29 June 2009

Droppin' the Ball, Pt. 1

*Pink Mountaintops - Lord, Let Us Shine (Axis of Evol, 2006)
*Jeremy Fisher - Let it Shine (Let it Shine, 2004)
Mardi Gras.BB - Let it Shine (Supersmell, 2000)

Booker T & the MG's - Green Onions (Green Onions, 1962)
**The Sheepdogs - The Contenders (The Sheepdogs' Big Stand, 2008)
The Beatles - Run for Your Life (Rubber Soul, 1965)
The Kinks - The Hard Way (Schoolboys in Disgrace, 1975)

*Great Lake Swimmers - Your Rocky Spine (Ongiara, 2007)

**Volcanoless in Canada - Mexican Circus (March to the Holly Dome) (The Way Forward, 2009)
**Carbon Dating Service - Terraform Mars (Reliquiae, 2009)
**Massey & the Fergusons - Cold Cold Heart (Here's their MySpace)

*Mike O'Neill - Alsatian (What Happens Now?, 2000)
The Clash - Police & Thieves (The Clash, 1977)
*Young Rival - Poisonous Moves (Young Rival EP, 200?)


So, it's Canada Day on Wednesday. Did we do an all-Canadian show? Of course not. Next week, folks.

23 June 2009

Hey, Alright

Saskatoon gets another shoutout on the CBC Radio 3 blog: Massey & the Fergusons' track The Mountaineer is the track of the day.

22 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

Johnny Horton - North to Alaska
The Golden Dogs - Never Meant Any Harm
The Incredible Bongo Band - Apache

Hollerado - Juliette (download the Hollerado album for FREE here)
The Novaks - There Goes the Night
Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy
David Wilcox - Blood Money

Ladyhawk - S.T.H.D. (Wednesday at Amigos!)
Dan Mangan - Robots (Thursday at Amigos!)
The Dudes - Pretty Lies (Friday at Amigos!)
Mocking Shadows - Try Me (Friday at Lydia's!)

The White Stripes - Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine
The Raconteurs - Five on the Five
The Dead Weather - Hang You From the Heavens
The White Stripes - Jolene

15 June 2009

Polaris Long List

The nominees for the Polaris Music Prize were announced today. Check out the long list here.

Glaring omissions? I would have liked to see the Deep Dark Woods on the list.

June Fourteenth

*Spiral Beach - Man Moon (Ball, 2007)
*Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees - You Don't Miss Me (S/T, 2008)
*Metric - Dead Disco (Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, 2003)
*Pink Mountaintops - Can You Do That Dance? (S/T, 2009)

*Classified - Used to Be (Self Explanatory, 2009)
*k-os - Zamboni (Yes!, 2009)
Aceylone - Accepted Eclectic (Accepted Eclectic, 2001)

*Ladyhawk - The Dugout (Ladyhawk, 2006)
*Sloan - Underwhelmed (Smeared, 1993)
**The Blood Lines - Song Salvation (S/T, 2006)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Shuffle Your Feet (Howl, 2005)
T Bone Burnett - Palestine, Texas (The True False Identity, 2006)
*Elliott Brood - Write It All Down for You (Mountain Meadows, 2008)
Scott Walker - 30 Century Man (Scott 3, 1969)


08 June 2009


Winter Gloves - Invisible (About a Girl, 2008)
Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin' (Fancy Footwork, 2007)
Violent Kin - Feverish Cold (Bitter Blood, 2009)

Thrush Hermit - Hated It (Smart Bomb, 1994)
Local Rabbits - (She Said) You're Such a Stupid Idiot (You Can't Touch This, 1996)
The Flashing Lights - Half the Time (Where the Change Is, 1999)
The Super Friendz - Karate Man (Mock Up, Scale Down, 1995)

The Dudes - Honest Mistake (Blood Guts Bruises Cuts, 2009)

Bromheads Jacket - Pinch of Psalt (Uh, here's a link.)
Talking Heads - Found a Job (More Songs About Buildings and Food, 1978)
The Kinks - Black Messiah (Misfits, 1978)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Lipstick Vogue (This Year's Model, 1978)

Blur - Parklife (Parklife, 1994)
Supergrass - Grace (Life on Other Planets, 2003)
Spiritualized - I Got a Fire (Songs in A & E, 2008)
Franz Ferdinand - This Fire (S/T, 2004)

05 June 2009

A Couple of Playlists

Because I've been lazy.

Thrice Removed - 28 June 2009
The Von Bondies - Pale Bride
Buck 65 - Dang
We Are Wolves - Teenage, Bats & Anthropology

Iron Maiden - The Trooper (request)
Circle Jerks - Letterbomb (request)
TV on the Radio - Dancing Choose

New Pornographers - Twin Cinema
The Zolas - You're Too Cool

Wintersleep - Archeologists
Warbrides - Controlled Burn
Tricky Woo - Lover Don't You Lie

Baba Brinkman - El Plantador
The Sadies - Loved On Look
The Zutons - Valerie

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Take It From the Man
Jeremy Fisher - Scar That Never Heals

RCMP - 4 June 2009 (Just me)
The Racoons - Be My Television
Ladyhawk - Fear
The Dudes - Pretty Lies

Violent Kin - Blue Eyes
Novillero - A Little Tradition
Constantines - Working Full Time
The Dears - Money Babies

Shotgun Jimmie - Waist Deep in the Water
The Danks - Die Young
Two Hours Traffic - Stick to It

In-Flight Safety - Crash/Land
The Super Friendz - Undertow
Hey Rosetta! - Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Sheepdogs - The Contenders