27 May 2009

Green Eggs and Ham 2

I got four requests last week, and I thought that was a bunch. This week, I was so inundated that I almost forgot to mention one of them. Thanks, everybody.

*Local Rabbits - 61 Days (You Can't Touch This, 1996)
*The Super Friendz - Karate Man (Mock Up, Scale Down, 1995)
*Sloan - G Turns to D (One Chord to Another, 1996)

*Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous (I Don't Know What I'm Doing, 2003, request)
*Thrush Hermit - (Oh Man) What To Do (Clayton Park, 1999, request)
Kings of Leon - Happy Alone (Youth and Young Manhood, 2003, request)
**The Sheepdogs - Save Yourself (Trying to Grow, 2007)

Architecture in Helsinki - Heart it Races (Places Like This, 2007)
Bloc Party - Your Visits Are Getting Shorter (Intimacy, 2008)
*The Weakerthans - Relative Surplus Value (Reunion Tour, 2007, request)

*Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees - You Don't Miss Me (S/T, 2009)
*Sports - Warn Me (S/T EP, 2009)
**Maybe Smith - Hearts Like Bears (Animals & Architects, 2007)

**Ride Til Dawn - Hearts of Worlds Forgotten (Hearts of Worlds Forgotten, 2008)
TV on the Radio - I Was a Lover (Return to Cookie Mountain, 2006, request)
**Deep Dark Woods - Nancy (Winter Hours, 2009, request)
*Ladyhawk - Night, You're Beautiful (Shots, 2008, request... but I can't remember where I played this song)

*Yellow Jacket Avenger - Holding Ghosts (New Scotland Records 7", 2009)
*The Inbreds - Wind Picks Up (It's Sydney or the Bush, 1997)
*Dog Day - Wait It Out (Concentration, 2009)

Tilly & the Wall - Rainbows in the Dark (Bottoms of Barrels, 2007, request)
Chairlift - Bruises (Does You Inspire You, 2008, request)
*The New Pornographers - Mutiny, I Promise You (Challengers, 2007)

The Raconteurs - These Stones Will Shout (Consolers of the Lonely, 2008)
*Bend Sinister - Julianna (Stores of Brothers, Tales of Lovers, 2008)
*Constantines - Hard Feelings (Kensington Heights, 2008)
*Dave Marsh - True Love Rules (The True Love Rules, 2008)

Eight! Eight requests! Whoa. Plus that one I couldn't find.


25 May 2009

This One Reeked of Charm

So, the show. Much talking was done, many phone calls were answered, poor choices* were made... and I swear that I will never play another song by the Weekend again. Sorry everybody.

Other than that, though:

David Byrne & Brian Eno - Strange Overtones (Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, 2008)
B.A. Johnston - You Will Miss Me When the Zombies Come (Stairway to Hamilton, 2008)
King Khan & the Shrines - No Regrets (What Is?!, 2009)
Fembots - Gilded Age (The City, 2005)

Small Sins - On the Line (Mood Swings, 2007)
Jerk with a Bomb - Le Bang Bang (Pyrokinesis, 2003)
TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me (Return to Cookie Mountain, 2006)

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Relator (Break Up, out in September)
The Weekend - There Goes My Heart (Ugh. I don't even care.)
The 88 - Hide Another Mistake (Over and Over, 2005)

Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim (Predicts the Future, 1997)
Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia (Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death, 1987, request)
Tom Waits - Shells from a 30.6 (Big Time, 1990)

The Lodge - Forget the Silence (Take That, Devil, 2009)
Dave Marsh - The Smoke Easy (The True Love Rules, 2008)

Tune in next week for less awkwardness and more fun times!

*By me, not by Evan

24 May 2009

It's Kind of a Big Deal

A month ago now, the Deep Dark Woods receieved a postive review on Pitchfork. This is not an easy task; sometimes I find it hard to believe that the indie-elite over there even like music.

Congratulations, fellows.

20 May 2009

Thrice Removed: Green Eggs & Ham Edition!

I filled in for Green Eggs & Ham this morning from 8-10. Here's the playlist:

*The Flashing Lights - Been Waiting (Sweet Release, 2001)
The Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat (Off With Their Heads, 2008)
*The Racoons - Be My Television (Islomania, 2009)

**Massey & the Fergusons - Cold, Cold Heart (MySpace)
The 88 - How Good It Can Be (Kind of Light, 2003)
*Library Voices - Step Off the Map & Float (Hunting Ghosts & Other Collected Shorts, 2008, request)

*Two Hours Traffic - Sure Can Start (Little Jabs, 2007)
*Hawksley Workman - Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off ((Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves, 2001)
*Joel Plaskett - Precious, Precious, Precious (Three, 2009)
*The Danks - Sold Me Out (Samples EP, 2008)

