19 December 2010

December 19, 2010

Lotus Child - Archaeologists
Brendan Benson - Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
Hawksley Workman - Snow Angel

The Flamin' Groovies - Shakin'
Marshall Crenshaw - Cynical Girl
Nick Lowe - So It Goes
Elvis Costello - Sneaky Feelings

Shotgun & Jaybird - Hindsight
The Lodge - Forget the Silence
Thrush Hermit - Without You?
The Super Friendz - Forever a Day

The Pogues - Fairytale of New York
Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas
The Kinks - Father Christmas
The Flaming Lips - Christmas at the Zoo

05 December 2010

December 5, 2010

Joel Plaskett Emergency - Written All Over Me (Truthfully Truthfully)
Neko Case - Star Witness (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood)
Wilco - You Are My Face (Sky Blue Sky)

Entire Cities - Zombie Song (Dream Logic) (I Hope You Never Come Home)
Ride Til Dawn - Love in Vain (Hearts of Worlds Forgotten)

Local Rabbits - Missing Out (You Can't Touch This)
Think About Life - Havin' My Baby (Family)
The Flashing Lights - Friends We Learn to Hate (Sweet Release)

Pete Yorn - Badman (Pete Yorn)
The Replacements - 20th Century Boy (Let It Be - 2008 Rhino Reissue)
Elvis Costello - Watching the Detectives (My Aim Is True)

The Pogues - A Pair of Brown Eyes (Rum, Sodomy and the Lash)

28 November 2010

November 28, 2010

The Deep Dark Woods - Two Time Loser
Olenka & the Autumn Lovers - Berlin
Grant-Lee Phillips - Sadness Soot

Young Rival - Authentic
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat the Devil's Tattoo
The Black Keys - Everlasting Light
The Pack A.D. - Deer

The Darcys - House Built Around Your Voice (free download!)
Arcade Fire - We Used to Wait
The Golden Dogs - Darkroom

Quincy Jones - Summer in the City
Alec Ounsworth - Modern Girl (...with scissors)
Meligrove Band - Half Light

21 November 2010

Playlist for November 21

Thrush Hermit - The Day We Hit the Coast (Clayton Park, 1999)
The Golden Dogs - Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five (Big Eye Little Eye, 2006)
Sloan - Chester the Molester (Navy Blues, 1998)

Woodpigeon - Empty Hall Singalong (Die Stadt Muzikanten, 2010)
Elliott Smith - Waltz #2 (XO) (XO, 1998)

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - King Horse (Get Happy!!, 1980)
The 88 - Battle Scar (Over and Over, 2005)
The Zolas - No Talking (Tic Toc Tic, 2009)
The Cure - Friday, I'm in Love (Wish, 1992)

Ben Folds Five - Don't Change Your Plans (The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner, 1999)
Wintersleep - Dead Letter & the Infinite Yes (Welcome to the Night Sky, 2007)
Josh Ritter - Good Man (The Animal Years, 2006)

14 November 2010

November 14th Playlist

The Flashing Lights - Half the Time
The 88 - Haunt You
T-Rex - Bang a Gong (Get It On)

Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs
Woodhands - Dissembler
Small Sins - Why Don't You Believe Me?
Hannah Georgas - Lovesick

Best Coast - Bratty B
Bobby Fuller Four - Let Her Dance
Foxboro Hot Tubs - Pieces of Truth
The Beach Boys - Heroes and Villains

Rival Boys - Sober & Single
Thrush Hermit - Heart Wrenching Man
Guster - Satellite
Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell

31 October 2010

The Thrice Removed Spoooooky Halloween Show!

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
Sloan - Witch's Wand
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Halloweenhead
The Burning Hell - Grave Situation Pt. 1

Young Rival - Ghost in the Park
The White Stripes - Little Ghost
Harlem - Friendly Ghost
Band of Horses - Is There a Ghost

Michael Jackson - Thriller
B.A. Johnston - You Will Miss Me When the Zombies Come
Woodhands - Monsterdinosaur
Metric - Monster Hospital

Glory Glory Man United - Zombies
Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London
Tom Petty - Zombie Zoo
Tricky Woo - We Are the Vampires
Caves - Halloween

25 October 2010

Thrice Removed x1.5

The Superfantastics - Young Pups (Places to Roam, 2010)
Quivers - I've Got Nothin'
Sloan - Coax Me (Twice Removed, 1994)
The Hold Steady - Girls Like Status (Boys and Girls in America Australian Bonus Track)

Local Rabbits - Shoot Me Down (The Super Duper EP)
Matthew Sweet - I've Been Waiting (Girlfriend, 1991)
The Cheap Speakers - Love Affair (Cheap Speakers, 2009)

Black Mountain - The Space of Your Mind (Wilderness Heart)
Josh Ritter - Wait for Love (The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter)
The Pogues - Love You Till the End (Pogue Mahone)
Monsters of Folk - Whole Lotta Losin' (Monsters of Folk)

Ben Folds/Nick Hornby - Belinda (Lonely Avenue)
The Flaming Lips, Stardeath and White Dwarfs - Breathe (The Dark Side of the Moon)
Nick Lowe/Elvis Costello - Baby, It's You (Baby, It's You, 1984)

The Jam - Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
The Clash - Charlie Don't Surf
Talking Heads - Pyscho Killer
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster

Women - Black Rice (Women)
The Handsome Furs - Evangeline (Face Control)
Elephant Stone - How Long (The Seven Seas)

07 October 2010

When Insects Rule the World

Ben Folds Five - Fair (Whatever and Ever Amen)
Doug Hoyer - Lakes of Mars (Two New Songs by Doug Hoyer)
Local Rabbits - Missing Out

In-Flight Safety - Crash/Land (We Are an Empire, My Dear)
Wintersleep - Echolocation (New Inheritors)
Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan (Asleep at Heaven's Gate)

Josh Ritter - Kathleen (Hello Starling)
Ron Sexsmith - Brandy Alexander (Exit Strategy of the Soul)
Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell (The Rhumb Line)
Small Sins - Holiday (Mood Swings)

B.A. Johnston - Hot Nerd (Thank You For Being a Friend)
Shotgun Jimmie - Duet (The Onlys)
Thrush Hermit - Without You? (Sweet Homewrecker)
Mardeen - Telephones (Read Less Minds)

Rah Rah - Henry (Breaking Hearts)

03 October 2010

October 3 Playlist

Old 97's - You Smoke Too Much (The Grand Theatre)
Spoon - Infinite Pet (Gimme Fiction)
The Bicycles - Leave That Woman Alone (Oh No, It's Love)
Will Currie & the Country French - Surprising Me (A Great Stage)

