29 March 2010

March 28th Playlist

While I was away from Thrice Removed, I was saddened to hear about the March 17th death of Big Star's Alex Chilton.  I played a few Big Star songs in honour of their frontman tonight, and I (rather lamely) attempted to express what a loss this is, but Paul Westerberg does a much better job in his article here.  This is my favourite bit:
"The great Alex Chilton is gone — folk troubadour, blues shouter, master singer, songwriter and guitarist. Someone should write a tune about him. Then again, nah, that would be impossible. Or just plain stupid."
Maybe next week we'll play the Westerberg-penned 'Alex Chilton', but for now, here's March 28th's playlist:

Thrush Hermit - Take Another Drag (Take Another Drag 7", 1995)
Shotgun Jimmie - Drunkenness (Paint it Pink EP, 2009)
*B.A. Johnston - Tetris Junkie (Stairway to Hamilton, 2008)
**Caves - Cold Nights (Caves, 2009)

Myles Deck & the Fuzz - Lights Out! Electric Co. (Myles Deck & the Fuzz versus Cuban Assassins split 7", 2009)
Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension (Phrazes for the Young, 2009)
T Rex - 20th Century Boy (Single, 1973)
The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait (Pleased to Meet Me, 1987)

Big Star - The Ballad of el Goodo (#1 Record, 1972)
Big Star - O My Soul (Radio City, 1974)
Big Star - Nightime (Third/Sister Lovers, 1975)

Brasstronaut - Lo Hi Hopes (Mt. Chimaera, 2010)
The Meligrove Band - Check Your Messages (Let It Grow, 2002)
Sloan - Keep On Thinkin' (Navy Blues, 1998)
***Born Ruffians - Foxes Mate for Life (Red, Yellow & Blue, 2008)

*B.A. Johnston will be playing at Amigos on April 3rd.
***Born Ruffians are playing at Amigos on June 13th.

15 March 2010

Violent Kin Review

Saskatoon's dynamic duo Violent Kin played at Canadian Music Week in Toronto on March 11.  Check out Steve McLean's Chart review right here.

So, I guess long story short, don't miss their set at Amigos on April 24.

08 March 2010

March 7th Playlist

Zeus - That's All (Sounds Like Zeus, 2009)
Thrush Hermit - The Day We Hit the Coast (Clayton Park, 1999)

Them Crooked Vultures - Mind Eraser, No Chaser (Them Crooked Vultures, 2009)

Ted Leo + Pharmacists - The Mighty Sparrow (The Brutalist Bricks, 2010)
The Dead Weather - Are Friends Electric? (Hang You From the Heavens 7" single, 2009)
The Flashing Lights - Elevature (Where the Change Is, 1999)

Sub Pop set!
Jale - The Unseen Guest (Dreamcake, 1994)
Band of Horses - Ode to LRC (Cease to Begin, 2007)
The Shins - Australia (Wincing the Night Away, 2007)

Rah Rah - Cuba/Peru (Going Steady, 2008)
Gregory Pepper & His Problems - 7ths & 3rds (With Trumpets Flaring, 2009)
Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees - Amelia Earhart (Wanna Be Your Friend: A Tribute to the Inbreds, 2007)
Violent Kin - Blue Eyes (Bitter Blood, 2009)

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Let Them All Talk (Punch the Clock, 1983)
Squeeze - Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) (Argybargy, 1980)

We're gonna be gone for a couple of weeks, but tune in for this guy.  Peter will be covering the show while we're away.

05 March 2010

Sounds Like a Party

I saw Ted Leo + Pharmacists play a show at the Starlite Room in Edmonton in October of 2007, and I still count it among one of the best shows I've seen.  Also, Ted covered Bruce Springsteen.

But I imagine that show was nothing compared to what their record release party in New York is going to be.  On March 9, they'll be releasing their new LP The Brutalist Bricks, and to celebrate they're throwing a karaoke party at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.  Mr. Leo has the list of possible covers (highlights include "Tommy Gun" by the Clash and Kelly Clarkson's "Since U've Been Gone") up at their website.

More details and a download of the first single, "The Mighty Sparrow" are available here.  If you're heading to New York next week, considering taking me with you.

01 March 2010

Thrice Removed Shuffle


There was some sort of... hockey game today?

The Deep Dark Woods - Rumble in the Sky (Hang Me, Oh Hang Me, 2007)
Primal Scream - Can't Go Back (Beautiful Future, 2008)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Rebels (Southern Accents, 1985)*

Woodhands - Dissembler (Remorsecapade, 2010)
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Get Ready (Pocket Full of Miracles, 1970)
Thrush Hermit - 25 All Right (The Great Pacific Ocean, 1995)
Tokyo Police Club - Be Good (A Lesson in Crime, 2006)

The Flaming Lips - Ego Tripping [Self-Admiration with Blow-Up Mix] (Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell EP, 2003)
Woodpigeon - My Denial in Argyle (Die Stadt Muzikanten, 2010)
King Khan & the Shrines - Let Me Holler (What Is?!, 2009)

Big Star - September Gurls (Radio City, 1974)
B.A. Johnston - How Many T-Bone Steaks Can I Fit in My Pants (Stairway to Hamilton, 2008)**
Entire Cities - Dancing With My Brother (Deep River, 2007)
The Dress Whites - Two Times the Hurt (My God, the Shame!, 2008)

*Sweet fancy Moses, I can't believe I forgot to mention that Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers are playing again in Edmonton on June 16th!

**Amigos!  April 3!