*The Lodge - The World In Me (Take That Devil, 2009)
*Jale - Mend (Dreamcake, 1994)
*Apostle of Hustle - National Anthem of Nowhere (National Anthem of Nowhere, 2007)
**The Deep Dark Woods - Two Time Loser (Winter Hours, 2009)

*Hey Rosetta! - Red Heart (Into Your Lungs, 2008, request)
Neko Case - This Tornado Loves You (Middle Cyclone, 2009)
*King Khan & the Shrines - Land of the Freak (What Is?!, 2009)

Blur - Country House (The Great Escape, 1995)
*Sam Roberts - Taj Mahal (We Were Born in a Flame, 2005, request)
Phoenix - 1901 (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, 2009)

Eagles of Death Metal - Anything 'Cept the Truth (Heart On, 2008)
*Luke Doucet & the White Falcon - Take You Home (Blood's Too Rich, 2008, request)
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Dance All Night (Cold Roses, 2005)

**Violent Kin - Blue Eyes (Bitter Blood, out soon)
*The Dress Whites - The Whale (My God, the Shame!, 2007)
**The Peacoats - Young & Relentless (MySpace)

I had a ton of requests today. I suppose that's the difference between doing a show at 8 am and doing a show at 11 pm. Cool.


18 May 2009

May Long Party List

The Kinks - Victoria (Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), 1969)
*Sloan - Burn for It (Parallel Play, 2008)
Talking Heads - Pyscho Killer (Talking Heads: 77, 1977 - Well, some of it anyway, until the CD started skipping.)
*Constantines - Draw Us Lines (Tournament of Hearts, 2005)

*Ghostkeeper - Mr. No Show (Children of the Great Northern Muskeg, 2008)
*The Dress Whites - The Whale (My God, the Shame!, 2007)
*The Racoons [I know.] - Be My Television (Islomania, 2009)
The Format - Timebomb (Dog Problems, 2007)

*Thrush Hermit - Before You Leave (Clayton Park, 1999)
The Blakes - Modern Man (The Blakes, 2007)
*Yellow Jacket Avenger - Becoming a Silhouette (New Scotland Records 7", 2009)

Awesome Color - Come and Dance (Electric Aborigines, 2008)
*Super Friendz - Forever a Day (Slide Show, 1996)
Cut Chemist - (My 1st) Big Break (The Audience's Listening, 2006)

*The Weakerthans - One Great City! (Reconstruction Site, 2003)
**The Sheepdogs - Good Girls (The Breaks EP, 2006)

11 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day.

T. Rex - Bang a Gong (Get It On) (Electric Warrior, 1971)
Old 97's - Timebomb (Too Far to Care, 1997)
The Shins - Australia (Wincing the Night Away, 2007)

*Chromeo - Momma's Boy (Fancy Footwork, 2007)
*A.C. Newman - Submarines of Stockholm (Get Guilty, 2009)
*The Violet Archers - Tired (Sunshine at Night, 2008)
Spacemen 3 - Walking with Jesus (The Perfect Perscription, 1987)

**Carbon Dating Service - Sea Moose (Polyentendrii, 2007)
**Junior Pantherz - In and Of Itself (Rejoice, Remain, 2007)
**All the King's Horses - Cold Water (S/T EP, 2007)

*The Stills - Eastern Europe (Oceans Will Rise, 2008)
*Joel Plaskett Emergency - A Million Dollars (Make a Little Noise EP, 2006)
*C'mon - All Time High (Bottled Lightning of an All Time High, 2007)
*David Wilcox - Preachin' the Blues (Bad Reputation, 1984)


04 May 2009

May 3rd Playlist

*Hawksley Workman - When You Gonna Flower? (Los Manlicious, 2008)
The Cribs - Moving Pictures (Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever, 2007)
Black Kids - Hit the Heartbrakes (Partie Traumatic, 2008)

*Black Mountain - No Satisfaction (S/T, 2005)
Flaming Lips - Fight Test (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, 2002)
Mardi Gras.bb - Who Sent the Rain (Here's the MySpace)
*Shad - The Old Prince Still Lives at Home (The Old Prince, 2007)

*The Inbreds - Any Sense of Time (Kombinator, 1995)
*k-os - Man I Used to Be (Joyful Rebellion, 2004)
*Foam Lake - Die Fighting (MySpace)

*The Dears - Money Babies (Missiles, 2008)
*Thrush Hermit - French Inhale (Smart Bomb, 1994)
*Joel Plaskett - Every Time You Leave (Three, 2009)

*The Perpetrators - Malt Earth (S/T, 2003 - request)
*I Mother Earth - So Gently We Go (Earth, Sky, and Everything in Between, 2001 - request)