Violent Kin - Keep Your Balance (Velvet Hideout)
OK Go - End Love (Of the Blue Colour of the Sky)
Miike Snow - Cult Logic (Miike Snow)

Jenn Grant - Sailing by Silverships (Echoes)
Dan Mangan - Fabulous (Postcards and Daydreaming)
Rah Rah - Duet for Emmylou and the Grievous Angel (Going Steady)

The Black Lips - Veni Vidi Vici (Good Bad Not Evil)
The King Khan & BBQ Show - Animal Party (Invisible Girl)
The Sonics - Have Love, Will Travel (Psycho-Sonic)

Paper Lions - Lost the War (Trophies)
Thrush Hermit - Claim to Lame (The Great Pacific Ocean EP)

26 September 2010

Half and Half

Junior Boys - Bits and Pieces
Chromeo - I'm Not Contagious

Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees - You Don't Miss Me
Cut Copy - Far Away

Winter Gloves - Use Your Lips
Woodhands - Can't See Straight

Matt Costa -Johnny's Love of Magik
Local Natives - Camera Talk

Black Mountain - The Way to Gone
The Black Angels - Telephone

Golden Smog - Shooting Star
T.Rex - Jeepster

20 September 2010

FM-Phasis Show One

Chris Shiflett & the Dead Peasants - Bandaged
The Super Friendz - Karate Man

The Local Rabbits - Spilling Mistake
Wintersleep - Echolocation

The Kissaway Trail - Don't Wake Up
Winter Gloves - Plastic Slides

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - From a Whisper to a Scream
The Jam - A Town Called Malice

Cuff the Duke - Belgium or Peru
Sloan - I Can Feel It (Live)

Luke Doucet & the White Falcon - Thinking People
The Hardship Post - New Wave

Hey, thanks Brendan of Green Eggs & Ham on Thursdays at 6 for co-hosting the show!

13 September 2010

September 12th Playlist

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who
The Troggs - I Can't Control Myself
Young Rival - Don't Make a Sound

The Wooden Sky - When We Were Young
Yukon Blonde - Wind Blows
Hey Rosetta! - Yes! Yes! Yes!
Hayden - Trees Lounge

Buddy Guy - Baby Please Don't Leave Me
The Pack A.D. - Don't Have To
The Heavy - How You Like Me Now?

Gogol Bordello - Wonderlust King
Constantines - Time Can Be Overcome

06 September 2010

Long Weekend Long Show

Phoenix - Lisztomania (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix)
Blondie - The Hardest Part (Greatest Hits)
Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (The Suburbs)

Random 45!  First Words - Just Clap (Anti Mixtape EP)

Rah Rah - Henry (Breaking Hearts)
The Turtles - Elenore (Pirate Radio soundtrack)
The Bicycles - Roland (Oh No, It's Love)

Luke Doucet & White Falcon - You Gotta Get It (Steel City Trawler)
Wilco - You Are My Face (Sky Blue Sky)
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Cold Roses (Cold Roses)

B.A. Johnston - My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo (My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo)
Ted Leo & Pharmacists - Bottled in Cork (The Brutalist Bricks)
Gregory Pepper & His Problems - Drop the Plot (With Trumpets Flaring)
The Rolling Stones - Rocks Off (Exile on Main Street)

Dead Moon - War Baby (Thirteen Off My Hook)
Queens of the Stone Age - Song for the Dead (Songs for the Deaf)
The Dead Weather - I Cut Like a Buffalo (Horehound)
The Dead Kennedys - Police Truck (Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death)

Myles Deck & the Fuzz - California Man (Beware! The Fuzz)
Thrush Hermit - Uneventful (Clayton Park)

22 August 2010

The Dream Show

Doug Hoyer - Asleep in the Backseat
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes - 40 Day Dream
Rilo Kiley - Dreamworld
The Yoko Casionos - My Dreams Sci-Fi
The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping

Novillero - Daydreams & Distractions
Local Rabbits - Wintertime Daydream
Sloan - Dreaming of You

Stars - He Dreams He's Awake

Dream Warriors - My Definition of a Bombastic Jazz Style
Cheap Trick - Dream Police
Entire Cities - Accountant's Dream

The Electric Prunes - I Had too Much to Dream Last Night
R.E.M. - Daysleeper
Franz Ferdinand - Dream Again

21 August 2010

Heart Problems

Peter Elkas - Something Beaming
Nick Lowe - I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass
Think About Life - Sweet Sixteen

Buck 65 - Girls with Boyfriends
Dead Moon - D.O.A.
Shotgun Jimmie - Used Parts
The Bicycles - B-B-Bicycles

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Whole Lot of Shakin' In My Heart (Since I Met You)
Diana Ross & the Supremes - Love Is Like an Itching In My Heart
The Isley Brothers - This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak For You)

Old 97's - Every Night is Friday Night (Without You)
The Beauties - Fashion Blues
The Sheepdogs - Southern Dreaming
Elliott Brood - Miss You Now

The Cure - Friday, I'm In Love (request!)

09 August 2010

August 8th Playlist

The Pack A.D. - Everyone Looks Like Everyone (We Kill Computers, 2010)
The White Stripes - Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine (Elephant, 2003)
The Black Keys - Everlasting Light (Brothers, 2010)

The Fjords - A Better Way (Get It Right, 2010)
The Blood Lines - Revolution (The Blood Lines, 2006)
The Flashing Lights - Where Do the Days Go? (Where the Change Is, 2001)
The Rolling Stones - Let Me Go (Emotional Rescue, 1980)

Air - Sexy Boy (Moon Safari, 1998)
Ratatat - Loud Pipes (Classics, 2006)
The Go! Team - Titanic Vandalism (Proof of Youth, 2007)

Sloan - Pretty Voice (Peppermint EP, 1992)
Elvis Costello - You Belong to Me (This Year's Model, 1978)
The Nods - Sweet Without the Bitter (Static Pop, 2007)
Young Rival - Just Can't Stay Here (LP, 2010)

Bend Sinister - CT (Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers, 2008)

25 July 2010

July 25, 2010

The Joel Plaskett Emergency - Down at the Khyber (Down at the Khyber, 2001)
The Mohawk Lodge - Cold Hearts (Crimes, 2010)
Silver Jews - Suffering Jukebox (Look Out Mountain, Look Out Sea, 2008)

