30 July 2009

Something New

On this show, Evan and I introduced a new segment that I like to call "Going Into the Back Room and Choosing a Random 45". It worked out quite well.

Here's the playlist for July 26.

The Golden Dogs - Can't Get Your Face Out of My Head
Blue Rodeo - Cause for Sympathy
A.C. Newman - Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer
Kaiser Chiefs - Like it Too Much

Vancougar - Distance (Random 45!)

Besnard Lakes - Disaster
Tijuana Bibles - Go Go Rock and Roll

The Zombies - Time of the Season
Vampire Weekend - Campus
The Black Ghosts - Repetition Kills You

Passion Pit - The Reeling
Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart
Dan Auerbach - Keep it Hid

Green Eggs & Ham! Friday Morning! At 6!

I filled in for the early edition of Green Eggs & Ham on July 24 and had a grand old time. Maybe you did too?

Beck - Sexx Laws
Vampire Weekend - A-Punk
The Racoons - Be My Television

Think About Life - Johanna
The Dodos - Red & Purple
Au Revoir Simone - Sad Song

Yellow Jacket Avenger - Becoming a Silhouette
Dan Mangan - Sold

Shotgun Jimmie - Used Parts
Joel Plaskett - In the Blue Moonlight
Sloan - Coax Me
The Bicycles - One Twist Too Much

Cut Copy - Out There on the Ice
Phoenix - 1901
K'naan - 15 Minutes Away

Passion Pit - The Reeling

Local Rabbits - 61 Days
Dinosaur Jr. - I Want You to Know (request)
Chad Vangaalen - Clinicly Dead

The Super Friendz - Stop-Start
Arkells - Pullin' Punches
Violent Kin - Bitter Blood

The Inbreds - Take the Path
The Cure - Close To Me
Franz Ferdinand - Lucid Dreams

Hollerado - Juliette
Said the Whale - The Light is You
The Zolas - The Great Collapse

The Danks - What We're Doing
The Lodge - Forget the Silence

20 July 2009

I'm Back! Again!

Sloan - Burn for It (Parallel Play, 2008)
Said the Whale - The Magician (Camilo) (EP, 2009)
Library Voices - Kundera on the Dancefloor (Hunting Ghosts & Other Collected Shorts, 2008)
The Dandy Warhols - Shakin' (Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, 2000)

Michael Franti & Spearhead -652 Say Hey (I Love You) - request
Rah Rah - Tentacles (Going Steady, 2008)
Chad VanGaalen - TMNT Mask (Soft Airplane, 2008) - request
The Lovely Feathers - Pope John Paul (Hind Hind Legs, 2006)

The Dears - Ballad of Humankindness (Gang of Losers, 2006)
Awesome Color - Outside Tonight (Electric Aborigines, 2008)
Guided by Voices - My Valuable Hunting Knife (Alien Lanes, 1995)

Eagles of Death Metal - Secret Plans (Heart On, 2008)
The Dodos - Red and Purple (Visiter, 2008)
Small Sins - Holiday (Mood Swings, 2007)
Au Revoir Simone - Sad Song (Pacific Remix) (Reverse Migrations, 2007)

12 July 2009

Steve McBean and Ness Creek

Ghostkeeper - Introduction
Spiral Beach - Pedestrian
B.A. Johnston - Hobo 4 Life
The Kinks - The Contenders

Jerk With a Bomb - On the Rails
Black Mountain - No Satisfaction
The Pink Mountaintops - The Gayest of Sunbeams

Buck 65 - Wicked and Weird

Volcanoless in Canada - Monster
vitaminsforyou - The Ukrainians
The Weber Brothers - Rockin' Afghanistan

The Clash - Straight to Hell
Three Dog Night - One
The Black Angels - Black Grease

Evan hosted by himself this week, since I had a sore throat and sounded much like a dinosaur 47 years into a pack-a-day smoking habit. He did an admirable job.

06 July 2009

Happy (Belated) Canada Day!

In honour of our country's birthday, most of these songs mention Canada or Canadian places.

Sam Roberts - The Canadian Dream (We Were Born in a Flame, 2003)
Elliott Brood - Oh, Alberta (Tin Type, 2003)
The Flashing Lights - Been Waiting (Sweet Release, 2001)
The Tragically Hip - Wheat Kings (Fully Completely, 1992)

Maybe Smith - You Would Never Survive the Winters in this Province (Another Murder in the Morning, 2009)
Baba Brinkman - El Plantador (Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees, 2008)
The Constantines - Credit River (Kensington Heights, 2008)

Classified - Oh... Canada (Self Explanatory, 2009)
The Weakerthans - One Great City! (Reconstruction Site, 2003)
Jason Collett - No Redemption Song (Here's to Being Here, 2008)
Joni Mitchell - A Case of You (Blue, 1971)

Sloan - The N.S. (Between the Bridges, 1999)
Thrush Hermit - The Day We Hit the Coast (Clayton Park, 1999)
Carbon Dating Service - Light Up the Synchrotron (Polyentendrii, 2007)