28 December 2009

December 27 Playlist

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Abattoir Blues, 2004)
Junior Pantherz - Death by Life (Death by Life, 2005)
Dan Auerbach - On the Prowl (Keep it Hid, 2009)

Against Me! - Don't Lose Touch (Searching for a Former Clarity, 2005)
Hollerado - Fake Drugs (Record in a Bag, 2009)
Them Crooked Vultures - Gunman (Them Crooked Vultures, 2009)
The Hardship Post - What a Day (Somebody Spoke, 1995)

Chromeo - You're So Gangsta (She's In Control, 2004)
Buck 65 - Misdeed (with Symphony Nova Scotia)
The Danks - 374 (Who's Afraid of the Danks?, 2009)

The Fjords - Breezy Day (The Fjords ep, 2005)
Tom Petty - So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star (Anthology: Through the Years, 2000)
Octoberman - Trapped in the New Scene (Fortresses, 2009)

Dietmar Schonherr & Vivi Bach - Molotov Cocktail Party (The In-Kraut, 2005)

22 December 2009

Bah. Humbug.

Okay, so, it's almost Christmas.  And, I mean, I love Christmas, but my taste in Christmas music hasn't evolved with my taste in other music, because, to my knowledge, The Super Friendz and/or Elvis Costello have not released holiday albums.  Therefore, I listen to a lot of the same festive tunes that I liked when I was 13.  I'm not going to lie to you, folks, 13-year-old me listened to some terrible, terrible music*, so the Christmas selections are sparse on this edition of Thrice Removed.

Well, that, and I played 'Fairytale of New York' last week.

Anyway, here is what you've all been waiting for:

But before that!  Thanks again, Dana, for cohosting while Evan was... otherwise engaged.

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - I Hope You're Happy Now (Blood & Chocolate, 1986)
Maybe Smith - A Walrus with a Gunswordaxe (Another Murder in the Morning, 2009)
A.C. Newman - All of My Days and All of My Days Off (Get Guilty, 2009)

Dumb Angel - Harvest of Bread (I Woke Up This Morning, 2008)
Dan Mangan - Basket (Nice, Nice, Very Nice, 2009)
Pearson - This is Not a Letter, Nor Is It a Postcard (Clear Thinking on Mixed Feelings, 2009)

Set for Dylan & the BC crew, because I'm bad at finding Ween songs:
Thrush Hermit - Glum Boy (French Inhale 7" single, 1995)
The Human Soundtrack - All Those Staring People (Organs for Sale, 2008)
Mardeen - Ice Truck Killer (ep, 2009)
Said the Whale - My Government Heart (Howe Sounds/Taking Alabonia, 2008, for Evan)

Woodhands - CP24 (Remorsecapade, 2010)
Discovery - It's Not My Fault (It's My Fault) (LP, 2009)

Ben Folds - Bizarre Christmas Incident (Maybe This Christmas, 2002)

Merry Christmas, folks.  Have a great holiday.

*Like this! Which I actually still secretly love.

14 December 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's a balmy -32° in Saskatoon, so here are some hot tunes to keep you warm.

That was super lame.  I apologize.  Here's December 13th's playlist:

Thrush Hermit - Songs for the Gang (Clayton Park, 1999)
The Danks - I Got No Nothing (Samples, 2008)
Born Ruffians - Humming Bird (Red, Yellow & Blue, 2008)
Plumtree - Tropical (Mass Teen Faining, 1995)

Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel - Baby, It's Cold Outside (Elf soundtrack, 2003)
David Wilcox - Freeze to Me (Over 60 Minutes With David Wilcox,
The Pogues - Fairytale of New York (If I Should Fall From Grace with God, 1987)

Ben Folds Five - Army (The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner, 1999)
Doug Hoyer - Two Possibilities (Songs from Grand Marquee, 2008)
The Zolas - Cab Driver (Tic Toc Tic, 2009)*

The Russian Futurists - Paul Simon (Me, Myself and Rye, 2006)
Grandaddy - Stray Dog & the Chocolate Shake (Sumday, 2003)
Gregory Pepper & His Problems - Drop the Plot (With Trumpets Flaring, 2009)

Sloan - Someone I Can Be True With (Never Hear the End of It, 2006)
The Dirtbombs - Sherlock Holmes (We Have You Surrounded, 2008)

*Check out The Zolas when they play Amigos on January 30.  You'll be glad you did.

Murderecords Tribute

Way back in 1992, Sloan started up a record label called Murderecords that would release their music as well as the music of their friends in and around Halifax.  If you think that this would make a better name for a rap label, you are not alone, but the logo is a group of crows, which is called a murder, and it all makes sense.

That was a lot of ill-placed commas.

Anyway, in honour of Sloan's visit to Saskatoon, here is the playlist for December 6th's all Murderecords show.  Enjoy.

Sloan - Pretty Voice (Peppermint EP, 1992)
The Hardship Post - My Only Aim (Hack EP, 1993)
Thrush Hermit - Radio Blaster (Smart Bomb EP, 1994)
Stinkin' Rich - Who You Frontin' For (Stolen Bass 7", 1994)
The Super Friendz - Better Call (Mock Up, Scale Down, 1995)
Al Tuck & No Action - Train of Though (Brave Last Days, 1994)
Sloan - I Can Feel It (Twice Removed, 1994)

Hip Club Groove - Shootin' the Gift (Trailer Park Hip Hop EP, 1994)
Local Rabbits - (Sally Ann's) Style Denial (You Can't Touch This, 1996)
Pony Da Look - Wishstick (Shattered Dimensions, 2008)
Sloan - Anyone Who's Anyone (4 Nights at the Palais Royale, 1999)

The Inbreds - Wind Picks Up (It's Sydney or the Bush, 1997)
Will Currie & the Country French - Centrefold (A Great Stage, 2008)
The Super Friendz - Stop-Start (Slide Show, 1996)
Sloan - Where Are You Now? (Hit & Run EP, 2009)

11 December 2009

Oh My Soul

I know I haven't posted the Murderecords playlist yet, and I'm going to get to that, but hold onto your hats, folks, because Thrush Hermit is reunion-touring.  Is this the best day of my life?

Oh, probably.

02 December 2009

Oh, by the way...

It has taken me too long to post this.


Yeah, Sloan's got a new digital EP.  They're playing at Louis' on December 10.  Hopefully I will see you there.