The Golden Dogs - Permanent Record (Coat of Arms, 2010)
The New Pornographers - My Slow Descent into Alcoholism (Mass Romantic, 2000)
Destroyer - English Music (Streethawk: A Seduction, 2001)

Maximo Park - I Want You to Stay (A Certain Trigger, 2005)
Arctic Monkeys - Balaclava (Favourite Worst Nightmare, 2007)
Kaiser Chiefs - Half the Truth (Off With Their Heads, 2008)

Hey Rosetta! - Red Heart (Into Your Lungs [And Around in Your Heart and on Through Your Blood], 2008)
Matt Costa - Cigarette Eyes (Unfamiliar Faces, 2007)
Hawksley Workman - Alone Here (Ballad of Bunches of Things) (Between the Beautifuls, 2007)
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes - Home (Up from Below, 2009)

18 July 2010

Ness Creek Survival Week

The Hold Steady - Hurricane J (Heaven is Whenever, 2010)
The Replacements - One Wink at a Time (All Shook Down, 1990)
The Thermals - How We Know (Fuckin' A, 2004)

Grand Analog - Around This Town (Calligraffiti, 2007 - Request for Maygen)
The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way (Forever Now, 1982)
OK Go - End Love (Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, 2010)

Black Kids - Hurricane Jane (Partie Traumatic, 2008)

The Cheap Speakers - A Sign That You Don't Care (Cheap Speakers EP, 2010)
Hollerado - Riverside (Record in a Bag, 2009)
Rival Boys - Lonely Heart (Life of Worry EP, 2009)

Paper Lions - Travellin' (Paper Lions, 2007)
Two Hours Traffic - Stuck for the Summer (Little Jabs, 2008)
The Stills - Eastern Europe (Oceans Will Rise, 2008)
Sloan - Another Way I Could Do It (Never Hear the End of It, 2006)

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Mouth Almighty (Punch the Clock, 1983)

11 July 2010

July Dance Party

The Racoons - Rise & Fall (Islomania, 2008)
Hot Hot Heat - No, Not Now (Make Up the Breakdown, 2002)
Franz Ferdinand - Live Alone (Tonight, 2009)

Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back to Your House (Crazy Itch Radio, 2004)

Spirits - Heart Pump (Spirits, 2009)
Devo - That's Pep! (Freedom of Choice, 1980)
The Smiths - This Charming Man (The Sound of the Smiths, 2008)

Born Ruffians - Hummingbird (Red, Yellow and Blue, 2008)
Mardeen - Ice Truck Killer (EP, 2009)
Metric - Combat Baby (Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, 2003)

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (t, 2007)
Michael Jackson - Blame it on the Boogie (The Essential Michael Jackson, 2005)
Chromeo - Don't Turn the Lights On (Single, 2010)

Eagles of Death Metal - Prissy Prancin' (Heart On, 2008)

04 July 2010

July 4th Playlist

Two Hours Traffic - Noisemaker (Territory, 2009)
Immaculate Machine - Broken Ship (Ones and Zeros, 2005)
Carole King - I Feel the Earth Move (Tapestry, 1971)

The New Pornographers - Bite out of My Bed (Together, 2010)
Squeeze - Points of View (Sweets From a Stranger, 1982)
Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Contra, 2010)
Born Ruffians - Retard Canard (Say It, 2010)
Bike Month - Walking in Riverdale at 2:43a.m. (Bike Month, 2009)

The Hardship Post - Watchin' You (Somebody Spoke, 1995)
Joel Plaskett - Through and Through and Through (Three, 2009)
The Got to Get Got - Rattle Off (Sahalee, 2009)

Steve Poltz - Killin' Myself (To Be With You) (Dreamhouse, 2010)
Wilco - I'm Always in Love (Summerteeth, 1999)
Phantom Planet - Jabberjaw (Phantom Planet, 2003)
The Flashing Lights - Where Do the Days Go? (Where the Change Is, 2001)

27 June 2010

June 27th's Playlist

The Zolas - You Better Watch Out (Tic Toc Tic, 2009)
David Bowie - Suffragette City (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, 1972)
Weezer - El Scorcho (Pinkerton, 1996)

Black Mountain - Queens Will Play (In the Future, 2008)
Constantines - Hot Line Operator (Tournament of Hearts, 2005)
Harlem - Poolside (Hippies, 2010)

Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him? (Look Sharp!, 1979)
Shotgun Jimmie - Bedhead (The Onlys, 2008)
The Raconteurs - Steady, As She Goes (Broken Boy Soldiers, 2006)

The Super Friendz - Better Call (Mock Up, Scale Down, 1995)
Rah Rah - Arrows (Breaking Hearts, 2010)
The Inbreds - Cruise Control (Kombinator, 1994)
Marshall Crenshaw - Girls (Marshall Crenshaw, 1982)

Jeremy Fisher - Scar that Never Heals (Goodbye Blue Monday, 2006)

20 June 2010

We're Baaaaaack

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (The Legend of Johnny Cash, 2005)
The Sadies - Oak Ridges (Stories Often Told, 2002)
Josh Ritter - The Curse (So Runs the World Away, 2010)

Nightwood - Sunken Mountains (Carta Marina, 2009)
Doug Hoyer - Busy Busy Busy (Jon? Jon!) (Busy Busy Busy EP, 2009)
Young Rival - Poisonous Moves (Young Rival EP, 2008)

Tom Petty - You Wreck Me (Wildflowers, 1994)
The Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else (The Ultimate Collection, 2002)
T.Rex - Metal Guru (The Slider, 1972)

The Zolas - Marlaina Kamikaze (Tic Toc Tic, 2009)
Sloan - Tell Me Something I Don't Know (B Sides Win, 2009)
The Fjords - Los Banditos (The Fjords EP, 2005)
Thrush Hermit - Radio Blaster (Smart Bomb EP, 1994)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Gimme Some Salt (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, 2005)

10 June 2010

When Insects Rule the World - June 10th Edition

I filled in for the first half of When Insects Rule the World, and followed the theme "Songs That I Like". Dana showed up for the second half, and the theme was (mostly) preserved.

