jabs)
Basia Bulat - If Only You (Heart of My Own)

01 July 2012

A Bit O' Canadiana

The Bicycles - Longjohns and Toques (The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly)
The Burning Hell - Precious Island (Baby)
Library Voices - The Prime Minister's Daughter (Summer of Lust)
Flashing Lights - Been Waiting (Sweet Release)

Born Ruffians - Badonkadonkey (Red, Yellow & Blue)
Small Sins - Drunk E-Mails (Mood Swings)
The Meligrove Band - Really, Really, Really (Let it Grow)

Dave Marsh - Backstreets Thread (The True Love Rules)
Luke Doucet & the White Falcon - Thinking People (Steel City Trawler)
Sloan - HFXNSHC (Never Hear the End of It)
Barenaked Ladies - Alcohol (Stunt)

Elliott Brood - Northern Air (Days into Years)
Joel Plaskett Emergency - North Star (Scrappy Happiness)
The Inbreds - North Window (It's Sydney or the Bus)
Doug Hoyer - Northern Lights (Doug Hoyer Walks With the Tender and Growing Night)