Woodpigeon - In the Battle of Sun Vs. Curtains, Sun Loses and We Sleep Until Noon (Treasury Library Canada)
Rebekah Higgs - Mr. Weatherman (Rebekah Higgs)
Rah Rah - Henry (Breaking Hearts)
By Divine Right - All Over It! (Sweet Confusion)

Wilco - Hate It Here (Sky Blue Sky)
T.Rex - Planet Queen (Electric Warrior)
Dan Auerbach - My Last Mistake (Keep it Hid)
The White Stripes - Stop Breaking Down (The White Stripes)

Joel Plaskett Emergency - Cry Together (Down at the Khyber)
Meligrove Band - Halflight (Shimmering Lights)
Shapes & Sizes - Tell Your Mum (Candle to Your Eyes)

Josh Ritter - The Curse (So Runs the World Away)
Ugly Casanova - Lay Me Down (180ยบ South soundtrack)
Sports: The Band - Cast Lots (Sports: The Band ep)

06 June 2010


Sloan - Believe in Me (Reprise) (B Sides Win, 2010)

Woodhands - Talk (Remorsecapade, 2009)
The Psychedelic Furs - Heartbreak Beat (Midnight to Midnight, 1987)
Caves - No Birds in the Sky (Caves/Stephen Cooley split tape, 2009)

The Sadies - A#1 (Stories Often Told, 2002)
Mardi Gras.bb - Who Sent the Rain (Zen Rodeo, 2002)
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Kisses over Babylon (Up from Below, 2009)

Born Ruffians - Nova-Leigh (Say It, 2010)
Band of Horses - Older (Infinite Arms, 2010)
Young Rival - Got What You Need (Young Rival, 2010)

Harlem - Friendly Ghost (Hippies, 2010)
The Super Friendz - Landing Light (Play the Game, Not Games 10", 1996)
Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song (Signals, Calls and Marches, 1981)
Balboa - Pas le Tour (Buffet, 2010)

30 May 2010

May 30th, 2010

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Conscience Killer (Beat the Devil's Tattoo, 2010)
Black Mountain - No Satisfaction (Black Mountain, 2005)
The Black Angels - Black Grease (Passover, 2006)
The Black Keys - Tighten Up (Brothers, 2010)

The Jam - The Eton Rifles (Setting Sons, 1979)
By Divine Right - I Can't Do This By Myself (Sweet Confusion, 2004)
Paper Lions - Everything You've Done Wrong (Take It In: A Tribute To Sloan, 2009)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - King of Thieves (Punch the Clock, 1983)

Arcade Fire - Wake Up (Funeral, 2004)
Peter Elkas - My Well Runs Deeper (Wall of Fire, 2007)
Two Hours Traffic - Heatseeker (Little Jabs, 2007)

Plumtree - Go! (...Predicts the Future, 1997)
Bromheads Jacket - Turn Me On (On the Brain, 2009)
Paul Westerberg - Love Untold (Eventually, 1996)

23 May 2010

Victoria Day Dance Party!

Sloan - Believe in Me (Reprise)

Death From Above 1979 - Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT edition)
Gorillaz - DARE
The Temper Trap - Fader

Bran Van 3000 - Astounded feat. Curtis Mayfield
Architecture in Helsinki - Like It Or Not
Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations

Kele - Tenderoni
Thunderheist - Sweet 16
Junior Boys - In the Morning

Flight of the Conchords - Fashion is Danger
911 Turbo - Tech-Noir
Hawksley Workman - Fatty Wants to Dance

16 May 2010

Rockin' and Rollin' on May 16th

Thrush Hermit - Uneventful
Them Crooked Vultures - Elephants
Black Mountain - Stormy High

The Dead Weather - I'm Mad
The White Stripes - The Denial Twist (Check out the video - it's directed by Michel Gondry and it's totally awesome.)
The Raconteurs - Level

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Too Much Ain't Enough
New Pornographers - Your Hands (Together)
The Pack A.D. - Crazy

The Super Friendz - I'm Hard to Lose
Spiral Beach - Kind of Beast
Blur - London Loves

12 May 2010

Green Eggs and Ham - Wednesday's Early Edition

Wilco - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, 2002)
Entire Cities - Accountant's Dream (Deep River, 2008)
Joel Plaskett Emergency - A Million Dollars (Make a Little Noise EP, 2006)

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele - Meet Me in the Garden (The Good Feeling Music of..., 2009)
NewVillager - RichDoors (single, 2009)
The Dodos - Red and Purple (Visiter, 2008)
Discovery - It's Not My Fault (It's My Fault) (LP, 2009)

Josh Ritter - Lark (So Runs the World Away, 2010)
Ryan Adams - These Girls (Easy Tiger, 2007)
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, 1963)

Local Rabbits - High School Hierarchy (Basic Concept, 1998)
Sloan - All By Ourselves (Between the Bridges, 1999)
By Divine Right - The Slap (Sweet Confusion, 2004)
New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (Twin Cinema, 2005)

Young Rival - Authentic (Young Rival, 2010)
T. Rex - 20th Century Boy (single, 1973)
The Danks - Automocar (Are You Afraid of the Danks?, 2009)
The Super Friendz - Karate Man (Mock Up, Scale Down, 1995)

Shotgun Jimmie - Impossible Popcycle (Paint it Pink EP, 2009)
The Inbreds - This Train I Ride (Winning Hearts, 1998)
Mardeen - Ice Truck Killer (Mardeen EP, 2009)
The Bicycles - Walk Away (From a Good Thing) (Oh No, It's Love, 2008)

Ron Sexsmith - Secret Heart (Ron Sexsmith, 1995)
The Dress Whites - Spongecake (My God, The Shame!, 2007)
Big Star - September Gurls (Radio City, 1974)
The Fjords - Breezy Day (The Fjords, 2005)

Nick Lowe - Cruel to Be Kind (Labour of Lust, 1979)
Woodhands - Dissembler (Remorsecapade, 2010)
Grandaddy - Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake (Sumday, 2003)
Blur - Dan Abnormal (The Great Escape, 1995)

09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Dan Mangan - Road Regrets (Nice, Nice, Very Nice, 2009)
Woodpigeon - Woodpigeon vs. Eagleowl (Strength in Numbers) (Die Stadt Muzikanten, 2010)
Deep Dark Woods - All the Money I Had is Gone (The Winter Hours, 2009)

Songs My Mom Likes set
The Rolling Stones - Respectable (Some Girls, 1978)
Dire Straits - Walk of Life (Brothers in Arms, 1985)
Paul McCartney & Wings - Let Me Roll It (Band on the Run, 1973)

Born Ruffians - Hedonistic Me (Born Ruffians ep, 2006)
Sloan - I Can't Let Go (Recorded Live at a Sloan Party!, 1997)
The Bicycles - Walk Away (From a Good Thing) (Oh No, It's Love, 2008)
Young Rival - Modern Life (Young Rival, 2010)

Loretta Lynn & Jack White - Portland, Oregon (Van Lear Rose, 2004)
Po' Girl - Dig Me a Hole (Deer in the Night, 2009)
Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris - Ooh Las Vegas (Grievous Angel, 1974)
Grant Lee Phillips - Wish I Knew (Virginia Creeper, 2004)

We got a call from a fan tonight.  That was awesome.  Thanks, guy.

08 May 2010

Don't Come Home in Pieces - May 8

Sloan - Believe in Me (Reprise)
The Warbrides - Eyes Shut
Thrush Hermit - (Oh Man) What to Do
Junior Pantherz - Czar

Young Rival - Ghost in the Park
Carbon Dating Service - Terraform Mars
A.C. Newman - Better Than Most
The King Khan & BBQ Show - Invisible Girl

Adolyne - I Force Stigmata
Blaq Magik Pyramid - Idiot Conference

Ryan Boldt - Sweet Jenny of the Moor
The Sheepdogs - I Don't Get By
The Fjords - Number 25

Immaculate Machine - Neighbours Don't Mind
The Racoons - Rise and Fall
Hannah Georgas - All I Need

Sloan - Glitter and Gold
Yukon Blonde - Brides Song
The Waking Eyes - Boyz and Girlz

The Tom Fun Orchestra - Last of the Curious Thieves
Rah Rah - Tentacles

02 May 2010

May 2 Playlist

Local Rabbits - Something So Big (Local Rabbits' Basic Concept, 1998)
The Sheepdogs - The Contenders (The Sheepdogs' Big Stand, 2008)
Supergrass - Rebel in You (Diamond Hoo Ha, 2008)

Paul Nero - This is Soul (The In-Kraut, Vol. 2: Hip-Shaking Grooves Made in Germany 1967-1974, 2006)
Otis Redding - Your One and Only Man (The Great Otis Redding Sings Soul Ballads, 1965)
Al Green - Let's Stay Together (Let's Stay Together, 1972)
Stevie Wonder - Uptight (Everything's Alright) (Up-Tight, 1966)

Greg Macpherson - Company Store (Maintenance, 2004)
The Dears - Summer of Protest (Protest EP, 2002)
The Clash - Know Your Rights (Combat Rock, 1982)

Shotgun Jimmie - One Trick Pony (Paint it Pink EP, 2009)
Yellow Jacket Avenger - Becoming a Silhouette (New Scotland Records 7", 2009)
Hannah Georgas - Chit Chat (The Quarter EP - split 7" with Mark Watrous, 2009)
Jason Collett - Not Over You (Here's to Being Here, 2008)

The Fjords - Come My Way (Get it Right, 2010)

25 April 2010

April 25 Playlist

Hawksley Workman - This City is a Drag (Between the Beautifuls, 2008)
Hollerado - Got to Lose (Record in a Bag, 2009)
The Beatles - It Won't Be Long (With the Beatles, 1963)

Blood Meridian - Work Hard, For What? (Kick Up the Dust, 2006)
The Pipettes - Pull Shapes (We Are the Pipettes, 2007)
Devotchka - Transliterator (A Mad & Faithful Telling, 2008)

Carbon Dating Service - Sea Moose (Polyentendrii, 2006)
Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood (Fleet Foxes, 2008)
She & Him - Don't Look Back (Volume Two, 2010)

Rah Rah - Arrows (Breaking Hearts - Out June 1st!)
A.C. Newman - Miracle Drug (The Slow Wonder, 2004)
The Yoko Casionos - Gave it Away (These Are the New Old Times, 2007)
Vampire Weekend - Diplomat's Sun (Contra, 2010)

19 April 2010

Thrice Removed x2

Evan and I took over Formal Fistfight this week.  Here's our extended playlist:

Cheap Trick - Ain't That a Shame (Cheap Trick at Budokan, 1978)
The Local Rabbits - Purple and Grey (This Is It Here We Go, 2001)
Nick Lowe - No Reason (Jesus of Cool, 1978)

The Sadies - Anna Leigh (New Seasons, 2007)
Deep Dark Woods - Charlie's (Is Comin' Down) (7" single, 2010)
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Written All Over Me (Truthfully Truthfully, 2003)
Sloan - Who Taught You To Live Like That? (Never Hear the End of It, 2006)

White Stripes - Ball & Biscuit (Elephant, 2003)
Ride Til Dawn - Are You Gonna Break My Heart? (Hearts of Worlds Forgotten, 2009)
The Clash - Jimmy Jazz (London Calling, 1979)

The Sheepdogs - I Don't Get By (Learn & Burn, 2010)
Arkells - The Boss Is Comin' (Jackson Square, 2008)
Bruce Springsteen - Livin' in the Future (Magic, 2007)

Eagles of Death Metal - Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang) (Death by Sexy, 2006)
Waking Eyes - Watch Your Money (Video Sound, 2004)
The Nods - Honey (Static Pop, 2007)

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - King Horse (Get Happy!!, 1980)
Novillero - A Little Tradition (A Little Tradition, 2008)
Spirits - Open the Door (Spirits, 2009)
Squeeze - Black Coffee in Bed (Sweets from a Stranger, 1982)
The Dress Whites - The Mule (MySpace)

Violent Femmes - Kiss Off (Violent Femmes, 1983)
Primal Scream - Suicide Sally and Johnny Guitar (Riot City Blues, 2006)
The Danks - In Alright (Are You Afraid of the Danks?, 2009)
New Pornographers - Miss Teen Wordpower (Electric Version, 2003)

Said the Whale - Lady Hourglass, Your Head's on Fire! (Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia, 2008)
The Rolling Stones - Before They Make Me Run (Some Girls, 1978)
Whiskeytown - Everything I Do (Stranger's Almanac, 1997)
Wilco - Jesus, Etc (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, 2002)

13 April 2010

12 April 2010

April 11 Playlist

I don't know who called in the request for The Primitives, but it fit perfectly with the show, so thanks.

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Rockin' Around (With You) - (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, 1976)
Supergrass - Grace (Life On Other Planets, 2003)
Hollerado - Juliette (Record in a Bag, 2009)
Hawksley Workman - We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time) (Meat, 2010)

Letters to Cleo - Demon Rock (Wholesale Meats & Fish, 1995)
Pointed Sticks - True Love (Perfect Youth, 1980)
The Replacements - Favorite Thing (Let It Be, 1984)
The Inbreds - Cruise Control (Kombinator, 1995)

The Foggy Notions - Monacle (MySpace)
The Fjords - Afraid of the City & the Night (Get it Right, 2010)
Mardeen - Telephones (Read Less Minds, 2008)

Slowride - Elouisa (C/S, 2006)
Ted Leo + Pharmacists - Ativan Eyes (The Brutalist Bricks, 2010)
The Primitives - Crash (Lovely, 1988)
The Lemonheads - Confetti (It's a Shame About Ray, 1992)

The Super Friendz - Forever a Day (Slide Show, 1996)

04 April 2010

April 4 Playlist

Evan and I have decided that from now on, every episode of Thrice Removed that falls on a long weekend is going to be a dance party.  How long will we keep this up?  We're taking bets now...  Anyway, here's the playlist.

The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You (Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, 2000)
The Dudes - Dropkick Queen of the Weekend (Brain. Heart. Guitar., 2006)
Black Kids - Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo) (Partie Traumatic, 2008)
Prince - 1999 (1999, 1982)

*911 Turbo - Mein Porsche (MySpace)
Woodhands - I Wasn't Made for Fighting (Heart Attack, 2008)
Pierre Perpall - J'aime Danser Avec Toi (Chromeo Remix) (DJ Kicks, 2010)
Discovery - It's Not My Fault (It's My Fault) (LP, 2009)

**Caribou - Odessa (Swim, 2010)
Small Sins - Airport (Mood Swings, 2007)
Bloc Party - Your Visits Are Getting Shorter (Intimacy, 2008)

New Order - Perfect Kiss (Low-Life, 1985)
Ben Gunning - Take the Hook (Mal de Mer, 2010)
Cut Copy - Far Away (In Ghost Colours, 2009)

*You can catch Saskatoon's 911 Turbo at Louis' on April 16.
**Caribou's playing Amigos on June 2.

29 March 2010

March 28th Playlist

While I was away from Thrice Removed, I was saddened to hear about the March 17th death of Big Star's Alex Chilton.  I played a few Big Star songs in honour of their frontman tonight, and I (rather lamely) attempted to express what a loss this is, but Paul Westerberg does a much better job in his article here.  This is my favourite bit:
"The great Alex Chilton is gone — folk troubadour, blues shouter, master singer, songwriter and guitarist. Someone should write a tune about him. Then again, nah, that would be impossible. Or just plain stupid."
Maybe next week we'll play the Westerberg-penned 'Alex Chilton', but for now, here's March 28th's playlist:

Thrush Hermit - Take Another Drag (Take Another Drag 7", 1995)
Shotgun Jimmie - Drunkenness (Paint it Pink EP, 2009)
*B.A. Johnston - Tetris Junkie (Stairway to Hamilton, 2008)
**Caves - Cold Nights (Caves, 2009)

Myles Deck & the Fuzz - Lights Out! Electric Co. (Myles Deck & the Fuzz versus Cuban Assassins split 7", 2009)
Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension (Phrazes for the Young, 2009)
T Rex - 20th Century Boy (Single, 1973)
The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait (Pleased to Meet Me, 1987)

Big Star - The Ballad of el Goodo (#1 Record, 1972)
Big Star - O My Soul (Radio City, 1974)
Big Star - Nightime (Third/Sister Lovers, 1975)

Brasstronaut - Lo Hi Hopes (Mt. Chimaera, 2010)
The Meligrove Band - Check Your Messages (Let It Grow, 2002)
Sloan - Keep On Thinkin' (Navy Blues, 1998)
***Born Ruffians - Foxes Mate for Life (Red, Yellow & Blue, 2008)

*B.A. Johnston will be playing at Amigos on April 3rd.
***Born Ruffians are playing at Amigos on June 13th.

15 March 2010

Violent Kin Review

Saskatoon's dynamic duo Violent Kin played at Canadian Music Week in Toronto on March 11.  Check out Steve McLean's Chart review right here.

So, I guess long story short, don't miss their set at Amigos on April 24.

08 March 2010

March 7th Playlist

Zeus - That's All (Sounds Like Zeus, 2009)
Thrush Hermit - The Day We Hit the Coast (Clayton Park, 1999)

Them Crooked Vultures - Mind Eraser, No Chaser (Them Crooked Vultures, 2009)

Ted Leo + Pharmacists - The Mighty Sparrow (The Brutalist Bricks, 2010)
The Dead Weather - Are Friends Electric? (Hang You From the Heavens 7" single, 2009)
The Flashing Lights - Elevature (Where the Change Is, 1999)

Sub Pop set!
Jale - The Unseen Guest (Dreamcake, 1994)
Band of Horses - Ode to LRC (Cease to Begin, 2007)
The Shins - Australia (Wincing the Night Away, 2007)

Rah Rah - Cuba/Peru (Going Steady, 2008)
Gregory Pepper & His Problems - 7ths & 3rds (With Trumpets Flaring, 2009)
Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees - Amelia Earhart (Wanna Be Your Friend: A Tribute to the Inbreds, 2007)
Violent Kin - Blue Eyes (Bitter Blood, 2009)

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Let Them All Talk (Punch the Clock, 1983)
Squeeze - Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) (Argybargy, 1980)

We're gonna be gone for a couple of weeks, but tune in for this guy.  Peter will be covering the show while we're away.

05 March 2010

Sounds Like a Party

I saw Ted Leo + Pharmacists play a show at the Starlite Room in Edmonton in October of 2007, and I still count it among one of the best shows I've seen.  Also, Ted covered Bruce Springsteen.

But I imagine that show was nothing compared to what their record release party in New York is going to be.  On March 9, they'll be releasing their new LP The Brutalist Bricks, and to celebrate they're throwing a karaoke party at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.  Mr. Leo has the list of possible covers (highlights include "Tommy Gun" by the Clash and Kelly Clarkson's "Since U've Been Gone") up at their website.

More details and a download of the first single, "The Mighty Sparrow" are available here.  If you're heading to New York next week, considering taking me with you.

01 March 2010

Thrice Removed Shuffle


There was some sort of... hockey game today?

The Deep Dark Woods - Rumble in the Sky (Hang Me, Oh Hang Me, 2007)
Primal Scream - Can't Go Back (Beautiful Future, 2008)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Rebels (Southern Accents, 1985)*

Woodhands - Dissembler (Remorsecapade, 2010)
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Get Ready (Pocket Full of Miracles, 1970)
Thrush Hermit - 25 All Right (The Great Pacific Ocean, 1995)
Tokyo Police Club - Be Good (A Lesson in Crime, 2006)

The Flaming Lips - Ego Tripping [Self-Admiration with Blow-Up Mix] (Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell EP, 2003)
Woodpigeon - My Denial in Argyle (Die Stadt Muzikanten, 2010)
King Khan & the Shrines - Let Me Holler (What Is?!, 2009)

Big Star - September Gurls (Radio City, 1974)
B.A. Johnston - How Many T-Bone Steaks Can I Fit in My Pants (Stairway to Hamilton, 2008)**
Entire Cities - Dancing With My Brother (Deep River, 2007)
The Dress Whites - Two Times the Hurt (My God, the Shame!, 2008)

*Sweet fancy Moses, I can't believe I forgot to mention that Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers are playing again in Edmonton on June 16th!

**Amigos!  April 3!

22 February 2010

February 21 Playlist

Califone - Funeral Singers (All My Friends are Funeral Singers, 2009)
Josh Ritter - Change of Time (So Runs the World Away, 2010)
Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the Wind (The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, 1963)

Phish - Character Zero (Billy Breathes, 1996)
Arkells - Ballad of Hugo Chavez (Jackson Square, 2008)
The Bohemians - I Need You Baby (7" single, 1967)
Jerk With a Bomb - Somethin' Else (The Old Noise, 2001)

Sloan - Amped (Underwhelmed single, 1993)

Wilco - Wilco (The Song) (Wilco [The Album], 2009)
Bend Sinister - CT (Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers, 2008)
Young Galaxy - Destroyer (Invisible Republic, 2009)
Joel Plaskett - Run, Run, Run (Three, 2009)

Neil Young - Mr. Soul (Trans, 1982)
Chromeo - I Can't Tell You Why (DJ Kicks, 2010)
Devo - Gut Feeling (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, 1978)

15 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

The Bicycles - Oh No, It's Love (Oh No, It's Love, 2008)
The Cure - Friday, I'm in Love (Wish, 1992)
Two Hours Traffic - No Advances (Little Jabs, 2007)

Ben Kweller - Falling (Sha Sha, 2002)
Sloan - Someone I Can Be True With (Never Hear the End of It, 2006)
Rilo Kiley - I Never (More Adventurous, 2004)
Chris Isaak - Wicked Game (Heart Shaped World, 1989, request!)

Shotgun Jimmie - Valentines Day (Still Jimmie, 2009)*
Peter Elkas - Will Power (Wall of Fire, 2007)
By Divine Right - The Slap (Sweet Confusion, 2004, request!)

The Replacements - Kiss Me on the Bus (Tim, 1985)
The White Stripes - Fell in Love with a Girl (White Blood Cells, 2001)
Said the Whale - The Light is You (Howe Sounds, 2007)
The Maynards - Break Out the Make Out (Break Out the Make Out, 2005)

The Beatles - In My Life (Rubber Soul, 1965)
Marshall Crenshaw - You're My Favourite Waste of Time (The Definitive Pop Collection, 2006)
The Bicycles - Oh Yes, It's Love (Oh No, It's Love, 2008)

*Shotgun Jimmie is playing this Friday at Amigos!  Be there, etc.


song chart memes

13 February 2010

B Sides Win

Well, here we are once again.

Sloan have (finally!) compiled all of their b-sides.  Let me tell you, after listening to low-quality mp3s that I had somehow managed to dig up over the years, it is SO AWESOME to hear these songs remastered that I can almost forgive the Fab Four for not releasing an actual CD.  Maybe one day they will.  A girl can dream, right?


"Summer's My Season" is my favourite Sloan song.  Well, it's in the top three.  Anyway, enjoy.

08 February 2010

Change of Time



I'm really enjoying these "widgets" that bands keep providing, as it enables me to get the point across without having to write a real post.

Josh Ritter has a new song.  Listen.  Love.  The new album, "So Runs the World Away" will be out on May 4th.

Thrice Removed Dance Party! - 7 February 2010

Soulwax - KracK (Nite Versions, 2005)
Thunderheist - Jerk It (Thunderheist, 2009)
Beck - Mixed Bizness (Midnite Vultures, 1999)

Feist - Inside & Out (Let it Die, 2004)
The Rolling Stones - Miss You (Some Girls, 1978)
Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous (I Don't Know What I'm Doing, 2003)
Hot Hot Heat - Talk to Me, Dance With Me (Make Up the Breakdown, 2002)

Think About Life - Wizzzard (Family, 2009)
Michael Jackson - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (Thriller, 1982)
Caribou - Odessa (Swim, 2010)

Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl (Cold Dust Girl, 2008)
Woodhands - CP24 (Remorsecapade, 2010)*
Robyn - Crash & Burn Girl (Robyn, 2008)
Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Fancy Footwork, 2007)

The Wet Secrets - Get Your Own Apartment (Rock Fantasy, 2008)

*Woodhands is playing at Amigos on February 26.  It's going to be a crazy party.  People.

Woodhands "CP24" from the album Remorsecapade. from Paper Bag Records on Vimeo.

ALSO, check out this song.  It's even catchier than CP24, but the title is "P'Iss" so I didn't feel like saying it on the radio.

Oh, and if you want me to play a song for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, comment away and let me know.  I'll see if I can make it happen.

Can you get 'Jerk It' out of your head?  Neither.

01 February 2010

Chain Chain Chaaain

Thanks to Jay and Ben who put together Thrice Removed's brand new promo.  Listen for it... always.

Sloan - Deeper than Beauty (Twice Removed, 1994)
Plumtree - Open the Window (Mass Teen Fainting, 1995)
Jale - Mend (Dreamcake, 1994)

Chain of record production set!
Nick Lowe - Cruel to Be Kind (Labour of Lust, 1979) produced
Elvis Costello - Strict Time (Trust, 1981) who produced
Squeeze - Piccadilly (East Side Story, 1981)!

The Foggy Notions - I Could Go On (check out their MySpace page)
Sexy Mathematics - Set Up! (Integration EP, 2009)

Polymaths - Strike (So Long, Castle Road, 2008)
Rah Rah - Betrayal, Pt. 2 (Going Steady, 2008)*
The Blood Lines - Stay Home (The Blood Lines, 2006)

The Sheepdogs - Good Girls (The Breaks EP, 2006)
The Fjords - Mine (The Fjords EP, 2005)
The Warbrides - Eyes Shut (Lions, 2009)

Ride Til Dawn - Hearts of Worlds Forgotten (Hearts of Worlds Forgotten, 2008)

*Rah Rah's comin' back!  March 6.  Amigos Cantina.  This time I will catch the whole show.

30 January 2010

Charlie's (Is Coming Down)

Back in October, the Deep Dark Woods were voted in as the artist to represent Saskatchewan in CBC Radio 2's Great Canadian Songquest.  Their assignment was to write a song about Good Time Charlies in Regina, which would then be debuted in concert on CBC and available for purchase on iTunes.

You can see the full concert, which features all 13 winning bands from across Canada here, or for your convenience, the Deep Dark Woods' segment is posted below.  Congratulations, boys!

28 January 2010

January 17 Playlist

New Order - Temptation
Vampire Weekend - Run
Pigeon Detectives - I Found Out
The Dress Whites - Spongecake
The Cheap Speakers - Love Affair
Foxboro Hot Tubs - She's a Saint, Not a Celebrity
The Strokes - The Modern Age
The Got to Get Got - Rare Rain
The Super Friendz - 10 lbs*
Mardeen - New Fashioned
Tegan & Sara - The Cure
Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize
Squeeze - Hourglass
Elvis Costello - Night Rally
Attack in Black - Years (By One Thousand Fingertips)

Well, that'll be it.

Sorry about all those capital letters.  I don't know how long that message has been there.

Don't Come Home in Pieces!

I filled in for Don't Come Home in Pieces on Saturday the 16th of January, and today I remembered that I have not posted the playlist yet.

The first bit was a tribute to Thrush Hermit, where all of the songs had some connection to the band, and then who knows what I did for the rest of the show?  I guess we'll see:

The Dears - Disclaimer (Missiles, 2009 - Rob Benvie plays bass)
Thrush Hermit - Glum Boy (French Inhale 7", 1995)
Junior Pantherz - Hated It (Songs for the Gang: Thrush Hermit Tribute, 2008)
The Lodge - Your Theology (Take That, Devil!, 2009 - Cliff Gibb's on drums)
Camouflage Nights - It Could Be Love (myspace link! - Rob Benvie and Ian McGettigan are Camouflage Nights)
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Drunk Teenagers (Ashtray Rock, 2007 - Joel Plaskett.  Uh...)
The Flashing Lights - Keep it to Yourself (Sweet Release, 2001 - This album was produced by Ian McGettigan)
Yellow Jacket Avenger - Becoming a Silhouette (Yellow Jacket Avenger 7", 2009 - Produced and released by Joel Plaskett on New Scotland Records)
Dave Marsh - The Way We Live Today (The True Love Rules, 2008 - Ditto)
Tigre Benvie - Decade of Sunsets (Bankruptcy, 2002 - Tigre is Rob)
Thrush Hermit - On the Sneak (Sweet Homewrecker, 1997)

Ladyhawk - Fear (Shots, 2008)
The Novaks - If You Can Do It (The Novaks, 2005)
Pearson - A Fade Out is a Cop Out (Clear Thinking on Mixed Feelings, 2009)
Young James - In the Bones (Young James, 2008)
A Gentle Forest - Because of the Wind (Our Phenomenal First Flight, 2007)*
Fred Eaglesmith - 49 Tons (Drive-In Movie, 1996)
Maybe Smith - Open War (Animals & Architects, 2007)
Gregory Pepper & His Problems - Drop the Plot (With Trumpets Flaring, 2009)
Local Rabbits - Never Had to Fight (This Is It, Here We Go, 2002)

Let's post this video, just for good measure:

*Check out A Gentle Forest and Cat Dad playing at Amigos on January 29.  That's tomorrow!

11 January 2010

RCMP Thursday

Hey, everybody.  Peter over on Thursday's RCMP has joined the blogosphere.  Check it out here.

Thrice Removed: Norwegian Death Metal Edition

Plants & Animals - Feedback in the Field (Parc Avenue, 2008)
Broken Social Scene - Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl (You Forgot It In People, 2002)
Small Sins - Stay (Small Sins, 2006)

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - The Tears of a Clown (Anthology, 1973)
Bill Withers - Use Me (Still Bill, 1972)
The Temptations - I Can't Get Next To You (Puzzle People, 1969)

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London (Excitable Boy, 1978)
Paul McCartney & Wings - Let Me Roll It (Band on the Run, 1973)

The Golden Dogs - Can't Get Your Face Out of My Head (Everything in 3 Parts, 2004)
*Shotgun Jimmie - Waist Deep in the Water (Still Jimmie, 2009)
The Flashing Lights - Too Delightful (Sweet Release, 2001)

Thrush Hermit - (Oh Man) What to Do (Clayton Park, 1999)
The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue (Emotional Rescue, 1980)
King Beezz - I Gotta Move (Okay, so this is what I found.  Evan, if you're reading this, help me out.)
The Sheepdogs - Southern Dreaming (Learn & Burn, 2010)

*Shotgun Jimmie is playing at Amigos on February 19.  It will most likely be as glorious as this video:

SHOTGUN JIMMIE - Used Parts from Mitch Fillion on Vimeo.

Nailed it.

07 January 2010

January 3, 2010* Playlist

Babyshambles - Carry on Up the Morning (Shotter's Nation, 2007)
Grinderman - Honeybee (Let's Fly to Mars) (Grinderman, 2007)
Jerk With a Bomb - Hospital Bed (The Old Noise, 2001)

Joel Plaskett - She Made a Wreck Outta Me (In Need of Medical Attention, 1999)
The Weakerthans - Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure (Reunion Tour, 2007)
The Wooden Sky - The Lonesome Death of Helen Betty Osborne (When Lost at Sea, 2008)

Maybe Smith - Crimes & Diplomacy (Another Murder in the Morning, 2009)
Ride Til Dawn - Golden Years (Hearts of Worlds Forgotten, 2008)

Paul Westerberg - Dyslexic Heart (Singles soundtrack, 1992)
Vampire Weekend - Ottoman (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist soundtrack, 2008)
Ben Folds Five - Air (Godzilla sountrack, 1998)

The New Pornographers - Myriad Harbour (Challengers, 2007)
The Stills - Allison Krausse (Logic Will Break Your Heart, 2003)
The Lodge - Outdoor Miner (Bonus track available on Zunior.com, 2009)


06 January 2010

Hey, Saskatoon Bands

I'm sure all of you are reading this here blog, so I'd like to let you know that SaskMusic is preparing a compilation CD of Saskatchewan artists to distribute at musical events like SXSW, CMW, NXNE and WCMA.

That last bit was difficult to type.

Anyway, if you've got brand new material, or if you're a brand new band, why don't you submit a song before the deadline on January 15?  The application link is here.  More information is available at saskmusic.org.